The Master Your Emotions Life Coaching Course

Learn how to Master Your Emotions. Our emotions hold the keys to unlock the quality of our relationships, the keys to our health and the quality of our lives. 

It would have been simple to give you a mere snippet of this content in a single page but I would selling you short. These next few pages will reveal gems. Get ready for a deeper dive into your emotions and discover the treasure chest that lies beneath.

My predictions for you:

1. Learning to master your emotions will profoundly enhance your relationship.

2. Learning to master your emotions will significantly enhance the quality of your life.    

The study of emotion is such a huge subject area that to try and give you everything in one sitting would be like serving up an elephant for your Sunday lunch. 

Before we begin to master your emotions...

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Included In The Master Your Emotions Course:

Learn how to Master Your Emotions as a series of modules. The course modules have been broken down to bite size chunks. They will be easy to read and easy to digest! 

There are opportunities to be your own life coach included in the modules. Some of the life coaching questions presented  will need to think through in your own mind whilst others you may prefer a notebook and pen, or tablet. There is nothing to download. Nothing to register for. The Master Your Emotions is all here laid out for you online. 

What follows below is a snippet of each module. Dive in wherever you feel is right for you. Comeback as often as you like to review a module. 

Emotions Are Contagious

Learning about how to master your emotions and the psychology of persuasion is contagious. 

You will discover some simple tricks used within marketing trade that will serve you in your business, your relationships, your life. 

Learn how your emotions can impact on others around you.

Discover how to play full out and beyond when it matters. After all, how much fun can you handle? 

Start The Master Your Emotions Course Right Here, Right Now

Access to the Master Your Emotions Life Coaching Course is completely free of charge. No enrolment is necessary. This course is presented for your information and enjoyment. 

Please note: This course is not intended to replace professional medical advice or professional psychological therapy. 

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These are practical guides that support your learning and enhance the life coaching journey of transformation. This master class will deepen your journey of self discovery to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Master Your Emotions Life Coaching Course Modules:

Why We Have Emotions

Different Types of Emotion

Emotional Self Awareness

The Wheel Of Emotion

Mastering Your Emotions

Module 1: Why we have emotions

In module one of the Master Your Emotions course we look at why we have emotions and what causes emotions, particular in our relationships. We look at the colours, shapes and sizes and timelines that make the difference. 

In life coaching for a relationship breakthrough, when working with emotions it is the discovery of the thing that makes the difference, that we call insight, or an "aha" moment. That often drives a rush of empowering emotions that replace the "stuck" emotions.

Module 2: How Many Different Types Of Emotion Are There?

Module two of your Master Your Emotions course will reveal the different types of emotions from the basic human emotions to positive and negative emotions. You will discover primary emotions and secondary emotions which can often explain unproductive unconscious behaviours or habits. 

Life coaching is a great way to discover is an unproductive or even destructive habit has a secondary benefit. Once these emotions are revealed for what they are, you can stop the habit in its tracks and replace it with productive habits to achieve the same benefit.

Module 3: Enrich Your Relationships With Emotional Self Awareness

Module three of the Master Your Emotions course will enhance your emotional vocabulary so you can understand your emotions with even greater specificity. 

Neuroscience studies reveal the power of naming emotions to transform human experience. If your vocabulary is expanded, so therefore will be your ability to experience emotion.

Have you ever wondered how many emotions there are? If you were to write a list of how you experience a day in terms of the emotional impact you might be lucky to hit around ten or a dozen. 

Improving your emotional self awareness is a key step to enrich your life and transform a relationship breakdown or break up into a relationship breakthrough. 

Module 4: Use The Wheel of Emotion To Upgrade Your Unconscious Behaviours

The Wheel Of Emotion comes from eminent psychologist Robert Plutchik. Not surprisingly also referred to as Plutchiks Wheel of Emotions. In module four you will discover the eight fundamental human emotions and how they each have a psychological purpose. 

Studying the works of psychologists such as Plutchik or Elizabeth Kubler Ross will further enhance your ability to master your emotions. 

Module 5: Mastering your emotions with life coaching and NLP

This module of the Master Your Emotions course will show you how to eliminate negative emotions to unleash superior states at will. And, you can be your own life coach to put these powerful tools to work straight away.

I will show you the secrets to mastering your emotions with life coaching and NLP. Get excited! 

These are the same transformational tools I use for breaking through emotions in live life coaching sessions. 

One Last Thing Before You Begin

You will find the Course Index on every page to help you navigate through the Master Your Emotions course. If you want to skip back or keep on skipping forward, thats up to you.

Whichever way you choose to complete this course please remember to be in a great state of mind as you begin. Focus on the key result you wish to achieve by studying the master your emotions content. As Stephen Covey put it, "Begin with the end in mind."

I encourage you to spend five minutes or so now to write down your specific goal for completing this course.

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