Prioritising Mens Health

An unconventional Life Coaching approach to healing hearts and minds following a relationship breakdown or relationship break up.

Prioritising mens health is an absolute must after a relationship break up, or a relationship breakdown. For many men, focusing on their health is the last thing they will think about. They might want to get in shape but th focus isn't purely on health is it?

Health can be directly linked to the strength or collapse of a relationship. There are numerous studies on how relationships impact on a mans health. There are consequences all men, and their women, should pay attention to today, or pay the price later.

The Relationship Breakthrough Coach approach to healing hearts and minds 

The Relationship Breakthrough Coach offers you a personal breakthrough life coaching approach to healing hearts and minds. This may be an unconventional approach to health and you won't find this path within the pages of the NHS or NICE guidelines! 

I must stress that this is not about medical intervention or even medical advice. This is for your information only. You should always consult with your GP or your medical practitioner before taking on any medial issue. Personal Breakthrough Coaching for mens health is a means of putting your future wellbeing at the top of your values. This is to raise your awareness of an area of your life that you might want to focus upon.

There is good reason. Think of the adverse impacts of a relationship crisis in the red amber green, except turn it on its head! (I told you this was an unconventional approach)

The "Not So Good," the "Really Bad," and the "Downright Ugly" conditions that plague mens health

Not So Good Mens Health Issues

  • Lack of focus
  • Loss of motivation
  • Reduced fitness levels
  • Depleted energy levels
  • Interrupted sleep pattern
  • Weight loss / weight gain
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Increased stress
  • Increased risk of accidents
  • Increased risk taking
  • Increased use of stimulants

Really Bad Mens Health Issues

  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity
  • Addictions
  • Liver damage
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and mental stress
  • Sexually transmitted infections

Downright Ugly Mens Health Issues

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Suicide

Surprising benefits of marriage on mens health

Keeping an eye on your health is critical during relationship storms. There are schools of thought that suggest marriage has a greater health benefit for mens health, than it does for women! 

Overall, being married is associated with benefits for both men and women. Its just that some researchers suggest that the health benefits for men are greater, at least according to studies in the US. Who knew?

Joint benefits can include things like increased economic resources, social and psychological support, expanded social networks, support for healthy lifestyles, and so on. Healthy people are more likely to get married and stay married whereas unhealthy individuals are less likely to marry or more likely to become separated, divorced, or widowed. 

It is probably common sense, but seldom considered, that there are psychological and health benefits of having a close relationship with your partner. Particularly one in which partners both give and receive support to each other. Perhaps the key benefits of a supportive loving relationship can include feeling secure, appreciated, relaxed and happy. (reference pdf if you want to deeper!)

Did you know that mens health can suffer more than women's health following a relationship break up?

For tips, ideas and reading recommendations to support your personal breakthrough take a look at our life coaching courses.

Separation and divorce can be a traumatic, stressful time and men's health can suffer even more than women's. Some men hit the gym, some hit the bottle as a means to escape. Either stance could be detrimental if it becomes excessive.

Some men go for a run, some go for a cigarette. Either option might leave you breathless just at the moment you really need to breath deep.

Some men seek help, some isolate themselves in their own world, hobbies and distractions. The man cave!  Its just another form of solitary confinement. It can be a distraction from facing the dragon, or a place to "sharpen the saw" as it were. (Have you read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?)

The "Really Bad" conditions can have a long term impact upon mens health

Emotional turbulence in a relationship is is like a rapid under water current, or a riptide. You realise that things are pulling you away from where you want to be. If you don't know how to handle it you might get swept away.

Even though the "go to" scenario's above might appear as flip sides of the same coin, they all have an impact on our mens health. Not to mention your wealth!

They are all individual choices. 

The problem is that they are choices often made out of extreme conditions with little thought of long term damage. Most decisions in life are made for only two reasons. Either you want to avoid pain, or you want to gain pleasure. According to Alfred Adler (Individual Psychology) We are driven by a natural desire to improve ourselves and our condition. Some of the behaviours are driven by a combination of the two. Which may go some way to explain why we get caught up in rebound relationships. 

Sounds great at the time! Get some 'company', have a few laughs and drown your sorrows at the same time. Not great for long term relationships as many men go on to discover.

What choices would you make now, knowing your future health lies in the balance? 

Time is always a great healer

Time is a great healer

It's OK to have a blow out and let off some steam. But it's vital to give yourself time to adjust. Late nights partying, or late nights through sleeplessness will not only destroy brain cells on the inside, it will damage your health visibly on the outside too.

Simple things such as changing eating and drinking habits as a result of your break up can have a gradual detrimental effect. Like a dripping tap. On top of that men can find themselves taking additional risks, such as alcohol or drugs because your partner isn't there to tell you. To discover more about coping with relationship break up click the pic! 

Are you fully aware of what you are eating? Fast food, ready meals, soft drinks and alcohol are a fast track to the hospital!

Then there is the added excitement, or pressure whichever is right for you, of dating again! Talk about out of a frying pan into a fire. Other times it was an affair that broke the relationship in the first place and you find yourself with the person who you never really committed to anyway. And how's that working out?

Get the fundamentals right and your ok. Time is a great healer!

Get it wrong and you could manifest illness, depression, disease, and destruction.  

And that is not attractive to anyone except your pharmacist. Getting the picture?

Emerging picture of prioritising mens health

Historically, it was perceived that women were more impacted by the effects of divorce than men, both emotionally and financially. Since society has changed women are more likely to enjoy careers, and independence. 

Women are often now in a better position to take care of themselves and their children after a divorce. Research has more recently shone the lights on the effects of divorce on mens health and Ive got to tell you, the results are against us guys. 

Studies have indicated that it is no longer women who are more detrimentally affected by divorce but men who experience intense feelings of abandonment, anxiety and loneliness and, whats more, for longer periods of time!

Talking about mens health...

So what is it that the girls do well? They talk and talk and they cry.  Women will more readily seek support from people with whom they can talk about and release their problems and feelings. 

To prevent ’emasculation’ however, men generally keep silent about their fears, and don’t even think about their feelings. 

Mens health deteriorates and manifests as anger. Strong feelings manifest in other ways too that are damaging to your health, your wealth and your relationships. It has the opposite effect. 

Time to man up, and talk to someone. Get back into action looking after yourself. Find your mojo again. Besides, what good are you to anyone laid up, laid off and with no hope of getting laid again?  Open your mind to life coaching and you could soon discover yourself to be more than you ever imagined.

Accelerate your healing with personal breakthrough coaching

Simply talking about your feelings with a professional life coach can help accelerate your healing through divorce or a painful break up.

If your break up is complex find a solicitor to handle the legal advice or even the divorce itself. It will cost you now but could in fact save you a fortune in the long run, depending on your financial situation. This can also be a huge emotional advantage which leaves you able to focus on you when you need it most. 

The bottom line is that any man experiencing separation and divorce should start work on themselves now, to avoid long-term, potentially fatal effects of depression and stress.

Going deeper into mens health

Discover more about stress relief for men and the dramatic consequences of ignoring the signs.

Take the eight step path to optimum natural healing for mind body and soul.

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