Life Coaching forms

Complete the three steps to confirm your registration for life coaching sessions

All your life coaching forms in one place. This page is dedicated to clients of the Relationship Breakthrough Coach who have decided to invest in life cashing sessions. 

This page is relevant to all Relationship Breakthrough Coach life coaching services for men, women and couples.  

This page is for those who want to register for life coaching. 

Complete the three steps below to confirm your registration for life coaching sessions. 

The life coaching agreement form sets out the guidelines for us to work together and can be referred to in case of any dispute. 

The life coaching intake form is for your personal file with us for accounting purposes.

The life coaching preparation questionnaire form is for you tell us exactly what you want out of life coaching together.

Complete all three life coaching application forms as soon as you are ready to go. 

Your life coaching Intake Questions

All of our life coaching sessions together will be focused upon your needs and goals. The Relationship Breakthrough Coach will always aim to deliver the maximum value and impact for you.

If you have unanswered questions before you complete the life coaching forms be sure to contact me to discuss them. 

You only need to complete the forms if you want to start life coaching sessions with me. If you want to get in touch to discuss your best life coaching options send me a request for a free coaching consultation via this link.

Registration in three simple steps:

Step One: Fill out your life coaching intake form

Step Two: Sign and return the life coaching agreement form

Step Three: Complete the life coaching preparation questionnaire form. 

That's pretty much all you need to do right now.

Your life Coaching Intake form

Send me your details via the life coaching intake form.

I will create your customer account with Relationship Breakthrough Coach so I always know exactly how to contact you. There are two ways you can do this. Either complete the form  directly from the web page, or alternatively print out the form, fill it in manually. That way you can send it back as a scanned copy via email and keep a copy for your records.

Download the paper form via this link:

Life Coaching Intake Form

(If you do fill out the online version, I will send you  copy for your records)

Follow this link to read our life coaching privacy policy

Life Coaching Intake Form

Asterisk indicates required field:

Your Life Coaching Agreement Form

Before we begin your life coaching sessions you must sign and return the Life Coaching Agreement form.

Following your free coaching consultation I will email you the Life Coaching Agreement Form for you to print and sign. Please remember to print two copies, Sign one and return to me via email. Keep one for your own records. This form is only valid when you have told me that you would like to arrange further life coaching sessions. This is not required to complete a trial session or consultation.

This form sets out the guidelines for our life coaching agreement is so we both know what to expect during your period of life coaching with me, The Relationship Breakthrough Coach. We can refer to it in the event of any dispute.  

your life Coaching preparation Questionnaire Form

Complete the Life Coaching Preparation Questionnaire form to tell me what you really want to achieve with your life coaching sessions.

You need to download and print the form so you can spend some time to think and answer the questions. When you do the life coaching preparation questionnaire be sure to give yourself time and space to complete in one sitting. Give it a little thought, but it shouldn't take more than thirty to forty minutes. 

By completing the questionnaire you are putting your attention to what you want to achieve from life coaching and getting a feel for focusing on you. This is great for your life coach to know as a baseline  of where you might want to take your life coaching sessions. Its a win-win.

Please complete the questionnaire prior to your first life coaching session. You can download via this link:

Life Coaching Preparation Questionnaire

Your life Coaching Forms

Your life coaching sessions have the potential to be incredible for you. In fact some say life changing. There is no magic, no silver bullet no secret method. What matters most if the intention you bring to each session and your commitment to follow through and complete actions. As your life coach I absolutely want you to achieve the goals you set out to achieve. 

I have a created a special life coaching forms for clients which you can download and print to keep track of your goals and sessions. (See below important information regarding Life Coaching Forms Usage.)

Your Life Coaching fees

Life coaching fees are payable before you start your first session. This would usually follow from a free coaching consultation for new clients.

Returning clients will useable be able to arrange sessions directly with me, although you are welcome to complete the life coaching preparation questionnaire as often as you like. 

I will invoice you for paid life coaching sessions based upon our agreement during your initial consultation. Payment is preferred via bank transfer as per invoice and payable upon receipt of invoice.

If a life coaching session has been scheduled but payment has not been confirmed the session may be postponed or cancelled. Any such cancelled life coaching session may be rescheduled upon payment.

Cash may be acceptable in certain circumstances, but only where life coaching sessions are able to take place in person. I will not be held responsible for the loss of any life coaching sessions fee that is put in the post/mail. 

For more details about my life coaching fees please contact me or arrange a free consultation. Life coaching could be more affordable than you think!

Life coaching Forms Usage

These life coaching forms are free for you to download and use, but please respect my copyrights and only download for your own personal use. 

You have no right to use or reproduce any of the life coaching forms and materials used by me or presented to you in the Life Coaching Sessions ("Materials"). 

Materials provided to you by your coach remain the intellectual property right of The Relationship Breakthrough Coach.

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