Couples Breakthrough Coaching

Couples Breakthrough Coaching will enhance your relationship through the best, most transformational coaching methods available today.

How much do you value your relationship? The intimacy, affection, love, compassion, sense of belonging.

What's most important to you?

What's most important for your partner? 

Outstanding Relationships Take Effort

It doesn't matter if you want to save your relationship from a crisis, or if you just want to make something good into something great, or great into outstanding. Would you settle for good if you could have outstsanding?

This might be a simple question, but most people dont believe they can achieve anything close to outstanding so they settle for good. 

The trouble is, if you settle for a good relationship, what shows up eventually? 

Think about it.

What would happen to your relationship if you gave it all the energy of a "We'll see" sort of attitude? Would that affect your chances of saving your relationship, if it were going through a shaky patch?

Most people don't even consider whats most important to them, let alone what must be important to their partner. So how can they possibly hope to achieve it?

Is it any wonder over half of all marriages end in divorce, and over 60% second marriages go the same way. These statistics don't have to be true for you by the way. 

Relationship Coaching v's Personal Coaching

A Couples Breakthrough Coaching package is designed to get the best out of both of you. If you are seriously searching for a personal breakthrough package and you want to stay in the relationship, then you really want to be thinking about doing it together. (Pardon the pun)

It's a two way street, and you're at a crossroads. Either your pulling together, or you're pulling out.

It's no good exploring the right roads on your own while your partner goes left. It must be right for both of you.

Aren't you important enough to each other?  

Your Relationship Values

At the core of the Couples Breakthrough coaching package is a deep exploration of your true relationship values, which you will get to share with your partner. But we only do this after you each experience your own Personal Breakthrough!

Whatever challenges you think you are facing, we will unlock your personal power and give you the resources to step up and claim the relationship that is waiting for you.

If you are both willing, you can break through your relationship crisis. You can transform a break up or a break down into a breakthrough. 

How Do We Get Started?

To get started simply complete our client application form, and get your partner to do the same. We will contact you and take care of the rest. 

What is a couples breakthrough worth?

What would it be worth to you to transform your relationship from broken to blissful? From good to great? From a great relationship to, the love of your life? 

Let's face it, if it isn't yet the love of your life you are deceiving each other anyway. Why would you settle for less than a total commitment to each other?

What would that be worth to you? 

What does relationship coaching involve?

The only reason anybody settles for less than the best is fear, which is why we start with you, the individual. We breakthrough whatever appears to be holding you back. We do the same with your partner. 

Then we work together as a team. It's all about your relationship, your values and how you work together towards common desired outcomes.  

As you both go through the processes you gain new insights and understandings of about each other, so that you can fulfil each others needs more than ever before. 

Once you fully understand where each of you is coming from, you will be able to light each other up like Christmas trees, and it will be almost effortless! 

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