The Gift Of Loving Joy

Celebrating deeper levels of loving joy is a gift you truly deserve.

To induce deep fulfilling joy in another is the power of love.

What is your deepest joy?

In Joy I am love

In Joy I open my heart

In Joy I find my true passion

In Joy I rise above fear and suffering

In Joy I become a magnet for joyful things

In Joy I gain the knowledge and wisdom of masters

In Joy I am blessed with the abundance of the universe

Joy goes with me always, and I love life

In Joy I am wealthier than kings

In Joy I am me

and giving Joy to you my love is my greatest Joy of all.

© Anthony Healer 2012

True Romantics

We are true romantics at heart. Loving  joy at levels beyond imagination.

But not always. There are ups and there are downs.

We just want to love and be loved. We want to experience more of the things we really enjoy doing. Dancing, writing, walking in the countryside, taking great pictures, enjoying great food, quality wines, and experiencing passionate sexual intimacy with another human being. Bearing our souls without fear of ridicule or rejection. That's the joy of sexual expression in loving relationship.

The secret to a life of love is a love of life

Love what you do, and you will spend your day in joy.

Love what you say. Or, be impeccable with your words, as Don Miguel Ruiz puts it in "The Four Agreements"

Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions, and always do your best. 

It really isn't rocket science when you think of it, is it? Loving joy, loving the energy that comes with higher vibrational energies is a gift that is available to you any time any place. Just put your mind, your words, your body in joy, and joyous emotions will follow.

A Joyful Loving Relationship Worth Remembering

Experience more passion and joy day by day and the quality of your life will increase exponentially.

Loving Joy for yourself is awesome. Inciting joy in another is power beyond measure. If you don't have anyone to share the joy in your life what's the point?

Think for one moment, when was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? What was going on for you at that time?

What did you see then?

What could you hear?

How did you feel?

Joyful Thoughts Attract Joyful Things

A smile is a curved line that has the ability to set most things straight.

If you see someone without a smile give 'em one of yours.

You see, the secret to joy is in doing joyful things. That's how to truly love life. Just do more things you love doing.

Some couples are so focused on what was wrong with their relationship, they have forgotten how to focus on what is right with their relationship.

The state of joy has a recipe and a method. Just like your favourite cake! Find out your partners recipe and method, then serve it for them, just the way they like it, slice by slice. Try a different topping and see what happens.  

Get curious like a child and play, you might love it just as much as they do. 

The best ways to enhance your love life might stretch your comfort zone. Try something new!

So what if you look a fool. So what if you make a mistake.

Just try something. Just make sure you have great rapport and trust with your partner.

The poem above is about experiencing the deepest loving joy you can with the one you love and the resources you have available. Enjoy!

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