Learn the power of The Mindful Storm To De-Stress and restore freedom. 

Learn the power of The Mindful Storm. Melt away frustration and restore freedom. Free life Coaching article from the Relationship Breakthrough Coach. Saddleworth, NLP Mossley

Learn the power of The Mindful Storm meditation process. Melt away frustration and restore freedom. This free life coaching article from the Relationship Breakthrough Coach will guide you through the steps of one of my favourite meditations to de-stress and clear the air.

Discover that your internal turbulence is merely a creation of your consciousness.

Experience sitting in the eye of the storm as you mindfully observe the dusts of emotional devastation whip up and then settle around you at your command.

Deepen your learning and understanding how you can mindfully employ the power of life coaching tools, insights and practices in your health, wealth and relationships.

What Is The Mindful Storm?

"We must always hold truth, as we can best determine it, to be more important, more vital to our self interest than our comfort. Conversely, we must always consider our personal discomfort relatively unimportant, and indeed, even welcome it in the service for truth."

- M Scott Peck, The Road Less Travelled.

The way of The Mindful Storm is the power to transform adversity into advantage. All hardship, challenge, hurt and frustration can lead to greater resilience. These emotions can bring out the best if we are willing to become mindful in the storm.

You become the observer stepping right into the heart of the experience that whirls up around you. Witness the storms origin in your minds eye. Return to your ultimate truth and witness the adversity fade and dissolve right before your eyes.

The Mindful Storm is a meditation, or mindfulness practice, for you to receive powerful lessons.

I invite you to deepen your relationship with the Mindful Storm. I sincerely hope you find and release your true power.

Inspiration For The Mindful Storm

The inspiration for the Mindful Storm emerged from my own personal experiences, and frustrations in life and relationship. Learning how to cope and thrive again after several major set backs brought me into a deep contemplation during a life coaching session of my own.

The search for truth has been a key aspect of my life through my work and also in my personal relationships. The hardest part of the journey was to realise that you need to seek the truth inside before you will see it around you. Once awoken, you will find it hard to un-see the untruths around you, but it will no longer hold you back.

Pulling the emotions and events that troubled me outside and spinning them around was terrifying at first. It felt as though I might explode. But then just as quickly as the Mindful Storm blew up around me I was overcome with a powerful inner peace.

As I observed fragments of debris in the storm I realised thats all they were, fragments.

But there is more.

They were just fragments of my own imagination. My own creation from a life time ago that I held on to.

I changed my perception by simply spinning the vortex faster and faster. As all that mess and debris collided and span out of control I continued to observe calmly from an expanding space of peace. Pushing the debris further out so that it was no longer connected to me. The Mindful Storm spins faster and faster and everything disappears. All that emotional debris sent into the vortex.

What came next was a huge sigh of relief and a feeling of a massive weight having been lifted.

Why Is The Mindful Storm Powerful?

“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.”

– William Arthur Ward

Your emotions are clues to your personal truth. You can choose to accept or reject any new concept but your intuition will always be your guide.

Wherever there is a disturbance or "turbulence" there is an opportunity to learn and grow. When you sit in the eye of your own mindful storm you are ready to level up.

Step into the golden portal and discover the universal truth of who you are, which is a being of infinite potential, all things are possible.

Pay attention to the frequencies and vibrations of the world around you. Notice the frequencies and vibrations of your inner world.

You no longer need to be triggered by events. You no longer allow past events to trigger you.

As the storm clears you become mindful and aligned with the infinite field of potentiality that is open to you.

Learn To Harness The Mindful Storm

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

As you walk through the steps laid out below and look your emotions in the eye, remember you are the creator.

Practicing the Mindful Storm will help you powerfully shift your focus to become the person you always wanted to be.

The Mindful Storm teaches lessons to transform adversity into opportunity. Read through first. The process is simple to follow and does not require overthinking.

Step 1: Prepare The Space

Create a space in your home or office where you can sit comfortably, uninterrupted for around twenty minutes.

Have a notepad and pen or your preferred tablet ready to make notes as you complete the process.

Begin by acknowledging that for the next twenty or so minutes you are your highest priority. Noting else matters.

Step 2: Prepare Your Self

Acknowledge the space around you, and acknowledge any feelings that are apparent. Set the intention in your mind to release the emotional storm that has troubled you.

Focus upon your breathing and observing the breath as it enters and leaves the body. Take longer and more rhythmic breaths for around a count of ten breaths. On the last breath, breath out fully.

Empty all the air before taking a fresh deep breath filling your diaphragm and your then your chest. Hold that breath for around half a minute and focus your thoughts on what is happening on the inside.

Let go of the breath and relax your body. Let go of any tension that becomes apparent.

Adjust as required to sit comfortably.

Step 3: Let The Storm Begin

Continue slow deep rhythmic breathing pattern that you will maintain throughout the remaining steps. It is now time to allow your eyes to close, and remain closed as you harness the power of The Mindful Storm for your healing transformation.

Bring your attention to an event or instance that has troubled you. Things that made you angry or frustrated or confused are perfect examples. Has someone overstepped the mark or disrespected you perhaps?

Create a vision of the trigger in your minds eye. What was the emotion there? Just give the emotion a label and push the image outside of your personal space, so that you can see it, in your mind. Allow the components in that image to slowly tumble and spin around you as you create the winds of the storm, like a vortex around you. Keeping the swirling outside of your personal space, it cannot touch you. It cannot control you. You are the creator.

Step 4: Eye Of The Storm

You are now sitting firmly in the eye of the storm.

Repeat step 3 with each additional event that you wish to clear. With each event allow the storm to gather momentum growing stronger and stronger around you. See the storm, hear the storm and feel the storm growing under your power.

You may feel the energies rising as you recall events.

Remind your consciousness that you have the power to shake down the walls if you so desire. You are calm. You are the conductor of the symphony. Breathing slowly and deeply in a controlled, rhythmic manner.

You will not be consumed by the storm. In fact as the energy gathers, expand your personal space in the of the eye of the storm. Witness even more of its power as your troubles are pulled away.

Step 5: The Renewing Power Of The Mindful Storm

Observe all the events becoming debris in the whirlwind. Lean in and talk to those events about the suffering you experienced. If you must question, then ask. If you need to shout then shout out loud. It's OK.

Become mindful of your feelings and send them all in to the storm with your words.

Let it out. Let it go. And then listen as you send all of your anger and frustration into the whirlwind listen for guidance.

What must you learn from this experience? What is the positive meaning you derive from it now?

As each message comes to you allow the storm to pull the event completely out of your reach and vision. Let it go. Let the storm absorb all that negative energy and leave behind the clean slate as your platform for growth.

Step 6: Planting New Seeds for Growth

Acknowledge yourself for embracing the storm and the higher path. You are making a valuable commitment to yourself.

Take another deep breath and hold for as long as your body will allow. Celebrate the learning that comes to mind.

Let go completely and notice the Storm has completely disappeared now.

Your mind is clear. Relax, and open your eyes.

Make whatever notes you feel the urge to make and have a wonderful day!

What Will You Resolve In The Mindful Storm?

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There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that you can overcome any emotionally distressing event, or period with the application of tools from the Power of Life Coaching articles. Just focusing on one lesson could be enough to trigger your personal transformation. Any run in, misdemeanour, or affront. Something got your goat or cheesed you off. I gave the Mindful Storm another spin for getting myself a speeding ticket! Doh!

The application of The Mindful Storm will also transform your relationship breakdown, or eve break up into a breakthrough, but only if you practice. It wont stop stuff happening to you around you or even because of you, but it will help you to resolve any negative emotional response.

The Power of The Mindful Storm is my gift to you. However, the true power is within you, it always has been, and it always will be. Truth will never leave you. Truth will never change.

To your success!


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