Cultivating The Power of Loving Passion To Transform Your Relationship 

relationship breakthrough coach- Cultivating The Power of Loving Passion

Do you yearn to cultivate the power of loving passion you once enjoyed in your relationship?

Your desire for passionate energies can stand the test of time if you choose to nurture it.

Discover how you can transform a stale relationship, failing marriage into a passionate loving and intimate relationship second to none.

The quality of your life is equal to the quality of loving passion in your relationships

We all love passion, excitement and adventure, don't we?

Think of a time when you just realised you were falling for someone. Think of the energy that flowed. Think of the anticipation. Think of the joy of listening to your favourite music in those moments. 

Was your experience of life transformed in that instant? I bet it was. 

And that is why I am suggesting to you that if you put your heart and soul desires to create long lasting loving passion in your relationship you will be rewarded with an abundance of energy and passion for life. 

What happens after months of passionate, meticulous marriage preparations, so that years later we find ourselves in a passionless failing marriage?

Where the only excitement and adventure is juggling credit card and loan repayments, wondering if your card will be rejected the next time you go to the supermarket.

The depth of loving passion in your relationship will affect the quality of your life.

When me plus you equals infinity

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

People get into relationships for all kinds of reasons and then forget the core essence of who they really are. People sometimes go into relationships for what they can get but the secret to long lasting relationship is what you give. 

If you are out to get something you might be successful in the short term but eventually your luck will run out. Your energy level for your relationships will deplete.

When you understand that relationships are about giving, you will get back more than you could imagine. The rewards will be abundant. If you give your loving energy with all your heart and soul to your partner, your passion for loving will be abundant

All we really are, at our core, is energy. That energy, at its core, is loving passion. Think  of a mediocre sports event between teams that you aren't really that interested, or invested in. Yes you might show up and appreciate the athleticism and skill but that is as far as it goes. How do you feel when one team scores against the other?

Replace that image with watching your favourite team in the cup final. How do you feel when your team scores against the other? How interested or invested are you then. You wear their colours, you chant their slogans, you cheer them on with everything you have. No imagine sharing that moment with you partner. 

Sharing moments of excitement and adventure with that special someone can transform any experience to something really breathtaking. A sunset walk over the white chalk cliffs, a stroll around a lake, a summer picnic becomes magical, simply because you shared it with the one you love.

Isn't that what real loving passion is all about? Who wouldn't long for a passionate relationship where me plus you equals infinity?

We can so easily become distracted by the temptations and fears of our ego. Never really making love our top priority. 

Have you experienced this at some time in your life?

For Better and For Worse

You may have already realised that relationships bring out the best, and the worst in you. Have you ever wondered why a particular person came into your life at a particular time?

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Your partner can be either the student or the teacher, and the roles will change during the relationship. There will be times when you hurt, times when you heal, and times when you feel like you have been knocked to the ground for the last time.

These are opportunities for relationship growth and why you should be grateful for the struggle your partner appears to have presented you. 

The things you passionately desire reflect your highest values

Wherever your attention goes is where you are passionate in your life. Consider this question: Is your attention on things you love or things that annoy you?

I encourage you to fully understand values, and more specifically, “towards values” and “away from values.”   

Although it sounds simple, there are usually conflicts that aren't immediately obvious. (more about Values)

Ask yourself, "Whats most important to me about......" and add the category. Your list will reflect your values. Some will be things you love and some things that annoy you.

Many people make the mistake of associating “values” with only things that they want, i.e. pleasure. Well, the truth is, your values apply equally to that which you don’t want i.e. pain!

Passion and desire are a reflection of your values. 

There were nights of endless loving passion

Have you ever had that experience in a relationship when your sexual energy goes through the roof? (without artificial sexual enhancement, naturally!)

Remember the early days of a relationship? Endless night's of passion when you just cant keep your hands off each other. When you hadn’t seen your partner for maybe a week and you just desire them so much? 

You get the picture?

How do we end up getting so distracted? 

Your passion's will also be evoked if something threatens your highest values. Then everything comes back into balance, doesn't it? You get reprimanded for being late for work. You miss other deadlines and all of a sudden we are snapped out o that blissful state of absolute desire.

Yes, that's passion too. But it just serves us to come into balance so we can recognise a high from a low. Otherwise, take the middle path.

So when you say you say you want a more passionate relationship, be careful what you ask for. You might just get it! 

Keys To Desire That Enhance Loving Passion for Each Other

So what are the three keys to cultivating a more passionate and enduring  relationship? I will reveal them to you in just a moment, but first, consider this:

There are only three components you need to focus on:

1. Cultivating loving passion for yourself

2. Cultivating loving passion for your partner

3. Cultivating loving passion for your relationship

"love me, love you, love us."

How would you score yourself on a level from 1-10 on each of the above?

Key No 1: Build a Body of Passion

Your physical body is key to your success. Nothing tastes better than fit feels and when you are fit healthy and vibrant with energy, it will pay dividends in your relationship. Loving passion flows through you not to you.

In fact, if you don't look after your health you are not really able to take care of your partner or your kids. Like they say in the aircraft safety announcement, "Put your own oxygen mask on first"

Be honest. Are you a slight touch overweight or do you need to lose a truck load? 

Take care of yourself, so that you can take better care of those you love, and better care of your relationship. Do you feel like losing a few pounds, or do you want to feel like you are sixteen again, but with better judgement? 

You only have one body, so look after it. It will then take care of you. Three decades of loving passionately is better than three hours in the sack! 

Key No 2: Speak With Loving Passion

Your words are like a route map to your soul. 

The way you speak, the way you use tonality, focus and emotion are dead giveaways to how you are you are feeling in the moment. 

Have you ever endured a lecture or a workshop where the trainer was boring you rigid, even though you were really keen on the subject?

Words have a vibration and an energy associated with them. They are also powerful ways to consciously shift your emotions, and the emotions of those nearest to you.

How can you have a passionate relationship if you don't relate to each other positively passionately? Yes thats a play on words, and I encourage you to play with words that will enhance your relationship, not restrict it. Do you even know the seductive power your wordplay has on your partner, even before your touch them? What words trigger their emotions?

What are your play names for each other? Do you even like them?  Choose better words if they don't work for you. Use them as often as required.

Find some inspiration with The Power of Words.  Use loving words with passion, seduce your partner, excite your audience! Go have some fun with sexy, passionate, cheeky, inspiring, thoughtful, compassionate, meaningful or whatever turns you on words. 

Key No 3: Think Positively With Loving Passion

Be impeccable with your thoughts. Its one of the "Four Agreements" (Don Miguel Ruiz). Simple and profound.

If positive words create a positive energy vibration around you with those you engage with, your thoughts penetrate to a much deeper level than you might think. Imagine the impact of the thoughts of people around you are having on you. Would you like to influence the way they think about you? 

I love you. I love you so much. I love you so much because you melt my heart every time I look at you. You are just a reflection of me. I love you because I see myself in you. I cant believe you came into my life, and I am so grateful. How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?

It's a little like saying Grace before dinner. 

Guiding your thoughts to positive outcomes requires effort at first, but make this your new habit, and it affects your behaviour and in turn creates a character which ultimately shapes your identity. And isn't that your desire?

Tend to your thoughts like you would a beautiful garden. It isn't that you won't have weeds occasionally, you just notice them and eliminate them quickly.

How much loving passion can you stand in your relationships?

I hope to have whet your appetite, just a little bit.

My hope for you is that developing a passionate loving relationship leads you to a life of passion.  

Your relationships are amazing, and I sincerely hope important enough for you and for your partner to take the steps and take it to the next level.

Give it a try. For best results, make it a MUST, then make it your habit.

To be outstanding get someone to hold you accountable.  You can start with each other perhaps!

Or better still enrol in my life coaching for couples plan to support you and hold you both to a higher standard in your love for each other.

If you want a more loving passion in your relationship, more joy in your marriage, you've got to "Live With Love, and Love With Passion!"

Where Will Your Next Steps Take You?

Relationship Breakthrough Coach provides life coaching in Mossley, Tameside, Uppermill, Saddleworth, and all surrounding areas. Sessions are available for men, women and couples who are ready to transform their health wealth and relationships.

Life coaching is a journey of self discovery. Your journey starts with the next step. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the next step.

The power of life coaching will unlock your personal power to overcome obstacles that show up while you get to work on your dreams.

I sincerely hope you find what you were looking for. 

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