Relationship Coaching For Couples

Relationship Coaching is all about change, and more specifically, positive and lasting change that you want. This is the fastest and most immersive way to transform a breakdown or a break up into a breakthrough! 

Before I show you around the different programs I can offer you, there are three general categories of people who will reach out for a relationship specialist life coach:

1. You are in a relationship and its gone wrong somehow, but you both want to turn it around.

2. You relationship is over and you don't want to make the same mistakes next time

3. You are not in a relationship but would love to meet that special one

If you are not in a relationship and you don't want to be in a relationship, coaching probably isn't for you, but you are welcome to continue reading just the same. 

Deep Dive Into Relationship Coaching

Wether you are looking for specifically for life coaching for men, or if you want to really work on your relationship together with your partner, through a life coaching for couples program you are in exactly the right place. 

In the relationship coaching sections you can find out: 

- life coaching for men

- relationship coaching for couples (coming soon!)

- one to one life coaching program

- the breakthrough coaching process

free initial coaching consultation 

- frequently asked questions about coaching

- the life audit wheel 

You only have to decide what area of your life needs most attention and focus. So you complete a life audit wheel, check out what's going really well and what could be better. If you can commit to a relationship coaching process even for a month and you will see a marked difference. Commit for three, six, or even twelve months and you can really begin to live the quality life you desire. It is all within your reach.

Deeper Relationships Through Coaching

Once you book a life coaching program you get excited. You know things are about to change, but maybe you just don't know how. 

Maybe you are thinking about being barefoot on the beach in Bali with your partner in the evening, staring at all the stars in the night sky, feeling the cool sand on your feet? 

Maybe you are dreaming about meeting that special person to journey through life's adventure with. 

Or perhaps you have hit the plateau and want to re light the fire to climb to new heights of ecstasy and joy. 

Don't waste your life wishing relationships were easier. Empower yourself to be better! 

Relationship Coaching v's Couples Therapy

Some people think they need couples therapy or even couples counselling to overcome their differences, others might seek out the marriage guidance advisor. 

The trouble with therapy is you don't really know the end goal. You don't set a specific outcome to achieve. People can be in therapy for years. That's great for the therapist, but not so great for the client. Now I am absolutely not saying that therapy is a bad thing, but I am saying some people are looking for different approaches. 

If you want a new, vibrant, exciting and dynamic approach to sorting your stuff out relationship coaching is the place to be.

Discover how relationship coaching could transform your break up or breakdown into a breakthrough.

Discover if life coaching for men or life coaching for couples could be the ticket you need to new exciting relationship destinies. 

Top 10 Reasons For Relationship Coaching:

1. Your relationship has gone stale and needs a boost.

2. Your relationship is at breaking point and it's affecting your focus, drive and success in other area's.

3. You have already broken up and feel completely lost. 

4. You need confidential relationship support that you can trust.

5. You’re shy or lack confidence when it comes to the opposite sex.

6. You want more from your love life or it has lost it's spark

7. You are at the end a relationship but don't know how to move on.

8. You’re experiencing/have experienced relationship abuse.

9. You’re haunted by experiences from the past that are holding you back.

10. You're struggling to get over a traumatic separation or divorce

Relationship Coaching That Works

Everything you need to achieve the relationship you desire is within your reach. It is only the limitations in your thinking that hold you back.

Albert Einstein once said that "We are boxed in by the boundary conditions of our thinking." 

If you want to know how relationship coaching works, you probably already have a pretty strong desire to change your current situation. As a relationship coach I have crafted and refined tools, strategies, and methods to break through the boundary conditions of your thinking. You can open doorways to new opportunities, new inspirations and expand your thinking to love beyond measure.

In the original Star Wars movie, Princess Leia appeared as a hologram before Luke Skywalker, and uttered those immortal words, "Help me Obi Wan, You're my only hope!"

Perhaps you are looking for a new hope. Let me reassure you that the life coaching industry has been growing and thriving for decades and is now arguably sought after more so than traditional couples therapy or couples counselling. Could relationship coaching be the new hope for you?

Life coaching works for men and women, but it has to be said, women more readily seek support with emotional and relationship challenges than men. Thats why I coaching can impact on everyone in your life. Coaching removes the barriers of old associations with therapy or counselling. Life coaching brings a new, vibrant, success driven approach thats so much more desirable for men who want to achieve more, do more, and have more joy, passion and success in their lives.

Should I Get Relationship Coach?

Do you ever imagine having more loving relationships, greater wealth, more inspiring career choices, more successful teams, radiant health, breaking unwanted habits, or just having more passion and excitement in your life?

A life coach will support you to really stretch yourself to achieve the things that others say cant be done. A Relationship Coach will transform your relationship breakdowns and break ups into breakthroughs so you can live and love like never before.

If you are ready to take full responsibility for your current situation, ready to put in the work, and motivated to change then life coaching could be right for you.

If you think a life coach is going to do the work for you, tell you what you need and solve all your problems, then this definitely isn't for you. 

Still not sure?
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Six Steps to Relationship Success

Research studies conducted amongst a student population showed that only 3% of the group had actually made any clearly written goals. Years later, this 3% were worth more individually than the other 97% put together! 

My guess is that the kind of person who would connect with this website has already made some goals, but for whatever reason they haven't inspired them enough to really go for it. 

If you don't know what your target is, how you ever gonna hit it? What’s more, and you want to make a note of this, most of the 3% were actually worth far more than they had even predicted when writing their goals. Your future really is in your hands, so decide now, are you really invested in your relationship success?

The same can be said for self help books. Most people are interested in personal development because they find it intriguing, intellectually stimulating and even entertaining, but do nothing with the information. That would account for around 93 people out of 100. 

It is the other 7% who act upon knowledge and make the biggest difference in the world.

Chinese proverb:
"to know, and not to do, is not yet to know."

Isn't Relationship Coaching Expensive?

Expense is only relative to your personal determination.

To realise the true value of relationship coaching consider the cost of not living your dream, not following your passion, and not achieving the quality relationship you really want. 

You could draw up an analysis of what if you do and what if you don't. Only then will you know for sure which would be more expensive option for you. I can't decide that for you and neither should anyone else.  

Try searching for "life coach near me" and see how they compare. 

Try searching for "couples therapy near me" and do the same. 

Do they offer you what you want?

If you are serious about your relationship, try searching for a "relationship coach near me." Or a relationship specialist who can truly meet your needs, understands your dilemma, and will walk the path with you. 

I work with men and couples who are determined to make changes in their relationship, and in their lives in general. Many times its not about whether they can afford to work with a relationship coach, it's whether they can afford not to.

Read Clients Reviews

Have you ever been first in the queue to a movie that everybody is talking about? Have you ever been stood at the barrier for the latest roller coaster in the them park? Do you go for the front seat? Reviews are important but they don't always mean you will enjoy the movie, or the roller coaster in the same way. You will get out of it exactly what you are meant to.

Feel free to hear what others have said about working with me. Click here Breakthrough reviews

Find out if you want to be first in line for your ticket to a relationship breakthrough!

Some people see what they want and go for it! If you just want to jump right in and get started, complete our application form now. Others just need a little more reassuring that life coaching is an investment in themselves. Complete the form to get started right away.

Where Will Your Next Steps Take You?

Next step with the Relationship Breakthrough Coach

Hope you found your visit to the Relationship Breakthrough Coach of value today. Did you find what you are looking for?

I am adding new content all the time but if you have any idea's or topics you would really love to see here, get in touch and let me know.

In the meantime here are more great pages dedicated to transforming your relationship breakdown or break up into a breakthrough: 

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