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Relationship abuse is much more than violence. Words create a picture in our minds that we link past knowledge, past experience and emotion to identify the meaning of labels.

The truth is, you have no idea what the label of abuse means until you experience it. It can be different for everyone. It can be the difference between life and death.

Abuse come's in many forms, from the obvious physical abuse or violence, through sexual abuse, emotional abuse and even financial abuse.

There are many controlling ways in which an abuser can show up in a relationship. Can you spot them, and do you have any idea how powerfully manipulative they can be?

Isolation, Shame, Guilt, Fear

The emotional damage can be more painful than a physical assault because the impact lasts much longer. The consequences are long term. Whilst a bruise will heal, emotions will sit just beneath the surface. The emotions control your behaviours which means the victim of domestic violence can feel isolated, ashamed, unworthy, and even guilty or responsible in some way. They will often feel fear and therefore may even try to cover up the situation, to stop those awkward questions.

Breaking Point

There will be a breaking point however, a point where the balance tips too far. This is your leverage point and you can use this to your advantage if you choose. 

This is the point where the you say “Enough is enough!” and  decide to end the violence.  That decision can mean you take your life back, or in some cases, you take your own life. 

Our goal is that you make that decision to to be safe, to achieve more, to become more. If your relationship abuse persists, you are a survivor. If you take back your life you become a survivor, reborn!

What Will You Become?

Click on the header links provided below to discover more about domestic abuse:

Signs of an Abusive Relationship 

There are signs that you may be in an abusive relationship, but how do you tell the difference? Identify the three key roles that appear. Notice how the roles can revolve that actually helps sustain an abusive relationship. Observe which role is yours most often. Discover how you can choose to continue your role play or stop the abuse.

Cycle of Abuse

Relationship Abuse occur's in cycles. Research has shown that women who are assaulted by their partners will not involve the law enforcement agencies until around the 34th occasion. In order for abusive relationships to "flourish" there has to be certain ingredients present. Find out how betrayal can be seen as a bond, how you can spot it, and take steps to eliminate these bonds as a habit in your life.

Find out more here...

Domestic Abuse Statistics

Some of these statistics can be startling because of the sheer numbers. Others are startling because we still have a long way to go to resolve the issue of violence in relationships. That is why we believe awareness is so important. 

Sources Of Support

Support can come from many sources. Close friends, family, neighbours. Then you have your wider community. Who you turn to for support should be clear from the levels of abuse you encounter. If you or your family are in any risk of physical harm, then you should involve the emergency services first. Who is there to help you pick up the pieces afterwards?

Top Ten Safety Tips

What do you do if you recognise that your relationship is placing you in danger? Someone you trusted, someone you loved is abusing you, and the fear is getting worse? You need time to organise, time to plan, time to execute your exit strategy. So find out what you can do in the mean time?

Survivors Reborn 

If you run a support group, or would like to start one in your area find out how the Relationship Breakthrough Coach can support you.

We would love to support you in your domestic violence awareness campaign and have a great set of T-Shirts and tools to assist you. It's easier than you think and the impact could be huge.

Survivors Reborn Vision

Why do we do what we do? What is our primary goal? Find out how you can share our goals and vision here. See if you can support our goals or we can support yours.

Real Life Survivors of Abuse Reborn

Read inspiring story's of surviving domestic violence. Even better, share yours and inspire someone. 

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