Unleash The Power Of Letting Go

Free Yourself From Your Unconscious Ties That Hold You Back

The power of letting go is the power to transform your relationship with your unconscious mind. Most of the programming that directs your current thought patterns, beliefs, values, and behaviours was imprinted upon your unconscious mind many years ago. You made unconscious attachments to everything you now perceive to be important in your life. These attachments became imprinted upon you emotionally and spiritually. That means you could be long overdue an upgrade

“The root of all suffering is attachment.”

~ Buddha

When you face challenges in life and relationships that hold you back, it could be an old outdated program that no longer serves you. It could be something that would be so small and insignificant to you now, but it had a strong emotional relevance when you were a child. You are surrounded by ethereal energetic ties to the world around you. In order to see the world in a new light, you must first disconnect the old one.

Would you like to learn about and even experience the power of letting go? 

Working on yourself with a professional life coach or even just being your own life coach is a great way to unlock those outdated operating systems. You may be amazed at what you discover about yourself and how you are influenced. More importantly, you can let go of old outdated programming and be free.

What Is The Power Of Letting Go?

The moment when you take that leap of faith. The moment when you realise everything will be ok. The moment when you are in flow. Everything feels right. Nothing could hold you back. Nothing could pull you down. Everything is pure potential and possibility. 

Are you wondering what that would feel like? That is the power of letting go.

The power of letting go of suffering.

The power of letting go of past relationships .

The power of letting go of limiting beliefs.

The power of letting go of fear and phobia's.

The power of letting go of habits that no longer serve you.

The power of letting go of behaviours that are detrimental to your well being. 

You do not need to extroverted to let go because this is about the internal processing. There is no need to make yourself more vulnerable. In fact, by unleashing the power of letting go you will be empowering yourself to be more, to do more and have more of the kind of life you really desire.

Letting go is an act of strength, courage, compassion and wisdom. 

I used to think I was smart because I wanted to change everything. Then I became wise and started changing myself. 

Experience The Power Of Letting Go

One of the best ways to experience the power of letting go is dealing with the simple things that just seem to annoy you. Start with someone that others may describe as trivial. Expressing forgiveness for those who trespass against you is letting go of anger and frustration but so often we carry those lumps of lead around with us all day and wonder why we become exhausted. Just let go.

Start with where you are. What can you see, hear or feel that if you focused upon it would begin to bug you? Maybe a sound, or a feeling. My weakness is driving. Not so much road rage, more road irritation. Practicing forgiveness and gratitude can help but there are just so many other road users every trip is like a lesson in maintaining tranquility.  

Inwardly scan your body. Start with your toes and work your way up your body. Notice each muscle group in turn along the way. As your attention lands upon a muscle group, try tensing the muscle as you breath in. Hold for a few seconds and then let go as you breath out. Do this again, but on the next breath relax the muscle completely. Consciously tell each muscle group to release any tension. 

Even as you arrive at your waist you will have experienced the power of letting go.

Now you realise that you have a choice. Hold on to any tension, or simply let it go. 

The choice is yours.

Then you have those days when whatever step you take there is always a lego brick under your bare foot. Everything happens for a reason. Letting go is fast forwarding straight to the moment when you look back and laugh at a situation, or even look back and marvel at your ability to handle situations.

The power of life coaching is applying the wisdom of changing yourself first.The lessons will still materialise but they will take you to a higher plateau.  Charles Dickens gave us a powerful metaphor for change in his novel "A Christmas Carol."

Three life coaches visited with Ebenezer Scrooge to empower him to let go of his old ways and embrace a new way of being. The people around Scrooge witnessed a miracle. Now, who wouldn't want a miracle to show up from time to time?  

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Why Is Letting Go So Powerful?

Perhaps the Buddha's view of suffering and attachment is enough to trigger your curiosity about the power of letting go. We must not confuse the idea of letting go of attachment with simply not caring. The things we care about may be crucial to our survival. 

Depending upon where in the world you live, sitting under a tree for a several days meditating may not be enough to pay the bills and keep a roof over your families head. However, the fact that you are attached to those idea's and principles of responsibility could be the cause of suffering. You may not even have realised the power this attachment holds over you. 

The idea of the power of letting go is not the end of caring, but the end of suffering about the things you care about. What would happen if you only ever wished the best for them? 

Have you heard the phrase "if you love something you must first set it free"? The power of letting go is a gift you give to anyone or anything you truly love. Including yourself. Letting go of doubt, letting go of negative self talk, letting go of fear and anxiety is life transforming. 

“If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.” ~  Unknown

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Who would you become?

What action would you take if you knew it would work out?

Stop reading for one moment and be your own life coach. Focus, or meditate for a moment on these three questions.

Allow a new vision of who you want to become to form in your minds eye. Flood yourself with images as you unleash the power of letting go of all barriers and obstacles that were in the way. A pathway will appear to you. Allow your mind to focus on one small step towards manifesting this vision. Make a decision. 

Even the word "Decision" has a powerful origin. when you decide, you cut off from anything else. You let everything else go. Vision becomes focused. Actions become on purpose.  

The most powerful words you will say to yourself are I can, I will, and I am. 

Vision leads to possibility (I can). Decision leads intention (I will). Action makes it happen (I am). 

I am is the name of God.

“God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM.’ And He said,

‘Say this to the people of Israel: ‘I AM has sent me to you’”

(Exodus 3:14)

The power of letting go of attachment is letting go of ego. You are the power. The power is within you. You can tap into it by letting go of controlling, and allowing the power of manifesting, or even divine intervention to flow through you. 

God said "I AM has sent me to you" to Moses. I am, that I am.

Maybe you have already experienced the bliss of just allowing.

How To Unleash The Power Of Letting Go

It is time to be your own life coach and invoke the power of letting go. First, you must decide what you you want to let go of. Is there something that has troubled you for some time? 

Have you ever had a moment, an experience where you know you really want to do something but you held yourself back?

Have you ever felt unable to wholly commit to your partner In a relationship?

Have you ever wished you could leave a new job or a training course but didn't follow through?

What was it specifically that held you back? What would you do differently now you can let go of that old programming and know that wasn't true?

You could be on to something. Letting go of that old belief that held you back is called freedom.

The Ripple Effect Of Letting Go

One of the beautiful and invaluable consequences of letting go is that everyone around you benefits. Its even better than compound interest. The transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge is testimony for this. The entire village transformed as a result of one mans decision.

As you show up as your best it gives permission to everyone around you to shine too. Your vibrational energy shifts to a higher frequency which means you will attract others who either share or desire your frequency. Energy attracts energy.

Imagine showing up to your next job interview looking your best, feeling your best and really delivering the best account of you. You get the position which is an awesome result for you. It is also an awesome result for your partner or your family too.

Imagine taking that step to leave your job and start the business you always wanted. The personal growth will be phenomenal and you will be the inspiration for your peers. 

Imagine shaking off your fears and anxiety about meeting someone new. It might just be your soulmate. You fall in love with them. They might fall in love with you. How could you possibly deny them that exquisite gift?

You see, it isn't only you who benefits when you decide to make your goals and dreams a priority. Does that sound selfish to you?

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Will You Unleash The Power Of Letting Go Today?

If you are passionate about personal development, or if you have just realised that you want to expand your possibilities and break through the area's that are keeping you stuck, the Power of Letting Go will hopefully inspire you to take the steps you need to take today. Dont wait for the ghosts of the past to visit you. Recognise the platform you are on today, in the present, to create the memories you will one day cherish beyond measure.

Haven't you suffered long enough? 

To Your Success!


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