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The ultimate relationship Breakthrough program 

II am passionate about the life coaching for couples breakthrough process. I want to share with you why. Change happens in a heart beat, in one single moment, in an intuitive decision. You could call it an "Aha!" or a "light bulb" moment.

Just like the body heals itself when the conditions are right, your mind will transform in the moment of an intuitive breakthrough. The energy of one transformational breakthrough is incredible but when the two of you transform together you can become unstoppable! 

This life coaching intervention for couples sets up the right conditions for transformation in your unconscious mind. In those light bulb moments all blocks, and all shadows are revealed as merely illusions which means you are free to create the relationship, and life you both truly desire. 

Life coaching for couples To transform Your relationship

The key to success with relationship coaching for couples is to know what you both want, unconditionally. That doesn’t mean without making effort in a relationship. In fact if you don’t want to invest your energy and passion in a relationship it could already be over. 

Life coaching for couples is a joint coaching program for you and your partner. The purpose is to eliminate blocks, and expand opportunities, which leaves you free to visualise and create a relationship that is simply an inspiration to others. 

Let me give an example:

A couple hit a wall in their relationship but after talking through the red flags and working through some values differences they were both committed to making the relationship work.  Allowing it to fall apart was not an option.  Breaking up was too painful a concept which provided some useful leverage for our coaching sessions. Leverage is a really useful tool and goes hand in hand with motivation.

By working through values and identifying unconscious internal conflicts they were able to use the power of forgiveness and the power of gratitude to heal unconscious internal suffering. Once these blocks were revealed as the illusions they really were, the couple were able to fully commit to each other.  

This is just one of many life coaching interventions for couples.

The infinite Benefits of life coaching for couples 

How much joy can you handle?

How deep is your love? 

How committed are you?

In my humble opinion the life coaching for couples program is an experience you will never forget. But don't just take my word for it, check out these five star coaching reviews too. 

Once you begin the journey to achieve your ultimate relationship goals every step you take compounds th effect of the last. Any changes you make during your life coaching for couples sessions will have profound and cumulative effects. Not just during the period of coaching but long afterwards into your future. 

Will you and your partner come together and take your relationship to the next level? 

Will you gain respect in a relationship?

Will you create trust in a relationship?

Will you re-light passion in a relationship?

Will you overcome your values differences in a relationship? 

Will you commit to each other respect each other, trust each other and love each other like never before? 

This is not just for couples who want to get through a relationship breakdown. This is a deep dive for couples who want to be in a relationship they would give their heart and soul for.

What do you value most in your relationship?

"Quality in a service or product is not what you put in, it's what the client or customer gets out of it"

- Peter Drucker

What would be the cost of losing the relationship you have in your partner?

What is the most challenging aspect of your relationship?

What would be the benefit of transforming the relationship you have with your partner?

How do you experience certainty, affection, intimacy, love, compassion, fun, variety, connection, significance or growth in your relationship?

What about your partner?

Life coaching for couples will unlock values differences in a relationship so that you can become totally aligned with your relationship goals.

Not only will you get to work on a personal breakthrough of your own you will also play together with your partner in a safe, fun yet challenging way. Keep your eyes to the skies, and you will rise. 

Eliminate baggage in a relationship

Where couples therapy tends to focus upon what is wrong with relationship, we get straight to work on what is right. If there is baggage in a relationship it is often a precursor for red flags in a relationship. Baggage doesn't just mean physical things like your full size pinball machine. Baggage can be emotional. Emotional baggage in a relationship is precisely why rebound relationships don't work.  

When you bring emotional baggage in to a new relationship you place unconscious boundaries upon not only yourself, but also your new partner. They don't deserve this and if you can't work it out you will drain the life force energy from them.  Baggage brings old problems into the new relationship.

Some people carry their past relationship baggage around with them like a rucksack (or laptop bag!) full of rocks. Put it down! Travel light and enjoy the ride.

Life coaching for couples will cut through to the heart of any emotional baggage and literally blow your boundaries away. In fact, it may just blow your mind. 

How many times have you said, or thought "they are just like so and so was"? Maybe your partner said something similar to you. It's like dousing a fire with fuel expecting it to go out.

The problem isn't the fire. The problem is your thinking. You want the fire inside your heart, not your head! 

Instead of saving all your baggage for a rainy day, life coaching for couples can help you unpack the meaning of past events. You will only take forward whatever it was you were meant to learn. You can unpack your troubles from your old bag and kick them in to touch.  

When you transform the meaning of those past emotional events you see only powerful lessons in life that will strengthen and expand your confidence to give your relationship everything you have got.

Align Values Differences in a Relationship

Most couples don't even consider what their core values in a relationship are let alone what is important to their partner. It is no wonder they start out like a bat out of hell only to uncover values differences and red flags in a relationship.   

So how can they possibly achieve their ultimate relationship goals. It would be like sitting back to back in a canoe and paddling furiously. You would just go round in circles. 

Have you heard the story of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?

Have you ever experienced a time when you thought your partner seemed to sabotage all your efforts? How about vice versa. Did you ever believe your partner was doing something just to irritate you or undermine you? 

Its not unusual. And yet it is really clear indicator of your relationship values are out of alignment. 

One of the benefits if life coaching for couples is to uncover and realign your core values so that your effort in a relationship is aligned with your relationship goals. You can re purpose those red flags and create a positive focused values system that will transform your levels of communication and commitment. 

This will bring you both back down to Earth so you can play full out with each other on a level plating field. You both move in the same direction. There will be more harmony in a relationship. There will be more contribution in a relationship. These are your green flags in a relationship! 

Your First Class Ticket To Your Relationship Goals

When you are in love, being in a relationship is amazing. You want to share your story with the world. Some use social media. Some get tattoo's. Whilst a tattoo might seem like a romantic gesture, that tattoo is going to fade. If you want to keep the tattoo fresh you are going to need rework and touch ups every so often. 

The problem with the tattoo is that it represents the "present" emotional state, not future relationship goals.  

Life coaching for couples is like a reworking or touching up your tattoo to keep it fresh and relevant. In fact, if you don't set goals in a relationship, at least unconsciously, you will probably need cover up work before you know it. 

Couples who create inspiring relationship goals are more likely to achieve a relationship that other people aspire to. 

Life coaching for couples will help you create inspiring visions that become your ultimate relationship goals. Everything is designed to eliminate the blockages and expand opportunities for your success. 

The real question is, what does success in a relationship look like to you? The kind of goals you want to set can depend upon what phases of a relationship you have experienced. You wouldn't necessarily go on a first date and propose marriage. Unless you were part of the psychological experiment on TV - "Married at First Sight". It might be entertaining and even romantic but without the full time coaching, support and funding I seriously doubt this would be an effective route for many.

Should we leave home?

Should we move in together?

Should we leave the country?

Should we leave the relationship?

Should we introduce our parents?

Should we introduce our kids?

Should we get engaged?

Should we get married?

Should we start a family? 

Should we grow old together?

Creating inspiring relationship goals is like unleashing the power of purpose. Life coaching for couples is a first class ticket to the greatest love story ever told. The story of your life.

How does life coaching for couples work?

Relationship Breakthrough Coach Professional Life coaching for Couples

Life coaching for couples has three main phases: 

Phase one: Relationship Blueprint Session

Phase two: Individual breakthrough sessions for you and your partner

Phase three: Relationship Breakthrough Coaching Session 


You will illuminate unconscious boundaries holding you back in your relationship. 

Unresolved emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, fears, phobia's and decisions.

 You will learn the unique love strategies for you and your partner. 

You will learn your partners love language and they will know yours.  

You will learn and align your core values in a relationship.

You will visualise and create inspiring relationship goals.


You will come away with clarity, confidence and commitment to each other like never before. 

The life coaching for couples program includes:

One 90 minute introduction session with you and your partner

Four 90 minute breakthrough sessions each for you and your partner. 

One 120 minute relationship breakthrough session 

Your life coaching for couples will complete in six to eight weeks. 

Week 1

Introduction and scheduling session

Week 2

Relationship Breakthrough 1 Life audit session for you

Relationship Breakthrough 1 Life audit session for your partner

Week 3

Relationship Breakthrough 2 Emotions and Beliefs Reset Session You

Relationship Breakthrough 2 Emotions and Beliefs Reset Session Partner

Week 4

Relationship Breakthrough 3 Integration and alignment Session You

Relationship Breakthrough 3 Integration and alignment Session Partner

Week 5

Relationship Breakthrough 4 Transformation Session You

Relationship Breakthrough 4 Transformation Session Partner

Week 6

Relationship Breakthrough Session for Couples! 

Total time Spent with your life coach: 930 mins or 15 ½ hours!

Play full out with life coaching for couples

How much love can you handle?

This might be a simple question, but most people don't believe they can achieve anything close to an incredible relationship so they settle for "OK". 

The trouble with settling for "OK" relationship today, is that sooner or later the rollercoaster is going to tear through it. if your peak is "OK" how low is the first drop going to take you?

Think about it.

When you enrol into life coaching for couples, play full out. 

You determine the level of passion you want in a relationship.

You determine the level of effort you will put in a relationship.

Your attitude determines the success you could achieve through life coaching. 

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I am adding new content all the time but if you have any idea's or topics you would really love to see here, get in touch and let me know.

In the meantime here are more great pages dedicated to transforming your relationship breakdown or break up into a breakthrough. 

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