Being In a Loving Relationship

Life Coaching Insights To Bring Love Into Your Life

A loving relationship is one of the most priceless gift you can receive in this lifetime. 

Can you find and maintain a love that lasts? As the Relationship Breakthrough Coach, I believe you can! Being open to deep love is far stronger than any new romance, fling or random intimate encounter.

An intimate relationship built on love, integrity and compassion is a relationship that can last a lifetime. A love that lasts is like the glowing embers of a fire. They still give off heat to warm the soul. But it only takes a little fuel, and a little oxygen to set it roaring once again. 

This page about life coaching insights to bring love into your life will take you on a journey with passion!

Being In A Loving Relationship

Being in a loving relationship means that your fundamental human needs are being met at high levels. You are in alignment with your core values and there is a mutual respect. 

You lit the fire, then watched the flames rise and dance. Then as the flames die back the room may start to cool. Just add a little fuel, keep the fire ventilated and the fire will last. Add too much fuel and the embers are smothered until there is no heat left. Add the wrong fuel and even a loving relationship goes up in smoke. 

Being in a loving relationship means taking the same care, the same attention. Just the right amount of fuel to keep the fires burning. As time goes by, it may seem easy to become complacent. But, as you probably already know, life tends to throw curve balls every now and then, just to keep you on your toes. 

Share with your friends and give a little love to someone you know.

What Makes a Loving relationship

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love requires more effort than you might imagine. Although what makes a loving relationship is the fact that it feels almost effortless. 

Life isn't always a fairy tale. Those curve balls can take many forms. The important aspect is how you tend to them. Curve balls can take many forms. Health issues, accidents, redundancy, inflation, war, or even worldwide pandemics!

A long term loving relationship is not without its challenges, just like a garden is not without its weeds. Just because a garden may look beautiful to the visitor it is only down to the loving, caring effort that keeps it that way. The weeds will always appear in the absence of tending and nourishing the garden.

In a relationship you have to notice, or even anticipate the weeds early to deal with them and maintain the connection. The curve ball could be just around the next corner. 

You make relationship goals to keep you moving and growing. This year you plant tulips, next year roses. Keep the garden blooming through the seasons. (Discover more Loving Relationship Goals)

Finding A Loving relationship

Have you ever experienced the power of words?

Three words have the power to heal, to soften the hardest heart, and tame the wildest spirit, but take note. Those same three words have the power to put the fear of God in someone. 

"I love you" 

How do you know? How do you decide the time is right to share your soul with your partner? 

The keys to finding a loving relationship are simple.

1. Know exactly what you want

2. Be prepared to be unprepared

3. Loving yourself before a relationship

4. Attracting the loving relationship 

Know exactly what you want

Be specific and write it down. Find relevant images, colours, idea's. Make an attraction or dream board.

Be Prepared To Be Unprepared

Love really does work in mysterious ways. You can be struck with the arrow of cupid at any time, and you won't know what hit you. That's a good thing. That's the miracle of attraction.

Luck is merely the meeting of desire with opportunity. Coincidence is when two parts coincide. It means it was meant to be. It is not random chance. It happens every single day. Your's will come too if you will it to.

Loving yourself before a relationship

Loving yourself before a relationship is not narcissistic or self obsession. It is investing in yourself to be the best you. If you do not make yourself a priority why should anyone else? If you do not love yourself, why should anyone else? 

Love is being confident, composed, present, attractive. Taking care of yourself is having standards. Taking care in your appearance, health, ambitions and so on. In a word, bait. You are the bait for your loving relationship to occur. If the first person is not the one, there are plenty more fish in the sea. 

Attracting the loving relationship 

Be gentle on yourself. Look to improve what you have that may be attractive to a partner. You have no idea what will be attractive to a future partner, but that isn't your problem anyway. Your only challenge is to be the best you, you can be. They will be attracted to you anyway. They wont be able to resist you, so long as they find you.

If you are attracted to an adventurous character who would enjoy skiing, mountain climbing and outdoors, you wont find them at the shopping mall. Except maybe in very specific corners.

If you are attracted to an athletic type, you likely wont find them hanging out in the ice cream and donuts store.

Maintaining A Loving Relationship

The opposite of love is fear. When the neglected garden is overgrown with weeds it could be too big a challenge. Do you have what it takes? Have you got the skills? Now more than ever, your garden needs all the love, care and attention you can give. 

In life coaching you start by discovering what you want. But then to drive the motivation and momentum you discover why it is you want it. What is the benefit of achieving the goal? 

Make love your goal, your "why". 

If you want to maintain a loving relationship you need to get down on your knees and pull out the weeds. The reward is love. The power of love makes your fears disappear. 

Hate is the absence of love, not the opposite. Hate can be the result of neglect. Whenever you neglect yourself, your partner, or even the garden you will only see the weeds. You will miss the wonders that are just beneath the surface.

Make time for love. Make a daily loving ritual for you and your partner. Just a little, every day.

A Loving Relationship Breakthrough

Do you have what it takes to experience a loving relationship breakthrough? Life coaching is an investment that repays you with every step you take toward becoming the person you always dreamed of becoming. 

If you are in a relationship, or if you are looking to attract a loving relationship into your life you deserve to be the best you. But more importantly, doesn't your prospective partner deserve the best too?

Try this life coaching trip...

Can you imagine a romantic setting?

What would you see? 

What sounds would you hear around you?

What would you feel? 

Passion isn't only for newly romancing couples. Its for everyone. And the more passion you are able to share with each other the stronger the relationship can be. 

Now I would like you to bring to mind something that you are passionate about. Within the setting you imagined, picture yourself sharing your passion with the person. Notice how they react to your passion. What will you be talking about? 

Now listen to the person sharing something they are passionate about with you. Something different that totally captivates you too. What will they be talking about?

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