Survivors Reborn Vision

Survivors Reborn Vision is to create self sufficient relationship abuse support groups in every city across the UK where survivors of abuse have a voice to change attitudes and perceptions in their communities, to bring an end to suffering and violence in the home.

Too many services are suffering because of lack of funding, or lack of support and organisation. We would like to help you build and grow your service, or group.


  • Create awareness of all levels of relationship abuse. 
  • Change attitudes and perceptions of communities. 
  • Provide survivors of abuse opportunities to SOAR! 
  • Celebrate real life survivors’ success stories. 
  • Encourage and inspire others to SOAR! 
  • Promote new and growing relationship abuse support groups. 
  • Encourage reporting of all forms of relationship abuse.

Coaching Services

A relationship coach can help you move forward positively and confidently. We can help you transform your breakdowns into breakthroughs. You must take that step – for your family, your children and for yourself. 

750, 000 children experience domestic violence each year. Statistics about relationship abuse suggest that those children are more likley to suffer or perpetrate abuse in their adult lives.   

Make a difference this year - you can do it.

Find out how with a one to one coaching  and make a personal breakthrough.

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 We help you achieve your vision, can you support us to achieve ours?

Are you a coach, counsellor, or therapist with a service you would like to share?

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Time is a great healer...

Relationship Breakthrough Coaching Specialist Anthony Healer:

I am the founder of Survivors Reborn! I love coaching because I am passionate about enriching relationships and encouraging people like you to make positive changes in your relationships. What I do more specifically is enable people to tap into their resources - their personal power - and turn a relationship breakdown, or even a break up into a breakthrough. 

Coaching will empower you to find ways out of domestic violence, with survivors who have suffered and succeeded.  The Survivors Reborn Vision is about harnessing that potential and inspiring others to break free. 

Find out about Coaching NOW – for yourself and for your children. You have the strength to speak out and come together with other survivors of abuse. It is time for you to SOAR! and become more than you ever thought possible. 

Coaching opportunities with Survivors Reborn!

Are you a coach interested in offering your coaching survivors? Could you transform violent or abusive relationships through coaching? If you offer relationship coaching, counselling or other therapies to survivors of relationship abuse, and you feel moved by the Survivors Reborn Vision, contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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