The Ultimate One To One Life Coaching Relationship Breakthrough For Men

The ultimate one to one life coaching solution for men who want to get to the heart of relationship break up or breakdown and turn it into a breakthrough.

Embarking upon a life coaching program with the Relationship Breakthrough Coach is like going on a journey of discovery about yourself. As you open your pandora's box with your coach you will find yourself exploring deeper depths than you have gone before. You may find yourself uncovering long forgotten gems in your unconscious memory store. Exciting gems that you can re-shine and repurpose and also, perhaps, the poisoned chalice that held you back like an unseen curse. 

Why would you consider one to one life coaching with The Relationship Breakthrough Coach?

  • lack of inspiration
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of direction
  • lack of navigation
  • lack of determination
  • fear of commitment
  • fear of being alone
  • fear of being abused
  • fear of being exposed
  • fear of the unknown

The biggest thing holding you back

The biggest thing holding you back right now isn't how much something costs, it isn't how long it takes to see results, and it isn't belief in the process. The biggest thing holding you back in your relationship goals right now is commitment.

It might be yours or perhaps it is your partners. If you look at your relationship and ask yourself who was more committed you or them? What is the outcome you want to commit to now?

With commitment it's virtually impossible to fail because no matter what obstacle or unfortunate circumstance you were confronted with you found a way to overcome it. There is always a way. You learned to walk once didn't you? Imagine the commitment that took on your part.

Even now, your subconscious mind is preparing to present the visions and sound bites of your intuition. The next step will be revealed to you which ever direction you commit to.

Commit to take the steps to a relationship breakthrough

One to one life coaching will illuminate the path of inspiring goals like a lifting fog across an awesome mountain view. You always knew there was a mountain waiting to be conquered but you just couldn't see it. Once you have clear vision, the paths open up before you and apparent obstacles dissolve. Now you can move forward. 

I struggled for years wondering how I was supposed to serve my highest purpose in life. I always had the insatiable desire to help others, to be a guide, a voice and a mentor. Even as a young boy I was always inquisitive about the people around me, often to the major embarrassment of my poor mum! 

But I had been looking in all the wrong directions. I became overwhelmed with idea's that might have had potential but needed too much effort, or time or money. 

One to one life coaching sessions gave me the space to offload all my own stuff and hangups that held me back and enabled me to focus my mind on the one path. Once it clicked, it was so obvious and clear to me that I had to help men facing the same kind of challenges and goals as I had. The Relationship Breakthrough Coach for Men was born in a life coaching session! The real beauty is that the vision was so clear that it was easy to commit to. 

If it's all or nothing, give it all you got

All or nothing, do or die, onward ever, get rich or die trying, all cliche's that have been used to demonstrate the power of commitment. I like the phrase "play full out" to demonstrate the mindset for success. The key that most clients take home is that until they made an investment in themselves they hadn't recognised that had been playing a mediocre, or half hearted game. Particularly in relationships.

It takes leverage to change. It takes leverage to stop behaving in a certain way. It takes leverage to build new habits. Take smoking as an example. Cigarettes taste awful, they stink, the odour lasts for hours, and they kill people. But still, people smoke. What habits do you have that you know you really need to let go of but haven't committed to yet? 

Why didn't you commit? Because of your story. The story that says you need it, you like it, you earned it, you only do a little not a lot. That story is killing you softly. You have an instinct and a consciousness. If they are nudging you, if they are shining a light on something and you won't see, or you won't listen, the message will just become louder until it consumes you. 

Kill the beast while its a baby

Don't leave it too late to make a good decision.

Have you had physical symptoms flaring up?

Have you had episodes of stress and sleeplessness? 

Whatever your mind is throwing at you take note and give it some air time. Hear yourself out with mindfulness exercises. I love the power of mindfulness and incorporate into one to one coaching sessions all the time. The Mindful Storm is a particular favourite process of mine.

What have you missed before, because you didn't have time for yourself? Headaches become migraines, stroke (T.I.A.) , or cancer. Heartburn becomes acid, reflux, oesophageal damage, ulcers. Stress becomes stroke or heart attack (myocardial infarction.) Depression leads to suicide. Do you notice the leverage yet? Do you know some people perhaps who didn't take notice of warning signs?

Pay yourself some attention now, kill the beast while it still a baby. You are worth it. Sometimes the simplest shift creates the most dramatic change, and together, we could uncover unlimited opportunities for any change you want. 

Put your own mask on first

I suspect you have already been a passenger on a flight but I also suggest that you paid little attention to the safety announcement by the cabin crew. Maybe the first couple of times in the air, but after that you were probably reading the in flight magazine, or looking out of the window, perhaps switching your phone to flight mode.  

There is one vital instruction that they tell you to heed, if nothing else. When the oxygen masks are activated put your own mask on first.

You already know the reason.

This is the perfect metaphor for one to one life coaching. Clients don't see it as a luxury. Clients don't see it as selfish. 

Most people who want to support their families or their businesses or their communities start working on themselves first. One to one life coaching is just like putting on your own oxygen mask first, so there is even more of the best of you to give.

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