Do You Think You Are
Suffering Relationship Abuse?

Discover all you need to let your spirit soar, leave the abusive relationships behind, and become a survivor reborn! 

Recognising relationship abuse for the first time can be a blessing and a curse. It can shake your identity to its core. It can leave you feeling vulnerable, lost and alone. It can leave you ashamed that you even allowed it to happen. It will change your world. Do it anyway. Domestic abuse is much more than violence. It is just a label given to all manner of cruel and disempowering behaviours. The truth is, you have no idea what the label of abuse means until you experience it. It can be different for everyone. It can be the difference between life and death.

  • How many times will you let a partner physically assault you?
  • How long will you tolerate being controlled and manipulated?
  • How many times will you tolerate verbal abuse?
  • How many threats will you have to hear before you listen?
  • How long will it take for you to ask for help?

I'd never let anyone abuse me

Relationship Abuse come's in many forms, from the obvious but frequently hidden physical abuse or violence, through sexual abuse, emotional abuse and even financial abuse.

There are many manipulative controlling ways in which an abuser can show up in a relationship. Can you spot them, and do you have any idea how powerfully coercive they can be?

The truth is everyone thinks they could spot it a mile away. No one thinks it will happen to them. No one thinks they would allow anyone to hit them. At least not twice. Yet, statistics show that it can take more than thirty incidents of violent behaviour before a person will consider reporting domestic violence to the police. Think about that.  

A bruise will heal, but emotional wounds persist

The emotional damage will be more painful, and more persistant than any physical assault because the impact is much deeper. The consequences are long term. Whilst a bruise will heal, emotions will sit just beneath the surface. The emotions control your behaviours which means the victim of domestic violence can feel isolated, ashamed, unworthy, and even guilty or responsible in some way. They will often feel fear and therefore may even try to cover up the situation, to stop those awkward questions from well meaning friends and family. In other words. They will often shun their very own support network.

Breaking Point. When is enough, enough?

There will be a breaking point however, a point where the balance tips too far. This is your leverage point and you can use this to your advantage if you choose. On the other hand the breaking can be fatal. The other interesting statistic is that 7 out of 10 homicides occur within a relationship setting.

Where is the point where the you say “Enough is enough?”   Decide to end the violence today.  That decision can mean you take your life back, or in some cases, you take your own life. 

Some may actually think they have already lost their life. 

My wish for you is that you make that decision to live again, to accept support, to become liberated from your relationship prison. If your relationship abuse persists, you are a survivor. If you decide to take back your life you are a survivor, reborn! My question to then is, what will you become?

fighting chance to end the Cycle of Abuse

Relationship Abuse occur's in cycles. Research has shown that women who are assaulted by their partners will not involve the law enforcement agencies until around the 34th occasion. In order for abusive relationships to "flourish" there has to be certain ingredients present.

Find out how betrayal can be seen as a bond, how you can spot it, and take steps to eliminate the cycle of abuse from your life. 

Signs Of Relationship abuse 

There are signs that you may be in an abusive relationship, but how do you tell the difference? Identify the three key roles that appear. Notice how the roles can revolve that actually helps sustain an abusive relationship. Observe which role is yours most often. Discover how you can choose to continue your role play or stop the abuse.

Sources Of Relationship Abuse Support

Support can come from many sources. Close friends, family, neighbours. Then you have your wider community. Who you turn to for support should be clear from the levels of abuse you encounter. If you or your family are in any risk of physical harm, then you should involve the emergency services first. Who is there to help you pick up the pieces afterwards?

Top Ten Safety Tips

What do you do if you recognise that your relationship is placing you in danger? Someone you trusted, someone you loved is abusing you, and the fear is getting worse? You need time to organise, time to plan, time to execute your exit strategy. So find out what you can do in the mean time?

If you are in any danger you must Get Help

The Relationship Breakthrough Coach does not provide emergency care. 

Call your local police if you think you or your family is in danger. 

Life coaching for survivors of abuse is available. You just need to ask, and it is given.

What do you want to know next?

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