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Life coaching for women is about making key decisions about your health, wealth and relationships and then setting the compass to get there. 

Should I get involved with that guy? 

Should I leave this guy? 

Should I take it to the next stage with my guy?

The unconscious mind has a habit of making us blatantly conscious of our doubts, fears, and limitations which can halt us in our tracks.  Whilst these may sound like fairly basic questions, in reality there is whole lot more going on internally that often gets in the way.

I work with women who are looking for that extra advantage in life to overcome the solutions to life's questions. I work with women who are tired of dreaming about work and what to start working on their dreams. 

Life coaching helps people get from where they are now to them where they want to be.

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Emotional mastery coaching for women

Strategic vision coaching for women

Behaviour change coaching for women

Confidence coaching for women

Belief change coaching for women

Values alignment coaching for women

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Emotional mastery coaching for women

The most important thing to learn for men and women  is that only you will truly know when the time is right for you. When will I know? You will know. Your emotions will trigger a physical and hormonal response that will be undeniable. If you understand what your emotions are telling you that is. 

Learning to handle emotions is one of the biggest challenges in life. It can literally be the difference between life and death. Your emotions will tell you that a pizza and a bottle of Pinot Grigio is a great way to spend a Thursday evening until you book that summer holiday! Then a whole different set of emotions kick in.

And that is just the emotions you are consciously aware of. What about beneath the surface? 

Do you believe that you could do better? 

Do you believe you are worth more? 

Your unconscious emotional programming stop you. Its a program you installed almost a lifetime ago so why are you still running it?

To uncover unresourceful emotions you have to go deep.

Take anger as an example. Yes there may be arguments, fall out, passion, but ultimately, what was it about your man that has pushed you over the limit? In the cold light of day when we review an emotional outburst such as anger we often find that we could have handled things differently. 

Anger, as many other emotions, is layered, and you are most often not angry for the reason you think you are.

Strategic vision coaching for women

Knowing your outcome is so important for everything you do, but we cannot be conscious of this 24/7. So what we do at first is we think of all the ways we could nurture ourselves. All the ways to connect and share more with our partner and keep our relationship growing. 

We are usually very proactive at first, and then it's no wonder we find our partner so attractive, because they are proactive too! Then something comes up that we don't like and all of a sudden we are fighting against the tide.

We start battling against it, like trying to row up stream. We have resistance to where life is taking us. Or more specifically where the relationship is taking us. 

And what happens to our energy? How proactive do we feel then?


Is where you are heading where you want to be?

Strategic visioning coaching for women is about creating your life and your relationships the way you want them to be. Its about painting that picture big and bright on the screen in your minds eye. You create your vision in order to recognise it when t shows up. 

Do you know someone who always seems to get what they want in life? Some people call it luck. In China they have a saying for luck. They call it the marriage between preparation and opportunity.

Strategic visioning is like sending your order through to the universe. Pretty soon, the universe will deliver.

Behaviour change coaching for women

Challenges come up, life happens! We get a job, we lose a job. We get a bonus, we get a fine on the way home. We get a dream holiday, we get a nightmare diagnosis.

You know, it's all just life. It happens to millions of people everyday!

But when we are proactive, we are steering our lives, or our relationship in a particular way. Life coaching for women is knowing your outcome and making small changes to achieve it.

Behaviours that get in the way like procrastination, overindulging, distraction can easily be shifted to become focused, on purpose, and committed to whatever goals you create for your life.

Create new empowering habits. Leave un-supportive habits in the past. 

Say NO! when you really ought to say no.

Say YES! more often to the things you absolutely should say yes to.

Confidence Coaching For Women

The point of getting into a relationship is not to become another wreck! Otherwise why would we keep getting into them?

The shores of our lives are littered with the wrecks of relationships that didn't work out. Many people recognise that and want to live a safe life. No more love on the rocks. No more crying in the rain. So they wont even leave the harbour.

A ship is safe if it stays in the harbour, but thats not what ships were built for. And neither were you. 

Life coaching for women can take your confidence levels beyond your dreams. Why wait for competence right? You can be confident right now. Be a confident learner. You got this. 

I believe in your potential. 

Belief change coaching for women

We live out our lives in a trance of self deception. Alfred Adler, a Viennese Psychologist and sometimes referred to as the father of Individual Psychology, referred to living "As if" something were true. As if certain beliefs were true, as if certain values were facts.  

When ever life throws a curve ball at you, you ask your subconscious, "Why Me!" As if we were somehow inferior or incapable, or unworthy of better. 

Have you heard of the principle of "Perception is Projection?" Another way of putting this is: you don't see things as they are, you see things as you are. Perhaps you have been in a "Why Me" situation an your answer from within was:

Because you are clumsy

Because you made a wrong turn

Because you stayed out late

Because you are dumb 

But what if none of your beliefs about yourself were true? Nothing and no one has any meaning other than the meaning that you yourself give it/them. So you might be wondering where does meaning come from. Next time life throws you a curve ball just stop and think

"What does this mean?" 

"What do I need to learn from this?"

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Life coaching tip: 

Think of a recent event that didn't work out as you wished. How did you feel about that? 

Just make a mental note of that emotion exactly as you expressed it (either verbally, or internally, whichever way you expressed it).

In order to experience that emotion, you first believed that the event had a meaning. What was the meaning for you?

Why did you decide upon that particular meaning?

You can distance yourself from the event, what else could it have meant? Come up with at least four different meanings. What would you have to believe in each of those new meanings? 

Life coaching tip: 

Shake it off and try on a new meaning, one that is empowering. Start by asking yourself more empowering questions about these events. (You can read more about this in "Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life" by Martin Seligman Ph.D. Published by Vintage Books ISBN: 1-4000-7839-3)

Values alignment coaching for women

Values alignment is a powerful coaching process that you can use to bring more harmony to your life. 

Understanding your values is like a light bulb going on in a dark room and realising you are in the wrong room.

You have been busy working hard and really, getting nowhere because your efforts were not aligned with your highest values.

Common question I get asked is "Why do always attract the wrong kind of person?" 

In life coaching for women you will get to know the answer. and what is more, you will understand that the past does not equal the future if you decide to live your life to your fullest potential.

The reason we attract the people we do is because we are running programs that have been created from our own unique experiences. We run our own patterns, habits and behaviours and think we are on purpose. But when you look closely you will discover your key behaviour are often motivated by wanted to avoid something rather than achieve something. 

Values alignment coaching allows you to change that.

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These are just some of the highlights of life coaching for women. The benefits are only limited by your own imagination. 

In fact Albert Einstein said "We are boxed in by the boundary conditions of our thinking. You can solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it."

Life coaching for women is great way to blow those boundary conditions and create more exciting opportunities.

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