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I created the man cave for men who want to go deeper into personal development on a journey to transform relationship breakdown or break up into a breakthrough.

You don't need to apply for any membership although some of the content you will need to register for individually. I do invite you to register for my newsletter because it is the best way to keep everybody updated with new content as soon as I am able to publish it. I also have special promotions exclusive to my newsletter subscribers. If your names not down, you don't get the offer, get it?

Many of these incredible life coaching resources are provided to you completely free to use right here on the website. Click on the links and come back as often as you like for more great relationship coaching idea's, tips and courses.  And, for your peace of mind, what ever you do in the man cave, stays in the man cave!

Resources to discover in the man cave:

  • The Relationship Academy
  • Six Steps to Relationship Breakthrough
  • Relationship Breakthrough Coach Newsletter
  • Relationship Breakthrough Coach Blog

  • My favourite transformational events
  • My favourite self help books 
  • My personal picks from around the web
  • Man Cave Ideas
  • And just one more thing

You're on an adventure, a quest for deeper love and an life long relationship. You only need to know the secrets of great lovers who came before you. Isaac Newton said it best when he said "If I see further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"

These resources are for your doing as much as your reading. You have to do, to become.

The Relationship Academy

Achieve incredible relationship breakthrough results through my relationship academy. Check out my prospectus of coaching courses and resources all under one banner. This page links to all the resources and content for you to put to use. All new resources will be made available to register for through the relationship academy. Work through at your leisure in your own time and space. Come back for more and please share this page with friends, and colleagues.

Six Steps To Relationship Breakthrough

This is my free introductory life coaching Email-Course: 

If you haven't already experienced the transformative power of life coaching you may be cautious about registering for a consultation today. This free introduction to the Relationship Academy is a course of six emails, with all you need to get started with your own personal development. Give more to your relationships and get more out of your life. 

Relationship Breakthrough Coach Newsletter

Discover exclusive Insights, Offers and Updates from the Relationship Breakthrough Coach.

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Relationship Breakthrough Coach Blog

Stay up to date with our websites progress. See each brand new page as it is published. Keep up to date with every relationship academy update. See page enhancements, as they happen. Set your RSS feeds to be first to know. Become one of our friends by liking our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and send us feedback! I want to hear from you.

Relationship Breakthrough Coach Workshops

Watch this space for future announcements of our live Relationship Breakthrough Coach Workshops open up. 

These short but content packed courses deliver change. Identify limiting behaviours and patterns that you can eliminate. Leave the emotional baggage behind and travel light on your adventures in relationship! 

Go deeper on a relationship wreck to uncover the catastrophic failure that caused it to sink.

My favourite transformational personal development events

I don't just love my workshops and seminars. There are some amazing personal development events you can attend and enhance your relationships. These are my favourites. 

If you have a personal development event that you would like to promote here please get in touch via the contact us page. Generally I will only recommend resources that I have personally experienced or have personal knowledge of which is something we can discuss. 

My favourite self help books

Knowledge is the key, but knowledge itself is not power. You must take action.

"To Know and not do, is not yet to know"

- Bruce Lee

Reading is so important to your personal development. The type of books is absolutely critical. You won't learn the art of sleeping soundly at night reading horror and hauntings!

I like books that challenge your thinking. I like books that show you how to put things into action. I also like books that make you laugh out loud. 

My E-book for your Man Cubs - Adventures in Relationships

When you go through a break up and leave kids behind it is unbelievably painful. You can be left an emotional wreck. But it's still your job to step up and teach them what life is really about. What happens when you meet someone new? How do the kids respond? Find out in this e-book for your children's growth and understanding.

My personal picks from around the web

Some other great resources for you to consider. 

Websites that I refer to and use a lot. 

Man Cave Ideas

Seriously, I couldn't have a page called the man cave without dedicating some time and energy to making it the most incredible place to just hang out and get some me time, now could I? With the new trend of working from home taking over the world isn't time to give some thought and attention to that most sacred of spaces within your home? I would love to hear your man cave ideas, either just for fun, or inspiration!

What is the most important must have accessory for your space?

Audio, Visual, Kinaesthetic? 

Do you prefer cinema projectors, audiophile sound or sauna's and fitness machines?

Do you love shooting pool or shoot em up video gaming?

What's your favourite piece of kit?

What if your Man Cave is just a desk in the corner of a room, you can still kit it out with everything you need.

And just one more thing...

I used to love the Peter Falk version of Columbo when he used that line "And just one more thing". It was always the most important question that would completely wreck the suspects story so far. He would usually throw it in as he was half way out of the door. The one more thing that I want to say is thank you for spending some time with me through these pages. You are on your path and you came here for a reason. That is why I wrote this website. For people just like you and I. I hope something you see here hits the mark for you to transform your relationship breakdown or break up into a breakthrough!

To your success!


Action Steps...

Next Steps:

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