How Our Breakthrough Process Works

Pssst! We reveal the breakthrough process right before your very eyes.

Every craftsmen has a favourite tool. Ours is Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short.

Our relationship coaching processes provide the tools you need to eliminate emotional patterns for a relationship breakthrough that will transform your life.

What is NLP?

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming has been termed the "software manual for the brain." 

In a nutshell, NLP process helps you to understand your personal make up (Neuro) through use of powerful conversational models (Linguistic) that will change your thoughts and behaviours (Programming), which in turn transform your results.

Neuro (as in - of the mind) Linguistic (as in - the words and language) Programming (as in - how it actually works).

You know how some people like Microsoft, some prefer Apple? Either way, you can upgrade the software and they become even more effective.

Our breakthrough process is your personal software upgrade.

That's what NLP coaching does.

Who is the right coach for you?

Before you consider NLP coaching for your own relationship breakthrough, make sure you get to know a little about the coach you chose to support you.

Just like any craftsperson, practitioners of NLP have their own favourite methods and mannerisms that may or may not be right for you.

Some love working with fear and phobia, some prefer weight loss. Some even think NLP is the "one size fits all" cure for all your life's issues! (It's true, so beware!)

Find someone who has experience in your specific area you want to improve.

Find someone who you respect, who you trust and who feel comfortable with.

For example, hiring your best friend who just completed the NLP practitioners course might be cheaper, but you might not reveal the hidden truth that holds you back, which means you won't even scratch the surface of your true potential.

The Breakthrough Process, Revealed!

NLP tools can be used independently, but are more powerful when chained together with personal coaching. The gardner won't plant new flowers in a bed until the soil has been first weeded and prepared. Then those seeds must nourished with the right light, water, and fertiliser. Then you can smell the roses.

To give you more than just a taster, here are some examples of the tools that we might use during an NLP coaching session.

Emotional Chain Process

How do you move from being totally stuck to unleashed? You want to make a move toward a gorgeous human being but you feel riveted to the spot. What if that very same fear actually triggered a powerful response in you? Well it can. We create a chain of emotional responses that will flow instantly and automatically put you in an unstoppable state. 

Behaviour Change Process

Behaviour Change with momentum patterns (visualisations). This is a great visual tool for stopping one behavioural pattern and replacing it with another. For example, a man comes home from work and immediately pulls out the lap top and gets back to work! What they really want is to spend some quality time with their partner so I might use this tool to scratch that old record and replace it with behaviour they choose.

Belief Change Process

Belief change for building confidence. Who couldn't use more confidence, more enthusiasm, more patience from time to time? The reason why you don't have them now may be down to some underlying beliefs. Your relationship can go from strength to strength with the right mindset and this tool might just be perfect for the job.

Emotional Anchoring Processes

Emotional Anchors that disempower you are powerful unconscious response to a specific stimulus or trigger. The gap between stimulus and response is imperceptible. The response can be dramatic. What this means is, you can become instantly, upset, angry, emotional and have absolutely no idea why. When you understand the triggers you can eliminate their hold on you, which means your response to stimulus will be much more authentic. With anchoring, you can retrain yourself to respond in a more empowering way, when you are exposed to that trigger. 

Empowering Anchors can be used for positive emotional responses too. When you need to shift your emotional state rapidly we can set powerful anchors that trigger the response you desire. 

Transform like into dislike, disaster into triumph using emotional state rehearsal and sensory recall. Create new physical triggers that you control and overwhelm the old negative patterns that held you back.

Parts Integration Process

Have you ever felt like a part of you wanted to do something but another part was holding you back? Maybe you wanted to take your relationship to the next level, but you were afraid of being hurt. If you are sure that you want an outcome we can use a parts integration process to make sure the goal is in line with your highest purpose or intention. This will give you a huge sense of relief and make moving forward seem like the natural choice. 

Internal Strategies and Scrambles

You have strategies or patterns of behaviour that empower and disempower. For example, one person goes into meltdown at the thought of hugging their partner, whilst the other just melts. Somehow, this person has created an unconscious strategy that stops them feeling connected to their partner. We use a scramble process to interrupt that old pattern behaviour and replace it with a more loving response. Would you want to know how to elicit a sexy, loving, passionate response in your partner? They have strategies too.

Our Breakthrough Process will transform a relationship breakdown, or break up into a breakthrough!

There are many more tools and and almost unlimited number of combinations. You might experience all or none of the above during your sessions depending on your own unique circumstances.

You might find yourself in a coaching session and not recognise which breakthrough process is being used to subtly shift your thoughts. It is not important wether you are consciously aware of a particular tool being used during a session. What is important is the transformation that results from taking that first step.

"Quality in a service or product is not what you put in, it's

what the client or customer gets out of it" - Peter Drucker

Read what our customers get with the breakthrough process.

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