One To One Coaching

One to one coaching packages will transform a break up or even a break down into a personal breakthrough!

This page takes less than five minutes to read, so sit back think about you, what you really want. If you have a question after reading, get in touch or fill in the inquiry form below...

Have you experienced challenges in a relationship?

Have old relationship patterns tormented you too long?

Have you had enough of mediocre relationships?

Have you been hurt once too often?

Are you ready for a relationship breakthrough?

All About Change

One to One Coaching is all about change.  The positive and lasting change you truly desire. Personal development is about developing into the person you must become to achieve your goals. Coaching is the fast track to get you there.

When you invest in yourself, it is your new habits, new beliefs that will create breakthrough's for you. If you are committed to making changes the return on your investment is not only experienced in one session, but by the habits, values and beliefs you change. It is like a compounding effect. A cause set in motion. That's why you must break through them now!

One to One Coaching Opportunity

Sometimes the simplest shift creates the most dramatic change, and together, we uncover unlimited opportunities for any change you want. If you have a light out, I don't think of it so much as changing the bulb, as changing everything from the power source up, which means that your futures brighter and more vibrant than ever before.

Coaching will open you to light-bulb, or 'Aha!" moments throughout our time together. You may even be surprised where they come from.

One To One Breakthrough Coaching

The Ultimate One To One Coaching package.

You can't even begin to imagine the cost when a relationship falls apart. Spiritually, emotionally physically and of course financially. (Read more about spiralling divorce costs).

The stress of a relationship breakdown can affect you unexpectedly, which could mean your focus wont be on what matters most in terms of your career, your health, and your finances. That's why Health, Wealth and Relationships form the core of everything we do.

You cannot put a value on the peace of mind that comes with great relationships, built upon a foundation of deep love, faith, and personal growth. You cannot put a value on raising your standards, raising your expectations and living your dream.

One to one coaching in London will normally cost between £50- £500 a session. A personal breakthrough (using NLP) will be anywhere between £1500 and £15,000 (Some celebrity coaches demand around £10-15000 as a daily rate.) There are hundreds of coaches offering their services, so if you want to make this investment, find a coach you like and trust!

So here is our offer to you . . .

Step 1

Your coach will schedule a telephone call with you to break the ice and talk over the logistics with you. You can ask questions and feel comfortable about taking the next step with your coach. Your coach will talk about what you really want to achieve through coaching and you can decide if you want to commit to schedule the breakthrough. Taking the first step is risk free. You will not pay a penny until you schedule the breakthrough, which is step 2.

Step 2 

You will meet your coach face to face for up to three hours unpicking your relationship challenge or issue to the core. You will look at behaviour patterns, habits, emotions, values, limiting decisions, and negative role models that may have been influencing you without your even realising it. This session allows your coach to go away and plan a transformation session with you in step 3. (This is a three session equivalent)

Step 3

You will meet your coach face to face again for your very unique  and mind blowing transformation day! This session alone is an experience of a lifetime of emotion's that will unlock your potential. Once you have unlocked the chains that have held you back, you can imagine the goals that you will begin achieving. Things you may not even have dreamed of before this session. Its up to you! 

(This is also a three session equivalent)

Step 4

You will schedule two follow on 45 minute telephone coaching sessions. During these calls you will get to review your progress, to understand and adapt your approach to overcome any new obstacles that may begin to appear. Remember, there is no point thinking obstacles wont appear, you will just be more prepared to deal with them. (That's Two additional sessions)

Step 5

Your coach will schedule your final step in the breakthrough series: Review and Celebrate to complete your coaching journey! You can also discuss ongoing support and special offers available to you if you wanted to continue the coaching together. 

What will you become?

Results are only achieved by taking action

We love to reward your commitment to your personal transformation and session packs are always better value.  When you make a firm decision, you enhance your ability to achieve what you set out to achieve.

We recommend committing to at least three sessions, because you build a stronger relationship with your coach and the momentum will help you grow and see the results you want.

The Breakthrough delivers outstanding value, and return on your investment compounds when you commit to take action. Don't just take our word for it. Check out some Relationship Breakthrough Coach testimonials!

The Relationship Breakthrough Coach personal breakthrough is outstanding value, at £450 for the complete package. (Travel expenses are payable if applicable).

To get started, complete the inquiry form below and we will take care of the rest.

Just One For Now?

You know what happens, you have one, then what do you want? Just one more. And then what?

But hey, who are we to tell you how best to take our one to one coaching?

If you prefer to pay as you go with individual coaching sessions your coach can arrange telephone coaching sessions (payable in advance) at a highly competitive rate of £75 / 60 minute. 

You can also arrange face to face sessions with your coach (payable in advance) at a very competitive rate of £125 / 60 minute. Face to Face rates are enhanced to cover your coaches travelling time within the area covered by London Underground (See TFL for maps). For travel outside of London additional expenses may be payable. These will be discussed and agreed with your coach in advance. 

Discounts are available when you book multiple sessions.

Get One to One Coaching Now

Complete the client application form via this link and we will schedule your one to one coaching sessions!

Your personal breakthrough is my mission so I will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

For full terms and conditions please click here

Still not sure?

Why not take a free e-course? The Six Steps To Relationship Success is a six email coaching course that will give you a taste of what its like to focus on you. Once you get this and take those steps, you will want to come back and get started even more!

Six Steps To Relationship Breakthrough

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