It was so unexpected.......

by Chris

So briefly, after a year and ten months, my ex girlfriend broke up with me saying she needed space, time to find herself, etc. I did not beg straight foward but I did beg in the sense that I was trying to understand and work it out right then and there. Now it had been four months, I've been contacting her all this time with periods of one, two, and three weeks, yesterday was the last time we texted. The conversation consisted of normal small talk and then her sending me a picture of her saying "Super bored", following with how she was listening to a song we both knew and thinking of memories, then asking if I had talked to any girls since we broke up in which I said yes, she said she was jealous, followed with asking if I'm over her, then asking if there was anyone special, and skipping to the last text, she said she was not saying she wanted me back, but she thought it was weird how I was once hers and I'm talking to other girls. I said "why do you care if you don't want me back?" In which she never replied. I feel like in a way she is playing with me to keep me as a side option and I really don't know what's best to do. Any advice would be more than appreciated.

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Mar 10, 2021

by: Anthony

Hey Chris, its been a while huh?
got your attention with the old "Im bored and was just thinking of you" routine.
Well it could be time to board that relationship up for good. This veiled "come on" is a hook. remember Charlie Brown trying to kick the football? She always swipes it away at the last minute.

On the other hand it could lead to a touchdown. What matters most is how you want to play this.

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