Relationship Abuse Statistics

At a business meeting we shared some relationship abuse statistics with a business coach. He was stunned. Speachless. And inspired as we are to build a Survivors Reborn support network.

If two women dieing each week isn't enough to shock you, inspire you, or move you to take action and raise awareness, then these other statistics may help move you to help someone you know.

Why share this shocking material with you?

We are passionate about relationships and if we didnt consider the end of violence against women and relationship abuse to be a worthy aim, then we would be missing a huge chunk of the real story.

When we first heard some of these statistics it shocked us too. Then they we became inspired to take some action and increase the public awareness of relationship abuse.

Please bear with us...

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How can you help?

Raising Awareness is the key.

Contribute to the Relationship Breakthrough Coach and share these domestic violence statistics with your family, your friends and colleagues. Get them to visit the webiste and contribute to the discussions and stories.

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Thank you for reading this page. Now share it, and support The Relationship Breakthrough Coach's domestic violence awareness campaign. If these domestic violence statistics moved you in any way to take some action now, then I thank you for your contributing to this worthy cause.

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