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Heres your relationship academy prospectus:

  • Six Steps to Relationship Breakthrough
  • Life Audit Wheel
  • Personal Power Plan
  • The Man Cave Webinar
  • The Good The Bad and The Ugly
  • Smoking Cessation Illustration
  • Smoking Cessation Life Coaching Pack 
  • Emotions Master Class
  • Relationship Breakthrough Coach Blog
  • Relationship Breakthrough Coach Newsletter
  • My E-book for your man cubs - Adventures in Relationships

Six Steps to Relationship Breakthrough

If you haven't ever experienced the power of coaching you may be cautious about registering straight away. This free introduction to our Relationship Academy is a course of six emails with you with all you need to get more out of your relationships and your life. 

Register for the Six Steps E Course by clicking on the button:

Life Audit Wheel

New and improved the free life audit wheel is ready for you. Take it for a spin today and sign up for free monthly reminders to help you complete regular reviews. This life coaching based reflective practice alone can be illuminating. I used to use this process in a free trial session in the early days but now it's just as effective to do it yourself. Highly recommended!

Give the wheel a spin. Click on the button:

Personal Power Plan

This is my go to life planner for use immediately after completing the life audit. Knowing where you are now and what you need to focus on is one thing. Putting a power plan into place next is the ultimately tool for making rapid progress toward your goals and dreams. This is one of my relationship academy essentials. 

The Man Cave Webinar

The Man Cave webinar is a regular meeting of men on the zoom platform to share insights and learnings in a live face to face to format. 

This is an Invitation only group meeting. 

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

The relationship academy presents the best self serve relationship coaching program available on the internet. Take this course at your leisure to attract or transform relationships with pleasure.

Smoking Cessation Illustration

Smoking Cessation Life Coaching Pack 

If lung cancer isn't enough to move you to transform the habit, then maybe we need to work hard on you. Maybe even elicit some of the behaviour modification methods seen in the movie A Clockwork Orange! I share this because it was one piece of feedback I will never forget. A client had an issue with smoking cannabis, but I also discovered he had a big issue with slugs. When I merged the two in his unconscious mind and it caused him to become nauseous at the thought of rolling a joint, that was what it reminded him of.

Emotions Master Class For Men

Emotions slave or master? Do you fall blindly into a rage at the slightest provocation? Do you suffer from road rage?

It may well be the result of unconscious programming that lead your emotions to control and manipulate you. Also known as self sabotage. 

Whats included in the emotions master class for men:

  • Why we have emotions
  • Different types of emotion
  • How to enrich your relationships by improving emotional self awareness
  • The Wheel Of Emotions
  • How to master your emotions
  • Emotions are contagious

Another of the relationship academy essentials. Totally free content. Enrol now:

Relationship Breakthrough Coach Blog

Stay up to date with our websites progress. See each brand new page as it is published. Keep up to date with every relationship academy update. See page enhancements, as they happen. Set your RSS feeds to be first to know. Become one of our friends by liking our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and send us feedback!

Relationship Breakthrough Coach Newsletter

Register for my free newsletter. I called it the IOU because its our contribution and gratitude for your continued support. I couldn't grow without your continued support.

Get your copy. I publish around once a month, with the occasional special offer thrown in between! Complete the form below to subscribe today.

My E-book for your man cubs - Adventures in Relationships

When you go through a break up and leave kids behind it is unbelievably painful. You can be left an emotional wreck. So can your kids. 

But it's still your job to step up and teach them what life is really about. What happens when you meet someone new? How do the kids respond?

Find out in this e-book for your children's growth and understanding.

Knowledge is the key, but knowledge itself is not power. You must take action.

"To Know and not do, is not yet to know"

Bruce Lee

Action Steps...

Next Steps:

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