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All you need to transform a Relationship Breakdown, or a Relationship Break up into a breakthrough!

Relationship goals are all about change, but more specifically, positive and lasting change that you want for your relationship. Life Coaching is the fastest and most immersive way to transform a breakdown or a break up into a breakthrough! 

It doesn't matter what stage of a relationship you find yourself in. If you are not navigating and aligning your compass with your goals you might end up with a love on the rocks. 

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If you consider yourself to have goals in one of these five relationship categories, life coaching could be right for you:


1. You are in a relationship breakdown, but your goal is to turn it around.

2. Your relationship broke up and your goal is not to make the same mistakes next time

3. Your goal is just to keep it together after your relationship break up

4. You are in a great relationship and your goals are about taking it to the next level

5. You are not in a relationship now but your goal is to meet that special one


If you are not in a relationship and you don't want to be in a relationship, coaching probably isn't for you, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't have any relationship related goals. You are welcome to continue reading just the same.


How To Write Your Relationship Goals

Your Top Five High Priority Relationship Goals

Your Relationship Goals Vision Board

Where Are You Now?


You are in a relationship breakdown, but your goal is to turn it around.

Anthony Robbins says if your relationship isn't growing its dying. You got to have goals for you and your relationship. Which is another way of saying you must be interested, or even invested in your relationship otherwise you could be heading for a relationship breakdown or a break up. 

If you lose interest, if you priorities are outside your relationship who will be first to know? 

The truth about relationships is that they need the nourishment of your attention. You either pay attention or pay the ultimate price. If this sounds a little or even a lot like where you are at right now, these pages may offer some idea's, help. or even inspiration to get back on track:

Relationship Breakdown

Red Flags of Relationship Crisis

Cheating in a relationship

Relationship Failure

How to save a relationship / How to fix a relationship

How to break up

Breaking Up

Your relationship broke up and your goal is not to make the same mistakes next time

So many times we hear people talking about past relationships and ex's as if they were all the same person. They were just like ... I thought they would be different...Why are they all the same?

The thing is there was always one constant in those relationships. The one person was always there. Have you ever looked inside and found something you can change and then your whole perceptions of everything around you changed. We always need to work on ourselves. Not the people around us.

Happy spouse equals happy house. It works both ways. Here are a few pages to relight your fire and put a smile back where it belongs.

New Relationships

Rebound Relationships

Why People break up

Happy after a break up

Your goal is just to keep it together after your relationship break up

There is no denying it, relationship break ups tear us apart at the seams. Not only emotionally but physically, financially and spiritually.

I know this isn't true for every break up, and my wish is that it wasn.t true for you. If it was, these pages may help lighten the load and the mood. 

Coping with a relationship breakup

Divorce Advice

Cost of Divorce

How to survive divorce

Impact of Divorce

Stages of Divorce

The Power of Letting Go

You are in a great relationship and your goals are about taking it to the next level

How much we long to be in those blissful moments of a new, fresh relationship where everything is wonderful and nothing can shake our high spirit. The excitement of moving in, or moving up. Expanding upwards or outwards. 

At its heart is change. Making a commitment. Shifting focus and energy. Even the good times can bowl us over if we are unprepared. Unexpected things can impact us in unexpected ways. 

Planning for change can prevent a change a heart. Even when things change, bringing our attention back to love will transform uncertainty. Focusing upon the heart, and breathing in to the heart with the minds eye can soothe and calm even the most anxious moments. 

These pages will help you enjoy a return to love:

Loving relationship

What is a healthy relationship

Loving Joy

Signs of a healthy relationship

Trust in a relationship 

Secret to a long relationship 

Value differences in relationship 

You are not in a relationship now but your goal is to meet that special one

How do I find Love

Bring love into your life

How To Write Your Relationship Goals

C - Crystal Clarity 

R - Realistic and Inspiring

E - End Step. Final piece of evidence

A - As if Now. Present tense.

T - Towards (Positively stated)

E - Ethical. For you and for others

You know things are about to change, but maybe you just don't know how. 

Maybe you are thinking about being barefoot on the beach in Bali with your partner in the evening, staring at all the stars in the night sky, feeling the cool soft sand against your feet, and listening to the waves stroking the shoreline? 

Maybe you are dreaming about meeting that special person to journey through life's adventure with. 

Or perhaps you have hit the plateau and want to re light the fire to climb to new heights of ecstasy and joy. 

Don't waste your life wishing relationships were easier. Empower yourself to be better! 

Write your relationship goals in the way you want them to occur. 

Use the CREATE model for planning and thinking.

It is now ... and I am / have ...  see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it, sense it! 

Your Top Five High Priority Relationship Goals

Some people think they need couples therapy or even couples counselling to overcome their differences, others might seek out the marriage guidance advisor. 

The trouble with therapy is you don't really focus on your relationship goals. You don't set a specific outcome to achieve. People can be in therapy for years talking about relationship problems, but that might be great for the therapist, but not so great for the client. Especially if you prefer a different approach.

Now I am not saying that therapy is a bad thing, but I am saying some people are looking for different approaches.  Maybe life coaching could be a better approach for you. 

Why not start out with free coaching consultation? (see life coaching links below)

While you think about that lets get to work on your relationship goals right now. 

Using the CREATE model above take your favourite journal, or note pad, or even your favourite tablet device and start writing out what your most important goals are in your relationship. 

It doesn't matter if you write more than five. You can re-order and re-arrange until you are certain you have your top five. 

Make the space inspiring for you. The right lighting, the right music, the right ambience.

And why not enjoy the process while you are at it. You're worth it!

10 Reasons For Having Inspiring Relationship Goals:

1. You want a boost of energy and drive to focus on your relationship 

2. You want to see beyond a breaking point that is affecting your focus, drive and success in other area's.

3. Focusing on what you want means you are now more likely to achieve it 

4. You want to expand and express your inner self 

5. You want confidence when it comes to the opposite sex

6. You want to inspire more passion and excitement in your life

7. You are at the end a relationship want to look beyond the heartache to recalibrate

8. Your relationship goals are critical to surviving relationship abuse

9. You want to heal past experiences that are holding you back

10. You already know the power of attraction is triggered by writing inspiring goals

Research studies conducted amongst a student population showed that only 3% of the group had actually made any clearly written goals. Years later, this 3% were worth more individually than the other 97% put together! If you don't know what your target is, how you ever gonna hit it?

What’s more, and you want to make a note of this, most of the 3% were actually worth far more than they had even predicted when writing their goals. Your future really is in your hands, so decide now, are you really invested in your relationship success?

Your Relationship Goals Vision Board

"To Know, And Not To Do, Is Not Yet To Know."

 - Chinese Proverb

A really fun way to tackle your goals and invoke the laws of attraction is to create a vision board that will inspire you and encourage you along your path. 

A vision board can be anything you want it to be. On a piece of paper or even the back of a napkin if that is all you have to hand. Your relationship goals vision board should be bright bold and colourful. You should use images that are inspiring for you. Perhaps bucket list type scenes and vista's. You can get creative and place your creation in a prominent place for you to dream about. The more your vision board inspires you to achieve your relationship goals the quicker you will experience them in the flesh. 

One key point to remember: You are not trying to put a spell on someone to fall in love with you. You are putting a spell on you to become irresistible to the love that is waiting for you! 

Wouldn't it be great to share your vision boards so we can all share your dream and help you manifest it?

Where Are You Now?

Everything you need to achieve the relationship you desire is within your reach. It is only the limitations in your thinking that hold you back. Albert Einstein once said that "We are boxed in by the boundary conditions of our thinking." 

You can open doorways to new opportunities, new inspirations and expand your thinking to attract and create a love beyond measure.

Just thinking about your highest priority relationship goals and how important they are to you, where are you now? 

How do you rate your relationship against your ideal vision? 

Score 10 if everything is the very best you could ask for right now. Score 1 if you are absolutely at your wits end. 

OK. You should have some sort of an idea, or a baseline as a starting point. You can see the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. This is really important to help inform your next move. 


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I am adding new content all the time but if you have any idea's or topics you would really love to see here, get in touch and let me know.

In the meantime here are more great pages dedicated to transforming your relationship breakdown or break up into a breakthrough. 

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