How Life Coaching For Men Will Unlock Your Divine Masculinity for Personal Growth

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Unlocking unlimited growth through life coaching for men is easier than you think. Achieve mind blowing personal breakthroughs and goals beyond your wildest dreams. It isn't the life coaching or NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that is blowing minds, but the results men are achieving. The Relationship Breakthrough Coach delivers transformational life coaching sessions in Saddleworth, UK,  and online around the world.  

Are you looking for a male life coach? Get in touch today and let's begin creating something new and exciting for you. We dont need to meet face to face. Most life coaching takes place over a phone call or we can arrange an online video call. 

I love working with men who want the edge or want to get out of a rut because they believe in better. I love working with men who are ready to commit to outstanding improvements in their health, wealth and relationships. If you are motivated to get back on top after a relationship break down or a breakup, but dont know how, read on:

Why Do Clients Love Life Coaching For Men? 

✔ Your Relationship broke down or broke up
✔ You feel like you are losing your grip
✔ You don't want to make the same mistakes again
✔ You lost your mojo
✔ You don't know which way to turn
✔ You are cautious about new relationships
✔ You are scared your kids won't want to know you
✔ You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
✔ You want your life back
✔ You believe in better?

Life Coaching For Men Can Unravel The Breakdown

I get it. Ive been there. I hit rock bottom on more than one occasion. At times I felt like I was a bouncing bomb ready to breach the damn wall and then all hell would break lose. Couldn't control my emotion. Didn't know wether to scream or cry. Didn't want to work. Didn't want to socialise. Didn't want to date again. Didn't know how I was going to hold it together for my kids.

I had know idea where the road was leading me. But I turned it around. I took turn after turn. Devoured self help books but while I was beginning to understand the situation I didn't really make any progress. So I got myself a life coach. After what seemed like the most audacious gift I had ever given myself things got kind of exciting. Doors started opening that I didn't even realise were doors. I found my mojo again, and life was freakin' awesome again! 

You got this. I believe in you. I believe in the power of life coaching for men and I believe in the potential inside you. Do you want to just chip away at it or do you want to unleash your full potential?

Rediscover Your Divine Masculinity Through Life coaching for Men 

The archetypal masculine man is the hunter gatherer. The provider, the breadwinner, the protector. The myth of male power is that the man rules the roost. I don't believe this is true today. Those archetypal masculine roles are no longer required in todays society. The balance has shifted. Men are now afraid of their divine masculinity.

The gender equality movement has transformed roles and identities in a George Orwell like fashion. Generations of women have spoken out and earned their right to lead the way in many fields. Women can now be the breadwinners. Men are becoming lost and look to life coaching to build home based business's, to regain physical fitness or to create stronger bonds with loved ones.  

The big difference between men and women is that women will speak out. Most psychology research reports suggest that men are less likely to ask for help. I have read article after article about how men are more repressed because they keep quiet. Men tend to keep it on the inside. We bottle things up. But we don't need to talk, we need results. Life coaching for men will get your results faster.

You have the power within you to achieve incredible goals. The power is in speaking your truth and being the genuine article in all your divine masculine glory. I love to help men reconnect with their goals and dreams. I can help you rediscover your personal power through life coaching for men. 

Transforming Relationships Breakups And Breakdowns Into Breakthrough's

The Most Popular Life coaching For Men Scenarios

✔ Personal Breakthrough Coaching
✔ Confidence Coaching
✔ Face Your Fears Coaching
✔ Self Esteem Coaching
✔ Optimum Vitality Coaching
✔ Accelerated Results Coaching

✔ Relationship Goals Coaching
✔ Relationship Breakup Coaching
✔ Core Values Coaching
✔ Overcoming Divorce Coaching
✔ Emotional Freedom Coaching
✔ Comfort Zone Coaching

Im here. You are here. Let me hear how I can best help you achieve your goals and dreams. Imagine what it must be like to feel inspired by life again, to be energised again, and to be liberated from whatever you are suffering. Imagine being reborn to reclaim your throne in life. Aren't you worth that investment?

There are no quick fixes but working with a coach can get you where you want to be faster than going it alone. The road is long, why not share the journey and the burden, after all travelling light is so much more fun.

There is no charge in making an enquiry about life coaching so you've got nothing to lose. I can't say life coaching is right for you. That is for you to decide. I can say coaching will give you an invaluable return on your investment. If you are willing to fully commit to the journey. 

Life coaching for men is just one of the services I provide and subject to availability. Take the first step with a free coaching consultation. If you don't make that free enquiry now it could cost you everything later.  

Who Wants Life Coaching For Men?

Maybe you are here because you know someone who has been through hell or might even still be there and you re reaching out for them. I applaud you, and at the same time I feel your suffering. This is fairly common enquiry, but I have to say no. I can't help you help your friend. That is not what coaching is for. 

Encourage your friend, colleague or relation to step up to the plate for themselves. Share these pages with them via your social network or email provider. Talk to them about what has inspired you when you read these pages. 

I know that sounds tough but with all the will in the world, if someone  isn't truly invested in themselves life coaching won't be as powerful or rewarding for them. Sometimes people say they want life coaching because of the sense of prestige, or perhaps it makes it look like they want to change for an altogether different agenda. It may be a partner, an employer, or even a parole board recommending a life coaching for men program but the individual is just going through the motions to tick the box. 

It can be obvious and I have cancelled coaching sessions and refused to work with clients who were not motivated to make a real difference in their life, for themselves. 

Go ahead and share the web page with them. Have them arrange a free coaching consultation. But please only arrange a consultation if it is for you and not on their behalf. Does that make sense? 

life coaching For Men Who Desire More

There are plenty more pages about life coaching for men to explore. I have created the Relationship Breakthrough Coach for people like you. Most life coaching websites are merely a shop front for the life coaching practice but provide little or no extra content. Everything I do is laid out for you within these pages.

Life coaching works on many levels to shift break ups and break downs into break throughs. The face to face coaching session is a powerful tool, but you can also utilise the power of life coaching yourself. The link will take you to many self help pages about forgiveness, anger, gratitude, mindfulness and much more. And it is all provided FOC! Enjoy.

Some people may wish to explore Do It Yourself Life Coaching Courses. The link will take you to the Relationship Breakthrough Coach University! You will find free courses and also courses available to purchase for a fraction of the investment in one to one life coaching. 

Whichever route is right for you be sure to step up and take action. Read and digest then put into practice what you have read.

Before you choose your next life coach you want to know if they are any good, right? Unless you are the kind of person who wants to be first in the queue for the latest movie!

Before you invest in a life coach do your due diligence. These five star life coaching reviews will help you with your search.

Read what clients have said about me.

Professional NLP Life coaching Saddleworth 
Life coaching for men Life coaching for couples

Life Coaching For Men: Free Coaching Session

Unlock The Best Life Coaching session rates:


Option 1: Book and pay for each life coaching session as you go.

60 minute session £82 

90 minute session £123

Preferred by clients who want

  • Flexibility 
  • Up to four sessions 
  • Additional sessions
  • Ad-hoc sessions

Straight up. Simple. 

Setting the standard!

1 @ £82

1 @ £123


Option 2: Pay for six hours of life coaching sessions in advance.

6 x 60 minute sessions or 

4 x 90 minute sessions

Preferred by clients who want

  • Accountability
  • Momentum 
  • Personal breakthroughs
  • 2 to 4 month goals

Total Value - £492

You Save - £55

6 @ £437

4 @ £437

Best Value

Option 3:  Pay for twelve hours of life coaching sessions in advance.

12 x sixty minute or 

8 x 90 minute

Preferred by clients who want

  • To play full out
  • 3 to 6 month goals
  • Multiple breakthroughs
  • More out of life 

Total Value - £984

You Save - £137!

12 @ £847

8 @ £847

Book Your Free Coaching Consultation Now!

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I hope you found life coaching for men to be just what you needed today! If it is, maybe we will meet soon, and it would be my honour to become your next life coach. 

If I didn't hit the mark for you today, why not send me a message and let me know what was missing for you. It may be something I can clarify with you or add value for future visitors.

I am sincerely grateful.

To your success!


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Where Will Your Next Steps Take You?

Relationship Breakthrough Coach provides life coaching in Mossley, Tameside, Uppermill, Saddleworth, and all surrounding areas. Sessions are available for men, women and couples who are ready to transform their health wealth and relationships.

Life coaching is a journey of self discovery. Your journey starts with the next step. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the next step.

The power of life coaching will unlock your personal power to overcome obstacles that show up while you get to work on your dreams.

I sincerely hope you find what you were looking for. 

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