Transformational Breakthrough Process

I am passionate about the breakthrough process and I want to share with you why. Change happens in a heart beat, in one single moment, in an intuitive decision. Just like the body heals itself when the conditions are right, your mind will transform in the moment of a breakthrough. 

Life coaching sets up the right conditions in your unconscious mind. In the moment of transformation you are free to create the new upgraded relationship, new upgraded life you want. 

This is a life changing breakthrough process!

  • How much joy do you want to see in your world?
  • How deep is the love you want to feel every day?
  • How much laughter do you want to hear around you and within you? 
  • How deep a connection do you want to create with your partner?

The power of leverage

The breakthrough life coaching process is for men who want to transform a breakdown or a break up into a breakthrough. I also deeply treasure working with couples who want to take their relationship to the next level. That doesn't mean it is easy. It is sometimes challenging, sometimes moving, and sometimes painful. But the results speak for themselves. You can read about previous clients experiences.  (see link below)

Often what leads to the desire to breakthrough is pain. Heartbreak, or overwhelm, frustration and the tipping point. But the truth is, it doesn't have to get to that level to totally reap the benefits! Most people I have had the privilege to work with wonder why they didn't take up the offer earlier. Have you ever done that? Perhaps you are thinking that right now. Be assured, that the moment you decide to make this happen, for you, for your future and your loved ones is perfectly timed for you.

Imagine you were eating a chocolate bar. One bar on its own won't cause you to become overweight so you wouldn't be motivated to change. However repeating poor eating habits over and over will eventually show up in places you don't want it to show up. Clothes feel uncomfortable, mirror is no longer wide enough, and there's that beach holiday in just a couple of months! So now do you see the scene is set for the conditions just right to take some action? The moment of decision is the moment when your life changes. Sometimes you need a nudge. Sometimes you need a sledgehammer! Thats the power of leverage.

How does the breakthrough process work?

"Quality in a service or product is not what you put in, it's what the client or customer gets out of it" - Peter Drucker

Change is constant and sometimes positive but in troubled relationships change can be the harvester of sorrow. Waiting for the set up to occur organically can lead to trouble. Especially when rash decisions are made out of necessity not desire. These are often decisions that become regrets.

A life coach has the tools you need to eliminate emotional patterns for a relationship breakthrough that will transform not only your relationship but your life! I want you to make massive shifts in total alignment with your deepest desires. 

The breakthrough process is a series of life coaching sessions that usually last around 90 minutes. We go deep into your subconscious mind to weed out the foundations of your pain, the roots of any emotional energy that is holding you back in life and relationships. How ever deep you go is up to you but I will be right there with you with dynamite to knock those foundations out. 

When you pull out weeds by the roots you are left with clear earth to sow new seeds you want to grow. In other words, the ideal conditions to transform your thinking. You can think circles around problems. Coaching clients experience a deeper level connection with a problem and often smile or even laugh out loud when they see it from a completely new perspective. They see what they couldn't see before. They see the fertile ground that was covered in weeds.

  • Imagine feeling a deep sense of gratitude toward someone who hurt or abused you. 
  • Imagine letting go of all the pain and suffering it has caused you for years. That is a powerfully transformative breakthrough.

Let go of your emotional baggage

This process leads to a massive emotional release which paves the way to letting go of an old memory. Pack your troubles in the old kit bag and hand it in at the incinerator. You don't need to carry that burden anymore. 

If the thought of that made you smile you just might be ready fro experience your own breakthrough process.

Life coaching with NLP, Mindfulness, and breath work

NLP tools can be even more powerful when chained together with life coaching, mindfulness and breath work. To give you but a tiny peek, here are some examples of the tools that we might use during a breakthrough process session:

Breaking Emotional Chain Process

How do you move from being totally stuck to unstoppable? Discover chains of emotional responses that will set you free. 

Behaviour Change Process

Things you do habitually that you wish you didn't. 

Radical Belief Change Process

Belief change for building confidence. Who couldn't use more confidence, more enthusiasm, more patience from time to time? The reason why you don't have them now may be down to some underlying beliefs. Your relationship can go from strength to strength with the right mindset and this tool might just be perfect for the job.

Emotional Anchoring Processes

Seek and destroy the camouflaged snipers that are emotional anchors. These powerful unconscious responses to specific stimulus or triggers can be dramatic. What this means is, you can become instantly upset, or angry, and have absolutely no idea why.  Knock those triggers out!

Parts Integration Process

Have you ever felt like a part of you wanted to do something but another part was holding you back? Maybe you wanted to take your relationship to the next level, but you were afraid of being hurt. This process can make sure your compass is in perfect alignment with your highest purpose or intention. 

Unconscious Emotional Strategies 

  • Did you know that you have unconscious emotional strategies that can be revealed in patterns of behaviour? 
  • Did you know that these patterns can either empower or disempower you? 

How would you like to uncover your love strategy, or your attraction strategy? How would like to refine your buying strategy? If you have a wardrobe full of stuff you don't wear this might give you some clues. Decide what serves you and what doesn't. Once you know the strategy you can interrupt that old pattern behaviour and replace it with a desired response.  Did you know your partner has strategies too? Would you want to know how to elicit their love strategy?

The Breakthrough Process will transform a relationship breakdown, or break up into a breakthrough!

There are many more tools we can tap into depending what comes up during a coaching period. There is an almost unlimited number of combinations of how to weave and combine them magically for your success. Thats one of the parts I love about being a coach. 

You might experience all or none of the above during your sessions depending on your own unique circumstances. It is not important wether you are consciously aware of a particular tool being used during a session. What is important is the transformation that follows.

Read how our amazing customers reviewed their experience of the breakthrough process.

Whats included in the Breakthrough Process package deal?

Make an enquiry now!
  • Eight powerful transformation sessions of up to 90 minutes. 
  • Total session time 720 minutes = 12 hours
  • Introduction session to determine outcomes and obvious barriers. 
  • Seven follow on sessions to clear the way.
  • Deep dive with hypnosis, breath work and mindfulness. 
  • Powerful one to one coaching to elicit your highest truth.
  • Eliminate limitations. 
  • Expand Possibilities.
  • Align your internal compass.
  • Emerge fully inspired and connected with your goals, your relationships, your life!

Next Steps:

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