The Power of Forgiveness

The power of forgiveness is really felt in the lifting of energetic emotional energy that we carry around like baggage. Learning about "Forgiveness" is one of the major keys to a healthy relationship.

"I forgive you, do you forgive me?"

These were some of the most powerful words I used during a closed eye transformation process at a seminar called "Breakthrough To Success" which was one of the personal development programs of Christopher Howard. Sadly, that particular program is no longer available in the UK, which is why I am so grateful that I got to learn those powerful trance based coaching methods and skills.

I kid you not when I say that not a dry eye was left in the house.

(The process is something I use with clients as part of my one to one coaching package.)

I cannot say specifically how using this will impact you, but I can relate how powerful, moving and liberating it was for me to really let go of the negative energy I was holding holding on to, in my case, from my two children as I was going through my divorce.

I refer to cheating in this page by way of an example, simply because this is a common area where people become stuck in their emotions. Of course, you can apply the same principles to any aspect of your relationship crisis.

You hurt the ones you love

It has been said for generation after generation that you always end up hurting the ones you love, but have you ever given it a further thought why? In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) you are taught several key precepts that the basis of change is based upon. One of those is that people always do the best with they can with the resources they have available to them. From this stand your ability to forgive others and also forgive yourself can flow much more easily. (Find out more about NLP in our Breakthrough Process)

To Know Yourself as Forgiveness

There is a beautiful story by Neale Donald Walshe called "The Little Soul In The Sun", (I will be releasing my review soon!) and in it he suggests that at some level we are experiencing this life being human in order to learn the lesson of forgiveness. It really is a powerful children parable and recommended reading! In the story, the Little Soul wants to know himself as forgiveness so a friendly soul comes along and says he will help. In order to complete the learning, the little soul has to recognise, in the moment of something awful happening, who he really is. Otherwise, he will be forced to repeat the process until another friendly soul appears to remind him.

Imagine that, the person who was cheating on you was here for a higher purpose, to allow you to know the power of forgiveness.

It is a powerful lesson. Consider all the times when you perceived something that happened to you was awful. What if that was just your agreement with the friendly soul? Could you remember who you really are, and know yourself as forgiveness?

It serves as a reminder to us, that who we meet are just like the friendly soul who once agreed to help us learn the lesson of forgiving. At some level anyway.

I highly recommend this story to everybody. Even though it is a children's parable just go and get yourself a copy, and buy one for your children or your friends children!

Forgive Yourself First

One of the key aspects to forgiving is the principle that you must also forgive yourself. You can forgive and be forgiven, and that's the way to let go of emotional ties that will hold you back. The emotional energy you carry around the issue is yours, not the other persons so you really are forgiving a part of yourself anyway.

As a quick taster session, try this:

Think of a person with whom you may have a challenge, even if they have been cheating on you. For now, keep it simple, recent. Maybe you were driving, on a train, waiting for a bus or a drink and something happened that caused you a degree of upset.

Just imagine that person, bring them into your mind and fully ask for their forgiveness internally as you fully forgive them.

"I forgive you, do you forgive me?"

Notice a clear, strong "Yes!" Hold the thought until you actually hear, feel or experience them saying yes.

The power of forgiveness is in the freedom that is now present. You have lifted the energetic bond with that person and you are both free to grow and evolve.

Give yourself the permission to get this now. Acknowledge yourself for a great job!

Now, as a test, think about the emotion, the reaction you had around that incident. Does it feel flat now? Is it somehow different to how it felt before?

Imagine the power of lifting all the emotional baggage from over the years of relationship challenges that you have been carrying. Even to put it down for one minute and see how liberating your life could be is a breakthrough in itself. Believe me when I see that this one small step in the relationship breakthrough coaching process is often one of the most empowering, and Im pretty sure most people who get this, don't want to take the baggage with them anymore!

As I brought my two children into mind and held them and said

"I forgive you, do you forgive me?" it was like all the coiled up chains of my divorce that had anchored me in a state of despair had been released. At last my ship was ready to sail. It was powerful. Of course it didn't mean I was happy to be leaving my boys behind, but I could leave behind the emotional blackmail and baggage, to reconnect with them at the level they needed me. And it changed our relationship too.

I got forgiveness both ways because I was ready to forgive myself, and release my boys from that energetic tie. Are you?

“Don't let anybody walk through your mind with dirty feet." - Gandhi

The Huna Forgiveness Process

You may have heard people who have trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and "Huna" will recognise a strong coincidence in methodology. Huna is an ancient Hawaiian spiritual healing method and there is plenty of material available through Google if you are interested. Tad James (NLP and hypnosis trainer) is a big advocate. In Huna there is a process known as Ho'oponopono which is specifically based around the power of forgiveness, and not just in relationship crisis. It essentially means "to make it right with the ancestors." It's a great tool to use when seeking forgiveness in relationships and eliminating energetic emotional ties.

Simply bring the person to mind with whom there may have been an unsupportive energetic tie and say the following to yourself:

  • I am sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • I love you
  • Thank you

If you practise anything like this, even over a short period of time, you will notice the difference in yourself. I am not saying the world will change around you, but you will. You will become lighter, more tolerant, more patient. You will also notice less friction around you. Think about it. Even the Christian Lords Prayer speaks of forgiveness:

"Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us"

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