How To Master Your Emotions

Learning how to master your emotions is a huge step towards transforming a relationship breakdown or break up into a relationship breakthrough! 

Albert Einstein said that we are all boxed in by the boundary conditions of our own thinking. Emotions are a direct response to your thinking. We are constantly creating meaning from all every stimulus around us. Sometimes consciously but many times unconsciously. 

In this page you will learn the secrets of how to harness the power of your emotions through life coaching and NLP. 

Before we begin to master your emotions...

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  • Master your emotions or become a slave to your emotion
  • The power of emotional anchors
  • It's your response ability to master your emotions
  • Eliminate emotional anchors you don't want
  • A golden portal to powerful emotions
  • Relationship Breakthrough Coach solutions to master your emotional problems
  • Completing your Emotions Masterclass For Men

Master your emotions or become a slave to your emotion

You are either a slave to an emotional situation, giving up control and not taking responsibility for your behaviour, or you are a master, deciding how you act. A true master not only owns their behaviour, but behaves in manner to produce a positive outcome. 

Do your emotions serve you or do you serve your emotion? Do you know how to capture the breathtaking moments and hold them in your thoughts while you create powerful anchors that can change your state?

  • Transform insecurity in to unstoppable confidence
  • Transform procrastination into action
  • Transform fear into power
  • Transform you!

You are invited to enhance your life through life coaching with the Relationship Breakthrough Coach. Your breakthrough could obliterate debilitating emotions fears, phobia’s, and set the foundations for  greater confidence, greater independence, positive outlook, greater opportunities, deeper understanding of their own emotional patterns. 

The Power of Emotional Anchors

Emotional anchors have been dropped all around you and you might not have even been aware of it. Emotional anchors can be dropped when you hit a peak emotional arousal in relation to a specific stimulus. Anytime you associate a specific stimulus to a peak emotional state you can create an emotional anchor. When you next trigger the specific stimulus you can go back into the emotional state.

Sounds awesome, but there is a catch. It works just as well with peak negative emotional states as it does with peak positive emotional states.  

The creation of anchors is equivalent to the "Pavlov's Dog" experimental discovery of classical conditioning. Pavlov, a scientist was able to condition the dogs by ringing a bell at the time of serving food. Pavlov noted that the dogs began to salivate at the sound of the bell, without the food being present. 

This inferred that the dog had associated the sound of the bell with being fed. One important aspect of Pavlov's discovery is that the salivatory response occurs automatically and is not under conscious control. This is the same principle when using anchors.  

Emotional anchors are therefore an unconscious response to an external stimulus. Master your unconscious anchors and you can master your emotions. That is the power of emotional anchors.

It's your response ability to master your emotions

Perhaps you can recall a time when something or someone triggered an unexpected emotional response in you. Think of how you felt in that moment. We have all been there. Some people keep going there, without even considering why or how, let alone whether they can master their emotions to change the outcome. 

There will always be things that we like or we do not like and things that cause us to react in unresourceful  ways. This means we have completely lost responsibility for our response to the stimulus. 

The art of mastering your emotions begins with mindfulness. Become aware of the gap. Therein lies your ultimate power. You slow down the impact of the external stimulus upon your internal response mechanism. You move from two step process to a three step process. 


Unconscious Response 



Resourceful Response

When you know what your most desired outcome is you will do anything to find the optimum response towards achieving it. You will master your emotions in order to stay on track. You will master your emotions to elicit a resourceful state when you need it.

As you will hear said every minute on the London Underground "Mind the gap!"

Eliminate emotional anchors you don't want

Are any alarm bells ringing for you? When have you experienced your partner in a heightened negative emotion and they looked right at you? Perhaps, over and over again?

Some studies suggest that even a certain look on your face could trigger the next explosive argument, even if the rest of the day had been awesome! You saw something in their expression which literally sent you over the edge. Stimulus and response. Master your emotions or become their slave.

In order to collapse an anchor that you not want you must first become aware of the anchor. Otherwise you will be like the poor dog salivating every time you hear the bell. Think of a moment when you found yourself become angry but couldn't really work out why you were feeling angry. How easy was it to trigger anger?

The key to cooling those fires is to interrupt the pattern. Rewind the scene in your own minds eye and notice the precise point in which your anger was triggered. Freeze the frame.

Transform the image at that exact point. Exaggerate the features. Draw on a false moustache. Change the colours. Make it cartoon like and play a silly theme tune over the top. Rewind the movie again and try to replay it. 

A golden portal to powerful emotions

You are going to love this process. It is simple, yet profound step to mastering your emotions. 

Emotions can be positive or negative. But did you also know that you can elicit powerful resource anchors on purpose? 

There are two ways of achieving a peak resource state. 

1. Recall an actual event

2. Create an imaginary event

Both will work just fine by themselves or even combined to add layers. 

Recall a powerful resourceful state: 

confidence, courage, determination, action, motivation, passion, love, laughter, and so on.

Imagine a scene in which you feel those emotions.  A great way to elicit confidence is imagine being a regal type character wearing a cape walking to a dining room at a fine hotel. You could even practice walking majestically as if you were wearing a cape. Elicit those feeling now. Remember a time of confidence, then create an image of confidence. In the peak of your state of confidence squeeze your fist tight. 

Repeat the process four or five times, squeezing your fist tight at the peak. Eventually, you will be able to squeeze your fist tight and evoke the feelings of confidence. Just like Pavlov's dog.   

Relationship Breakthrough Coach solutions to master your emotional problems

In normal everyday circumstances the negative response might seem totally reasonable. Until you unpick the thread. As you unravel the unconscious programming that leads the belief, values and emotions you see the false boundary conditions that might have been holding you back. 

If you only ever looked at life through a a black and white lens, how could you ever appreciate yellow's, oranges, or reds. You would only see grey, which would ultimately place the boundaries on your beliefs. Which in turn places limits on your behavioural responses and potential.

The Relationship Breakthrough Coach can help you resolve unwanted emotions, release debilitating emotional anchors, and use powerful resource anchors to put you in a peak emotional state for any given situation.  Instead of allowing anger to have power over you, learn to master the power of anger and it will serve you.

Break free from the emotional chains that hold you down and keep you a slave to past events in your life. Become a master of your emotions and master your health, wealth, and relationships. Slave or next move could change your future.

No matter what your situation how apparently big or small the challenge, you can make a breakthrough and life coaching can help you achieve it. 

Completing your Emotions Masterclass For Men

I sincerely hope that discovering how to master your emotions with life coaching and NLP has been illuminating for you. I find it fascinating how these things play out. Getting to grips with clients relationship challenges and transforming a breakdown or break up into a breakthrough is my life purpose.

Hopefully you are on a roll and really understanding the role of emotions on another level. Its time to implement your new found knowledge as you go beyond your emotions masterclass for men. 

In the meantime if you are interested in one to one coaching with the Relationship Breakthrough Coach let's schedule a consultation. 

To Your Success!

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