The Way of The Mindful Man: Your Path To Relationship Mastery

Mindful Man

The Mindful Man is your portal to emotional breakthroughs and relationship mastery. These pages will deepen your learning and understanding how you can mindfully employ powerful life coaching tools and insights in your everyday life. Discover your favourite meditations for turning relationship breakdown or break up into a breakthrough!

I invite you to deepen your relationship with mindfulness. The pages in this section have been inspired through my own personal life coaching journey. Some of the pages have been inspired by the breakthroughs experienced by some of the amazing people I have worked with. I hope you enjoy these pages. I sincerely hope you find the power within you as you walk the way of the mindful man. 

The way of the mindful man

The way of the mindful man is to transform adversity into advantage. All of the relationship hardship, challenge, hurt and upset can lead to greater resiliency. They can bring out the best in  us if we are willing to become mindful in the storm and witness its origin in our minds eye. When you turn to the power within, the adversity around us can fade, and dissolve right before our eyes. Meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis, are the perfect altered states of consciousness for you to experience powerful lessons and meditations. I would like to share some of my favourites with you

“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” – William Arthur Ward

I am delighted to open up my shrine to the way of the mindful man with you. These pages will perfectly compliment one to one life coaching, or couples life coaching sessions, but you can also use these guides for your advantage. Some of the pages are already written and published for your reading and enjoyment. Others I have in the pipeline for you. 

Follow your inspiration. Step into the golden portal and discover the way of the mindful man:

All about Change

Cultivating Loving Kindness

The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Anger

The Power of Love

The Power of Mindfulness

The Power of Focus

The Power of Breath

The Power of Positive Mental Attitude

The Power of Reflection

I invite you to come back to these pages as often as you like. Read, study, apply and then read again. That's the principle of Ready Fire Aim.

What is a mindful man?

These lessons and practices will help you powerfully shift your focus to become the kind of man you always wanted to be, have the relationships you always wanted to have and experience the deepest loving connection. When you are surrounded by a universal consciousness of infinite potential, all things are possible. 

The mindful man is the kind of person who pays attention to the frequencies and vibrations of the world within him to become aligned with the infinite field of potentiality around him. He aligns his thoughts, habits, and desires with his highest values. He see's beauty in nature. The mindful man sees lessons in challenge and opportunity in adversity.

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The mindful man utilises practices, and rituals that enhance the experience of each day. He learns through gaining knowledge and experience. He knows what works and what requires more patience, more practice. To the mindful man, practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Slow down, breath deeply, practice each step with precision. Persistent and precise practice and leads to mastery. 

What is a mindful relationship?

Practicing mindfulness with your partner can lead to deeper connections and understanding of each other. This can open the doorway to deeper levels of communication, connection and trust. Most relationships fail due to a lack of communication or a lack of connection. A lack of trust can easily develop into a relationship crisis. Which comes first? It's like the chicken and the egg. Read more about the six signs of  relationship crisis.

The first steps to creating a mindful relationship is understanding each others most important values. A your levels of trust and connection deepen so will your ability to communicate your needs with each other to greater levels of specificity. This is when you will be able to utilise the hierarchy of ideas in communication around those values. 

The mindful man takes time to understand his partners needs and goes out of his way to meet them. Th mindful man knows that any compromise he makes will not be a sacrifice because ultimately, by meeting her needs, his needs will also be met. 

The mindful mans approach to intimacy

It is no good to say "Hey Tony, we should be a perfect match because we both love going to the movies, so how come we always argue?"  The phrase "going to the movies" is abstract, or vague so it it easier to find agreement. When you drill down into the specificity of the underlying beliefs behind the statement you can discover an infinite world of difference. 

For example, lets say you love watching thrillers, but your partner loves musicals. Can you see there might be a mismatch?

Thats an example of the hierarchy of idea's. The exciting thing for the mindful relationship is that you completely know your partners needs and desires, and how to meet them. 

Imagine sitting with your partner experiencing a deeper connection and communication about your sex life. You know that you both enjoy sexual intimacy (abstract/vague). Do you really know how to touch her, to talk to her, to worship her in ways that send her wildly crazy for you? What are your partners unconscious strategies that can turn her on in a heart beat? Would you like to know? 

What order and sequence works best. What time of day. What attitude. When can you play rough, when do you need to be gentle? Everything is infinite potential if you possess the key.

Deepen your relationship with mindfulness

What drives you forward?

What stops you in your tracks?

What makes you stronger?

What breaks your back? 

How much have you laughed?

How long have you cried?

What have you given up on

Before you even tried?

When were you happiest?

How much have you given?

Who has inspired you

To live a life worth living?

Tony Healer - The Relationship Breakthrough Coach

Don't get me wrong, this isn't about soft furnishings, Buddha statues,  rosary beads and lotus flowers. This is about discovering the real purpose of unwanted emotions that drive our behaviours at the unconscious level. This about recognising and cataloguing our sensory experiences through reflection and meditation and habit.

This is a place to reflect upon those behaviours and experiences to learn the lessons that will serve your highest purpose. This is a place where you can discover your true divine masculine energy and unlock the personal power within you.

Inspiration for the mindful man

The inspiration for the mindful man has come from my own personal experiences in life, and learning how to cope and thrive again. The search for truth has been a key aspect of my life through my work and also in my relationships. The hardest part is to realise that you need to seek the truth inside you before you will see it around you. 

We must always hold truth, as we can best determine it, to be more important, more vital to our self interest than our comfort. Conversely, we must always consider our personal discomfort relatively unimportant, and indeed, even welcome it in the service for truth.  - M Scott Peck, The Road Less Travelled.  

My journey has taken me through life coaching, coaching events, coaching training, meditation and breath-work, countless books, or hours of audio programs, many that I don't even remember, some I didn't even enjoy. The good the bad, and the ugly. The three imposters are in you, in me, and in everyone. The mindful man recognises them as someone doing their very best, with the resources they have available in a heartbeat. 

Heart and soul of the mindful man

Our hearts and minds are connected. One determines your why, whilst the other, how. These powerful pages take you on adventures into the emotions of the heart and mind that will allow you to clear any roadblocks that get in their way. 

The impact of practicing some of the suggestions and meditations will be virtually instantaneous. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that you can overcome any emotionally distressing event, or period with the application of these learnings. Just focusing on one lesson at a time could be enough to trigger your personal transformation.

The application of the way of the mindful man will transform your relationship breakdown, or break up into a breakthrough.

The Mindful Man has revealed the secret hidden powers as my gift to you. However, the true power is within you, it always has been, and it always will be. Truth will never leave you. Truth will never change. 

Where Will Your Next Steps Take You?

Next step with the Relationship Breakthrough Coach

Hope you found your visit to the Relationship Breakthrough Coach of value today. Did you find what you are looking for?

I am adding new content all the time but if you have any idea's or topics you would really love to see here, get in touch and let me know.

In the meantime here are more great pages dedicated to transforming your relationship breakdown or break up into a breakthrough: 

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