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Did you know the power of intention alone can help boost your productivity, and create astounding shifts in perception?

There's much more to this little known plug in for enhancing your mind-power. You will be able to attract unlimited opportunities for success just with this one simple step.

Wait it gets even better!

When you set the bar in your favour you will see beyond obstacles that have constantly beat you down and held you back. In fact, some of those obstacles will completely disappear before they even occur to you.

Best of all, this free life coaching article will teach you all about how to turn obstacles around before they even occur. You wont believe how much that can make a difference in your life.

What Is The Power Of Intention?

Most people who have taken a journey of personal development since the millennium have heard about the "Law Of Attraction." The phrase was made popular in a best selling book and documentary style movie called "The Secret".

The law of attraction teaches us that whatever you desire most you can attract or manifest in your life. Sounds like a perfect tool for the daydreamers. But it didn't work.

Many who bought into The Secret remained at the wishful thinking stage. They didn't go beyond to discover the secret behind the secret.

The Power Of Intention is the secret behind the secret. It isn't something you do physically but something you connect to, both consciously, and unconsciously. The power of intention is more about being than doing.

Let me briefly explain what I mean.

In goal setting you identify the things you want to achieve. You create a route map and action steps along the way. This is doing.

When you use the power of intention you focus on key characteristics that you need to get there. More tenacity perhaps or bravery, confidence or even compassion. Whatever it is that will maximise your experience. That is being.

You don't need a route map and you don't need an action plan. Once you set the intention to be, it will be like your compass. Your unconscious mind will do the rest. Ok, maybe with a couple of reminders throughout the day.

Why Is Intention Powerful?

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. A truly scientific fact."

- Dr. Wayne Dyer

You might be thinking that the power of intention is like prayer. Ask and it is given. But that isn't entirely accurate. At least not the way most people pray.

When people pray for "things" opportunities linked to the thing will show up. When they don't take those opportunities the things don't materialise.

I prayed for a qualification in life coaching and I got a call from a course provider. He didn't give me the qualification. I had to invest. And then I had to put in the effort.

When I prayed to be happier I wasn't given a bundle of happiness. I was given a bunch of stuff to overcome. Happiness did come but it took effort to overcome the challenges that came my way.

Instead of asking for things, I started asking for states of being. In order to be happier, maybe I needed to be more understanding, patient, or appreciative. Here's what happened:

I set an intention to be more forgiving. A ton of stuff stopped bothering me. I just let it go

(read more about the power of forgiveness)

I set an intention to be grateful for what I had. I started to notice wonderful things happening all around me.

(read more about the power of gratitude)

I set an intention to be more focused. I became confident to say no to distractions and my productivity went through the roof.

Removal of the Ego equals manifesting states of being that become magnetically attractive to all that you desire.

The Destructive Power Of Unchecked Intention

It is really important not to confuse the power of intention with Ego. Ego is set to distract from you freedom to fully live to your highest purpose.

Ego is a shawl of belief that is dependent upon things outside of your self. Whereas "Intention" is shaking off ego to be fully present with your mind as you experience what life throws at you.

If you don't practice the power of intention you may find yourself downstream against the current without a paddle.

Do you believe in luck?

Let me give you an example of how to easily sabotage your day without even knowing it:

Do you know someone who always struggles to find a parking space when they go out? It doesn't matter if it is for the gym, for socialising or for official meetings and interviews.

They probably take a wrong turn, arrive late and cant find a space. They could end up highly stressed and then blow the interview. They call it fate.

What states of being could they have visualised and set intentions for? It really isn't that difficult to practice the power of intention.

Will it mean you sail through interviews? Probably not, that will take effort on your part. But it will mean you show up as your most amazing and magnetically attractive self.

I don't have anything against going with the flow and some days that is exactly what you need, but repeating over and over in your mind that there will be no parking space is a sure way of manifesting that exact obstacle.

Luck is merely the intersection of opportunity with preparation. What you think about you bring about.

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The Transformational Power Of Intention

Have you heard the phrase "smile and dial" or how about "assume the sale"?

Smile and dial is a phrase that sets up your physiology for a positive interaction. Statistics show us that people in a positive state are more likely to have a positive experience. I know, it's shockingly obvious. But how often do you do it?

Assume the sale sets your intention to achieve the goal, but what attributes will you need to bring to the party? What do you need to become to assume the sale?

I used the power of intention almost without knowing and I never expected what happened next.

I had a specific goal. I achieved it but I wasn't fulfilled at all. I passed a couple of interviews and got the job I set out for but I quickly became uninspired.

I was working with life coach and hadn't even considered getting out of the job I was in. It just never occurred to me. My ego had kept me locked in to the limiting belief "I am what I do."

What happened next still blows me away:

My coach shifted my thinking from what I wanted to do, to what I wanted to experience in my career. I quickly named three things that would transform my perception of myself. It dawned on me that I had become closed to opportunities. I needed to open. I simply needed a strong sense of curiosity. My interest peaked and I began to explore idea's that had seemed like obstacles before.

Within five years every one of my career aspirations came true without ever setting a specific goal to achieve any of them.

Just by unlocking the transformational power of intention.

How To Unlock The Power Of Intention

I have already shared an example of how to avoid the destructive power of unchecked intention.

Here's what you need to do to unlock the full power of intention in your daily ritual.

First things first, clear the space. Give your mind a free moment to think and visualise your day.

Choose any of the days attributes, interactions or events. Decide how you will be at that moment. Name the emotion that comes to mind. Which characteristic will shine through you so you become the charismatic magnetically attractive person you truly are? State as if you already are.


I am patience.

I am compassion.

I am confidence.

I am ready.

Repeat for as many of the day's attributes, interactions or events as you wish. Visualise all that you need occurring for you.

Set reminders in your phone. List your intentions. Repeat them out loud throughout the day.  

Watch the ripples of attraction unfold.

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To your success!


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