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I am passionate about the life coaching for couples breakthrough process and I want to share with you why. Change happens in a heart beat, in one single moment, in an intuitive decision. You could call it an "Aha!" moment.

Just like the body heals itself when the conditions are right, your mind will transform in the moment of an intuitive breakthrough. The energy of one transformational breakthrough is incredible but when the two of you transform together you can become unstoppable! 

This life coaching intervention sets up the right conditions in your unconscious mind. In the moment of transformation all blocks are removed which means you are free to create the relationship, and life you both want. 

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  • Infinite value of life coaching for couples 
  • Life coaching for couples transforms a relationship breakdown
  • Life coaching for couples heals past hurt
  • Life coaching for couples aligns your values
  • Life coaching for couples is your five star relationship service
  • How does life coaching for couples really work?
  • Play full out with life coaching for couples
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The infinite value of life coaching for couples 

The life coaching for couples program is an experience you will never forget. Will you and your partner come together and take your relationship to the next level? Will you commit to understanding each other, respecting each other, trusting each other and loving each other like never before? 

This is not only for couples who want to transform a relationship break up or breakdown into a breakthrough. This is a deep dive for couples who want to take their relationship to the next level.

How much joy can you handle?

How deep is the love you want every day? 

How committed can you be with your partner?

What do you value most in your relationship?

What would be the cost of losing the relationship you have in your partner?

What is the most challenging aspect of your relationship?

What would be the benefit of transforming the relationship you have with your partner?

How do you experience certainty, affection, intimacy, love, compassion, fun, variety, connection, significance or growth in your relationship?

What about your partner?

Life coaching for couples will unlock a treasure chest of opportunities. Not only will you get to work on a personal breakthrough of your own you will also play together with your partner in a safe, fun yet challenging way. Lift your eyes to the skies, and you will rise. 

Life coaching for couples transforms a relationship breakdown

The key to transforming a relationship breakdown is to know and acknowledge that it is what both of you want unconditionally. That doesn’t mean without effort. In fact if you don’t want to invest your time and energy on your relationship it could already be over. 

Life coaching for couples will expand your opportunities for creating the kind of relationship that is an inspiration to others. 

Let me give an example. A couple hit a wall in their relationship but after talking through the pain they were both more concerned about the relationship breakdown than the behaviour that caused it. 

After a long heart to heart the couple decided that they really did want to work out their differences and transform their relationship breakdown. Breaking up was too painful a concept which provided some useful leverage for them. 

By working through values and identifying unconscious internal conflicts they were able to use the power of forgiveness and unleash the power of gratitude to heal the pains from within.  

This is an ideal life coaching intervention for couples.

Life coaching for couples heals past hurt

Where couples therapy tends to focus upon what is wrong with relationship, we get straight to work on what is right. 

This life coaching program is outcomes focused that will literally blow your boundaries away. In fact, it may just blow your mind. Some people carry their past relationship hurt around with them like a rucksack (or laptop bag) full of rocks. 

It just brings old problems into the new relationship. How many times have you said "They are just like so and so was" or maybe your partner said something similar to you. Its like pouring fuel onto a fire expecting it to go out.

The problem is the fire is on the inside and in the wrong place. You want the fire inside your heart, not your kidneys! 

Instead of saving all the past hurt for a rainy day, life coaching for couples can help you unload and transform the meaning of past events, so that it becomes like a power bank for your laptop instead of a dead weight.  

You will obliterate old emotional events that might be holding you back. 

When you transform the meaning of those past emotional events you see only powerful lessons in life that will strengthen and expand your confidence to give this relationship everything you have got. 

Life coaching for couples aligns your values

Most couples in a relationship don't even consider whats most important to them, let alone what is important to their partner. 

So how can they possibly hope to achieve a clear vision they both fall in love with? Have you heard the story of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?

Have you ever experienced a time when you thought you were doing the right thing but your partner seemed to sabotage your efforts? How about vice versa. Did you ever believe your partner was doing something just to irritate you? 

Its not unusual. And yet it is really clear indicator of your individual values being out of alignment. 

Just one of the benefits if life coaching for couples is to expose and  and realign unconscious red flags in your personal values system that may be sabotaging your efforts. You can re align those red flags and create a positive focused values system that will transform your levels of communication and commitment. This will bring you both back down to Earth so you can play full out with each other on a level plating field.

Life coaching for couples is like your cars annual service. You can get by without it, but things just seem smoother once you get it.

Baggage and breakdowns in communication are often significant contributors to relationship breakdown. Heartbreak in a former relationship can lead to a powerful emotional desire to fall in love in the next relationship. 

When you are in love you want to tell the world. Some people change the social media status. Some where it on their sleeve. Literally. 

Seriously folks whilst scarring your skin for life with a tattoo might seem like a romantic gesture and win the heart of a loved one, that tattoo is going to fade. If you want to keep the tattoo fresh you are going to need rework and touch ups every so often. 

Life coaching for couples is like a rework or touch up for your relationship. It isn't often right at the start of the relationship that couples think about life coaching. Everything is working. It isn't unusual for couples to think about life coaching when the relationship is about to level up: 

Should we move in together?

Should we get engaged?

Should we get married?

Should we start a family? 

Should we leave our partners?

Should we introduce our kids?

Should I update my social media? (OK, maybe not)

Let go of your emotional baggage

"Quality in a service or product is not what you put in, it's what the client or customer gets out of it"

- Peter Drucker

What is giving your the "shudders" in your relationship? 

A five star life coaching service for couples with an oil check and wheel balancing will sort all that out for you. You've got an open road in front of you, make sure you are fit for the ride of your life.

This process leads to a massive emotional release which paves the way to letting go of an old belief that no long serves you. Pack your troubles in the old kit bag and hand it in at the incinerator. You don't need to carry that burden anymore. 

If that made you smile maybe you are ready for a life coaching experience.

How does life coaching for couples really work?

Relationship Breakthrough Coach Professional Life coaching for Couples

Life coaching for couples has three main phases: 

Step one: Individual coaching for you

Step two: Individual coaching for your partner

Step three: Relationship coaching for you and your partner 


You will iron out any inner daemons holding you back. Unsettled emotions, limiting beliefs, and decisions. Even habits.  

You will understand your partners love strategies and they will know yours. 

You will know your partners love language and they will know yours.   

You will come away with clarity, confidence and commitment to each other like never before. 

The life coaching for couples program includes:

One 90 minute introduction session with you and your partner

Four 90 minute breakthrough sessions each for you and your partner. 

One 120 minute relationship breakthrough session 

This program can be completed over the period of six to eight weeks. 

Week 1

Introduction and scheduling session

Week 2

Relationship Breakthrough 1 Life audit session for you

Relationship Breakthrough 1 Life audit session for your partner

Week 3

Relationship Breakthrough 2 Emotions and Beliefs Reset Session You

Relationship Breakthrough 2 Emotions and Beliefs Reset Session Partner

Week 4

Relationship Breakthrough 3 Integration and alignment Session You

Relationship Breakthrough 3 Integration and alignment Session Partner

Week 5

Relationship Breakthrough 4 Transformation Session You

Relationship Breakthrough 4 Transformation Session Partner

Week 6

Relationship Breakthrough Session for Couples! 

Total time Spent with your life coach: 930 mins or 15 ½ hours!

Play full out with life coaching for couples

It doesn't matter if you want to save your relationship from the fires of a crisis, or you want to reignite your OK relationship into a great relationship. 

How much love can you handle?

This might be a simple question, but most people don't believe they can achieve anything close to an incredible relationship so they settle for "OK". 

The trouble with settling for "OK" relationship today, is that sooner or later the rollercoaster is going to tear through it. if your peak is "OK" how low is the first drop going to take you?

Think about it.

When you enrol into any life coaching intervention, play full out. When you start life coaching as a couple we visualise and invoke the desired outcomes and breath life force energy into them. Couples become excited and inspired by what is possible for their relationship. Even the fact of having a clear vision of who they want to become within the context of their relationship can powerfully transform their current reality.

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