We Got a Man Down Emergency! Call For Back Up!

Emergency, Man Down!

Do you ever get that feeling? like all hell is breaking loose and all you want to do was be a part of the solution? Only to find yourself fired upon. Shocked. Wounded, afraid even?

Relationship breakdowns or beak ups don't need to be real bullets but they can take you from your feet just the same. 

Hit the red button, help is on its way with blue lights blazing and sirens roaring while you sink to your knees. 

In the meantime here are a handful of lyrics that express the emotion of Man Down. 

Bring a Man Down to His Knees

And know I am well aware that you can bring a man to his knees And get what you need without saying please

But can you bring a man to his feet when defeat is on repeat

And they put this man's Grammy's on the street?

Song lyric from Dedication to My Ex  - Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne

Understanding Relationship Challenges For Men

This page is your portal for understanding relationship challenges for men, not just so you can learn, but so you can take action. If you are fighting for a man down you need to know your first aid. You need your emergency responders backing you up. Golden rule is personal safety first. Remember the cabin crew advice? Put your own oxygen mask on first before reaching out to help others. 

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Losing the most beautiful girl in the world

Hey, did you happen to see 

the most beautiful girl in the world?

And if you did, was she crying, crying?

Hey, if you happen to see 

the most beautiful girl that walked out on me

Tell her, "I'm sorry."

Tell her, "I need my baby."

Oh.... Won't you tell her that I love her.

Song lyric from The Most Beautiful Girl - Charlie Rich - 1974

Competing with a man down

Playing sports can be difficult after having a player sent from the field. Sometimes it can lead to even greater determination for the rest of the team. But try playing as a team when a players focus is completely off the game. In fact it isn't only sport that can be affected. Business, career, family life, social life, in fact every aspect of life can be devastatingly affected. It's like turning out a full squad but starting with a man down. 

It becomes frustrating for the team. Performance suffers. Success is even further away. Dealing with a relationship breakdown or a break up can do that to you.  

Does it feel like something's missing?

A room is a still a room

Even when there's nothin' there but gloom

But a room is not a house

And a house is not a home

When the two of us are far apart

And one of us has a broken heart

- Song lyric from A House Is Not A Home - Luther Vandross

After a relationship break up it takes effort and time to resurface. After taking on the all the toxic negativity, you need to off gas on the way back up to prevent getting the bends. Take your time. Notice what is changing and what you want to pay more attention to. Remember to check the gauges every so often. You don't want to run out of air just before you are ready to break the surface. 

Even to the point of noticing micro habits and behaviours that you developed that no longer serve the purpose you created them for. How many times were you told that your stuff doesn't belong there? Finding yourself again can sometimes be a lonely experience which leads to destructive behaviours like over drinking or eating as examples. 

Now more than ever is the time to really take full responsibility for where you are heading in life. Decide how you want to show up in the world, and how you want to live your life, and take action towards creating a new reality.

Saving Face Standing Strong

Ok so this man down was only wounded and thankfully it isn't fatal. The kevlar vest did its job, but now its time to stand up again. Can you face it? Do you feel apprehensive? Maybe nervous or shy? Do you feel like you have lost a reputation? Are you concerned what people might think? Is it really all about you anyway?

Maybe if I had spent more time with you

Maybe then, maybe then you'd still be mine

Oh and only if I had been just a little more kind to you

There'd be no need, for this man to be cryin'

The whole town's laughing at me

Silly fool, how'd you lose such a good thing?

- song lyric from The Whole Towns Laughing - Teddy Pendergrass

You can stand up strong by the decisions that you make now. The decision you make will form memories for tomorrow. Make sure they are memories that will lift you up and remind you of your courage and strength, not your desperation.

Be Careful What you Wish For

Education is important but when you add experience into the mix you play at a whole new level. That leads to the knowledge and applied knowledge leads to wisdom.

It doesn't matter what thoughts you may be thinking. Thoughts of anger or revenge are just as easily manifested as thoughts of peace and harmony. Its up to you to choose your path. Just remember that your prayers will still be answered, however you form them.

“And though thy knees were never bent

 To heaven thy hourly prayers are sent

 And whether formed for good or ill

 Are registered and answered still.”

-Quote - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A victory now may be devastating later. Make sure you are man enough to ask for help. Recognise the "man down" scenario. Back up might be just a click away.

Don't stay down longer than you need to. You are stronger than you think. There is a link to a free consultation session top right of every page.

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