The Power of Vitality

The Power Of Vitality Relationship Breakthrough Coach Life Coaching

A Natural Approach to Achieving Optimum Vitality Health and Wellness

I am delighted you want to discover how the power of vitality can transform not only your relationship, but your entire life. 

Making health a priority sounds so simple, yet so few people are willing to make a commitment in this area until it is too late. There is always something else to think about isn't there?

Make vitality a priority and not only will you see changes in your external visual appearance, you will feel dramatic improvements internally as well. Looking great is one thing, but actually feeling fabulous is the core essence of vitality. After all, if you don't love and care for yourself why should anyone else?

What Is The Power Of Vitality?     

The power of vitality is simply having the energy to do more of what you love to do. What would having more time doing what you love mean to you?  The power of vitality increases your potential to achieve what you want in life in whatever time you have. Your vitality slips away unnoticed until there is no power left. Having no energy is the same as having no time. The power of vitality means more energy, therefore, more time to love and time to give.

The Power Of Vitality Relationship Breakthrough Coach Life Coaching

Do you feel exhausted with little or no enthusiasm to devote on your dreams and goals?

Are you too fatigued to spend quality time with your loved one?

Do you wish you were ten years younger?

Do you wish you could fight or prevent disease?

Imagine what this is costing you day by day. 

Unfortunately there is no quick fix, despite what all the fad diets promise you in their marketing. If you just want a beach body for your two weeks summer holiday they may deliver results. 

If you decide to unlock the power of vitality the beach body would be just a side effect, not the mission. Your mission is to deliver a personal transformation that doesn't give you a better holiday but a better life. 

What is Stealing Your Power Of Vitality?

Unfortunately the world we live in today is loaded with unnatural toxins from multiple sources that rob us of our natural vitality and wellbeing.

Toxins are in the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink and many of the products we use daily. If we don't pay attention now, over time, those toxins can cause harm in the body. 

Left unchecked the attack on our cellular vitality can lead to dis-ease and suffering, from simple common ailments to complex, chronic, and even critical conditions. It is now well established in the western world that many of the major dis-eases that impact our mortality rates are lifestyle driven.

Added to that some people gorge on a mental diet of marketing manipulation via our main stream media and entertainment industries. They call it "programming" for a reason. 

Did you ever really believe eating a Mars (thats a chocolate bar with nougat and caramel) a day would help you work, rest or play? That instant glucose hit would stimulate brain activity for a short while, which would be followed shortly afterward by a blood sugar crash. Totally false, totally misleading claim by clever marketers, who care little for your health and wellbeing.

Or how about a chemical filled washing up liquid giving you softer hands whilst you wash up? Who bought it? Another false claim by the marketing fairies who want your custom. Incidentally, did you know that many of the companies manufacturing toxic chemical products for the home are also involved in manufacturing medicines? 

The Power Of Profit Over Vitality

The pharmaceutical companies around the world have been able to capitalise on our suffering though medicines. There is a pill for practically anything. You just need your medical practitioner or GP to prescribe them for your symptoms.

Symptoms are what keep the health services around the world busy. I'm not referring to trauma or dismissing the skill of surgeons who put us back together when we slip up. Im talking about the myriad of symptoms people are suffering through poor diet, poor lifestyle, excess stress and so on. 

The list of licensed drugs (medicine) available is staggering. No wonder it takes four years of medical school to know what to prescribe in what quantity. And that doesn't even touch on over the counter remedies.

There is a problem with our conventional paradigm for medicine and healthcare. 

Whilst it is clear that our doctors are indeed knowledgeable of symptoms and remedies they are less effective at discovering (or perhaps disclosing) causes and identifying a cure. In fact, most medical doctors spend less than a week studying peak health and fitness, nutrition and optimising body function over their four years or more in medical school. Some less than a day.

The drugs being doled out often create other side effects which must be managed with more drugs. Drugs are products of the pharmaceutical industry which is profit based. 

This outdated, and profit driven, medical system is creating dedicated customers needing more and more drugs rather than creating cures. Every patient cured would be a customer lost! It just doesn't make sense.

Do you know of anyone who could relate to a spiralling challenge like this in their health?

Live Fat, Die Young

We are all at risk of suffering from a multitude of conditions that are basically created through our lifestyle and dietary choices. Even our mental health state is under attack from the pressures and demands of the modern world. Modern day fast lane lifestyles with quick fixes, fast foods, and even faster internet leads to a fast and often painful demise. But that doesn’t have to be your story.

Everything has become instantaneous. Music downloads, movies, emails, video calls. Our grandparents never knew what a smartphone was, and their grandparents probably didn't even own a telephone. As a child "Zoom" was something a racing car did around a track, or a rocket being fired into space, now its where you go to learn or meet or entertain. 

Nowadays we don't even need to leave the bedroom and you can be at a board meeting with someone in the next county, state, or even on the other side of the planet. 

The trouble with that is that we have yet to discover an instant fix for heart disease, obesity, hypertension or cancer, and we are seeing more and more of these conditions at earlier ages than ever before. Obesity is the number two cause of cancer according to Cancer Research UK. Please don't let that be you. Unleash the power of  vitality and live to celebrate it. 

Ask yourself, are you on the fast track to feeling great or the fast track to your funeral? 

Why The Power of Vitality is Important

Did you know you can boost your immune system naturally? 

With the natural power of vitality you can fight off common cold like dis-ease without breaking your stride. You can also transform long term health issues. You could even slow down the ageing process. At least you will feel like you have.

A key question to think about is do you want more years in your life or more life in your years? 

You can take full responsibility for your personal wellbeing. You can be your own health coach! I know many people who have reduced pharmaceutical medicine, and even eliminated them completely from their life just by making changes to their eating habits. 

I know others who have tackled cancer without any of the conventional treatments. Some of the more specific protocols may sound intense and even extreme to the newcomer. But people do see dramatic changes in their outcomes. (I do of course recommend that before you decide to follow any personal health and vitality protocols that you seek professional medical advice from a qualified physician). 

When somebody reduces a tumour, or makes it disappear the medical establishment call it a miracle, but to the holistic health practitioners that is simply the power of vitality at work. 

The unconventional approach to optimum vitality, health and wellbeing is powerful because it is a holistic approach which incorporates healing hearts and minds as well as the body. There are no additives required for natural healing. Just good habits. Perhaps discipline. 

Your vitality can be restored. It is within your grasp. As well as good habits and discipline, the key factor in adopting a healthier lifestyle is having a strong enough reason. Your "Why?" 

Let me tell you this: you have a choice. You either make a decision to prioritise your health and wellbeing now or you may find yourself backed into a corner through life changing medical diagnosis.

When a partner is diagnosed with cancer, change became the only option available. It is no longer possible to live your life the way you had been living. Why wait? Why put it off? Think of your health in terms of your finances. You wouldn't put off saving for a rainy day until a rainy day came along would you? You don't want to wait until you are broke before you put fixing your health first.

Eight Keys To Unlock The Power Of Vitality

So here are your eight keys to unlock the power of vitality:

1. Optimum Fuel

(Nutrition, organics, juicing, food preparation, plant based)

2. Optimum Physical Detox 

Eliminate Bodily Toxins (internal, fasting, Zeolite, Silver, Clays, Castor Oils, enema's, sauna) 

3. Optimum Environmental Detox 

Eliminate Environmental Toxins (declutter, organic, pure air, natural fibres, EMF's, Grounding Sheets)

4. Optimum Mindset 

Eliminate Toxic Emotions (Priorities and Focus, Values, Mindfulness, breath works, gratitude, journaling, faith, affirmations, prayer)

5. Optimum Fitness 

Physical Practice - Strength, Endurance (rebounding, parallel bars, bike, walking, yoga, tai chi, swimming)

6. Optimum Recovery 

Rest and Recuperation  (sleep, grounding, digital detox, mattress, pillows)

7. Optimum Knowledge 

Research and Education (Courses, Books, websites, documentary films, events, webinars, main stream media avoidance)

8. Optimum Team 

Your inspirational board of directors  (Experts, Coaching, Advisors, Mentors, Support Groups, social group)

Live Long and Prosper Through The Power Of Vitality

We have to fall back in love with some of the old school thinking to reclaim our birthright which is to live long and prosper. Who wants to live long and prosper?

Life coaching questions and tips are encompassed within the eight steps to maintain optimum focus and commitment to your healing goals. It takes intense willpower and effort to get going but once you have embraced all of the eight steps the journey becomes easy and will become absorbed within your whole lifestyle. The power of vitality will be written within your identity blueprint! 

Remember, nothing tastes as good as fit feels!  

Affiliate Disclosure: 

I want to give you the best tools, resources and materials to enhance your personal vitality. Whilst some of the links relate to third party material and products, if you go on to purchase I may receive a small reward from that company. Whether you go on to do business there is totally up to you.

I invested my time and resources to bring these opportunities to you and I encourage you to check out any that spark an interest for you. Please accept that I cannot be held liable for any issue arising from your interaction with any third party resource.

Is that OK with you?

Thank you!

Where Will Your Next Steps Take You?

Relationship Breakthrough Coach provides life coaching in Mossley, Tameside, Uppermill, Saddleworth, and all surrounding areas. Sessions are available for men, women and couples who are ready to transform their health wealth and relationships.

Life coaching is a journey of self discovery. Your journey starts with the next step. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the next step.

The power of life coaching will unlock your personal power to overcome obstacles that show up while you get to work on your dreams.

I sincerely hope you find what you were looking for. 

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