Relationship Abuse Help

If you are experiencing Relationship Abuse help is at hand.

Although it sounds simplistic, there is safety in numbers. Your suffering is an option.

One of the earliest signs of abuse is isolating the victim from friends and family. This can occur over day’s weeks or months, or even years. Are you aware of your freinds and family becoming distant?

In essence, this is a form of emotional abuse. If you don’t speak to your closest family, and closest friends about what is happening to you now, you may begin believing that there is no one who can support you. You may even feel you have already "lost" them. 

Get the help and support you need. Don't assume this is just a fad a phase your partner is going through. Relationship Abuse follows a pattern or a cycle. Don't allow your own situation to follow the same pattern.

Raise your own awareness and you will be in a position to raise the awareness of others.

How much suffering will you take?

Let’s say for example that a woman has an abusive partner and has minimised the violence, the poking, hair pulling, screaming, throwing dinner plates etc, etc up until now and not told anybody. Let’s just say he gave her a black eye and a nasty bruise on her forearm where she raised it to protect herself. This woman knows questions are going to be asked so what does she do? Hide the evidence? For how long?

Relationship abuse is more than just a physical assault. The emotional damage can be much deeper, which means the woman can feel isolated, ashamed, unworthy, and therefore may even cover up the situation before seeking domestic violence help.

There will be a breaking point however, a point where the balance tips too far, leverage point if you will. This is the point where the woman will say “Enough is enough!” and she will decide to escape domestic violence, which can mean one of two things, either she will flee and take her life back, or she will take her own life.

What would be your leverage point? How much suffering will you take?

In relationship breakthrough coaching, everything starts with a decision, a decision to achieve more, to become more. Your situation is no different. Make that decision and get relationship abuse help and support you deserve.

What's your leverage, your breaking point?

So in our example above the woman has decided a black eye is her limit, her leverage point. She decides to confide in people close to her.

Research has suggested that a woman will be assaulted by a partner around 32-34 times before she would report the abuse to police. What would you do if you thought somebody you knew was being abused by a partner? What if it was your best friend, a colleague, your employee, your sister, or your daughter? How would you like to support us end this abuse against women?

The trouble is that many survivors seeking domestic violence help have stated that they thought they would never let a man hit them twice. Once would be enough.

But at that time when they say that, they had not taking account of the emotional abuse that has left them isolated. They become fooled by love. They become almost addicted to the feelings and beliefs that they can change the abuser, they are at fault, and the isolation means that these feelings and beliefs are the only comfort available, so they “allowed” their abuser hit them again and again. Until, that is, they reach the leverage point where enough really is enough. What would that point be for you? Maybe now, the answer is not as clear as you thought a moment ago.

Relationship Abuse Risk

Many of the support agencies, including the police will ask you questions that help them establish the level of risk that they perceive the woman to be in. Here is a few for you to reflect upon to check where your relationship is going:

  1. The level of abuse you are experiencing is worsening or occurring more often
  2. Your partner is abusive towards pets
  3. Your partner gets physical during arguments
  4. Your partner demands sex from you or physically hurts you during sex
  5. The last incident of abusive behaviour left you with some sort of injury

There are many questions you are likely to be asked including use of drugs, alcohol or other stimulants; attempts to choke you, smother you, or hurt you in other ways; threats of suicide, or to kill you or another.

There is a very good reason for this kind of risk assessment. Most Homicides are directly the result of relationship abuse.  That's why the emergency services have people trained to reduce the risk to you and your family.

These questions help the emergency services determine how much at risk they believe you or your children may be and how quickly they might need to intervene to protect you or your children. The social services will make an assessment as to whether you are capable of making appropriate decisions to protect your children and these risk assessments can assist them take action, if necessary.

Getting relationship abuse help is simple when the situation is violent and you need instant action taken to protect yourself and your children, but not so obvious whilst you try and pick up the pieces later on.

Some people would rather not involve the emergency services, and whilst the relationship may be abusive, the risk could still be low. So what do they do?

When people first seek relationship abuse help they don't normally think about coaching. A relationship coach is not going to be there for you in the middle of the night when the violence is at its peak.

Contact Us to find out if our relationship coaching services could transform your situation.

Speak to someone who knows the impact of relationship abuse. Be confident that we will respect confidentiality and privacy if that is important to you. Be confident that we have you and your children's best interests at heart.

Suffering Is Optional. Getting Relationship Abuse Help Is a Must!

The very first step you must take is this: DECIDE!

Decide to get the help and support you need. Decide on the future you want to live. Decide to be safe and keep your family safe; decide you are worth it; decide you will be free from relationship abuse and be free from suffering. Become a Survivor Reborn starting today!

Two women are killed each week, through relationship abuse. Check out the Top Ten Safety Tips for women in abusive relationships.

Relationship Abuse help will show how the abuse has a cycle and pattern. Click on this link to find out about the Cycle of Abuse .

Two women are killed each week, through relationship abuse.
What will you become?

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