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Turn your relationship break ups and breakdowns into breakthroughs with The Relationship Breakthrough Coach. UK Life coaching practice based in Saddleworth, Oldham (OL3).

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May 07, 2022

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Relationship Breakthrough Coach for transformational Life Coaching, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) specialist in Saddleworth Oldham OL3

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Apr 09, 2022

The Power Of Letting Go

The power of letting go is the power to transform your relationship with your unconscious mind. You can let go of old outdated programming and be free.

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Mar 28, 2022

Face Your Fears

This is the ultimate life coaching guide for how to face your fears and phobia's. Achieve relationship goals you never dared to dream were even possible.

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Mar 03, 2022

Red Flags in A Relationship

Recognise and understand red flags in a relationship. Red flags don't need to be dealbreakers but will highlight important value differences in relationships.

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Mar 03, 2022

Making A Relationship Work

Do you know the secret to making a relationship work? Embracing the law of attraction for overcoming the obstacles and maintaining a loving relationship.

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Nov 30, 2021

Mastering Your Emotions

Mastering your emotions with life coaching and NLP is a huge step towards transforming your relationship break down or break up into a relationship breakthrough

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Nov 27, 2021

Abuse in a Relationship

How would you respond to abuse in a relationship? Manipulative behaviour patterns are signs of relationship abuse. What would you do to survive?

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Nov 21, 2021

Values in a relationship

Your core values in a relationship are not something you were born with. Gaining clarity on your values is a huge step in achieving your relationship goals.

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Oct 31, 2021

Save a Relationship

How do you save a relationship when the storm is brewing all around you? Life coaching questions for overcoming the obstacles of a relationship breakdown.

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Relationship Breakthrough Coach provides life coaching for men, women and couples in Mossley, Tameside, Uppermill, Saddleworth, and all surrounding areas. I also work with english speaking international clients via Skype and Zoom.

Life coaching is a journey of self discovery. Your journey starts with your next step. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the next step. The power of life coaching will unlock your personal power to overcome obstacles that show up while you get to work on your dreams.

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