How To Break Up Without Breaking Down!

Ever wondered how to break up with your partner and end the relationship without leaving each other suffering a broken heart?

What about if you were ever on the receiving end on one of those moments?The good news is if you think your heart is broken, it isn't. That's just the story you are telling yourself. I know this is tricky business so I invite you to share and join in the discussion. From "Dear John…" to text messages, suitcases on the driveway and even Facebook de-friending! We really want to hear about the best and the worst ways people are ending relationships and the impact each has had. Did it break your heart? Were you relieved you didn't have to do it your self? Share amusing tales, astonishing tales, or even down right outrageous tales (but keep it clean!)

I don't believe that any one method is better or worse, than an another and the pain will likely be the same in the short term. How much you laugh about it later is what counts! Look the point is, people tell their heart break story and it just keeps them locked in the "Why Me?" drama, and it doesn't help anyone least of all the author. So the sooner you recognise that the better. I heard a great formula for getting over a break up. Wanna hear it?


So What

Who Cares!

Get Over It!

The difference will be in how quickly you can get on with your life.

The most important factor for all our contributors and readers is not the action that was taken but the impact that had upon both people in the relationship. Breaking up is hard to do. Its all about the meaning people attach to breaking up. (Give it a different meaning and you get a completely different emotional response.) Especially if this is coming as a surprise to you. It takes time to get over a break up of course, so why not make it sooner rather than later?

Which method have you used and which have been used on you?

Have you got an amusing or amazing break up memory to share?

Readers of the Relationship Breakthrough Coach would love to be inspired, or even entertained by amazing or amusing stories about relationship break up.

Do you have an amusing or amazing break up memory that you are willing to share?

Send me your story and if it gets published, you could just make somebodies day!

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How to get through a relationship break up without breaking down

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It was so unexpected....... 
So briefly, after a year and ten months, my ex girlfriend broke up with me saying she needed space, time to find herself, etc. I did not beg straight foward …

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Ten ideas on how to break up with someone:

1. Text Message (Please leave out the emoticon smileys on these :-))

2. Direct Phone Call "Hi Sarah, I'm ending the relationship, fancy a drink to talk it over?"

3. Arrange a date and tell them face to face during the date. "Hey, John you look great! By the way, Ive been researching how to break up with someone and its best to just come clean out with it, so, your dumped"


5. Social Media Status Update:  From "in a relationship" to whatever! 

6. Voicemail Message: (Sarah is screening all her calls from you selfish ... so please leave your message after the beep....beeeeeeeeeeeep!)

7. Face to face (often planned in advance after months or even minutes of thinking about how to break up with someone...)

8. Email (Dear ...Warm Regards, "Taking you from where you wanted to be, to where you started out from" Limited time offer: Good Bye Now!)

9. Letter (Dear John...Its not me, its you. Love Sarah p.s. Your dumped.) at least they actually wrote something and put some emotion into it.

10. Through a close friend: (Oh the joys of the old school yard!) John says "Your Dumped." Fancy going out with me instead?

Ten Ways to Get Them To Break Up With You

Then there are of course the scrupulous, manipulative, self centred cowards way out (hey is that a little too judgemental? Yes, OK, I may even have used one of these how to break up tools…once...a very long time ago! Bet you can't guess which one!).

10. Pay lots of attention to the opposite sex when you are with your partner. Be distracted. Very distracted.

9. If they tell you that they love you, just say,"Thanks." or " I love my new car / shoes / etc." or worse "Yeah, I got that already"

8. Pay way more attention to the T.V. or worse, Facebook, than to them.

7. Don't call them! Always have them call you. (the professional version might even involve the one-bell call me back method!)

6. Belch loudly and especially when you're out in public with them. (Pizza works a treat for this, add a fizzy cola and your laughing)

5. Hit on their brother/sister, and/or friends.

4. "Forget" special dates, like anniversaries and birthdays. (Guys do this easily, so it isn't always a strategy girls!)

3. Have a new friend of the opposite sex and talk about them ... a lot! (A new colleague at work will drive them nuts, especially if you work late all the time)

2. When in the bedroom, try to have a "get off" before them, then stop and roll away (step carefully though you don't want the rumours to rebound!)

1. Tell them you hope they don't turn out to look like their mum / dad.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you wanted to break up but didn't actually want to do the dirty deed yourself?

Hope this helps you out of your tricky break up situation, or at least amuses you guys, (and probably drives some of you ladies mad...eek!)

Go for it!

Have some fun, and get over that heart break so you can get on with your life! Seriously though, life's too short. If you need any support drop me a line through the contact me page and lets see how we can work together.

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