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Relationship Break Ups are significant emotional events. Sometimes the emotions and the economics get mixed up. This doesn't serve your long term recovery and happiness. Relationship Breakthrough Coach will help you realign your decisions with your highest values.

Many people see divorce as symbol of failure, and yet it is often the catalyst for massive personal growth. If you can manage your emotions, you can certainly manage the reality of separation and divorce.

Break The Patterns of Your Focus and Emotions

If you're coming to the end of a relationship it doesn't matter if you are married, living together, or just "in a relationship". It can be painful. The threat of separation and divorce are enough to send anybody's focus and emotions into spasm! 

No wonder life can become a little manic during this time. 

The trouble is that the threat of any looming separation or divorce can trigger your emotional "unconscious" defence strategies. After all who wants to be heartbroken? Who wants to be lonely? Who wants to let them get away with betrayal, rejection, infidelity? The stimulus drives response.

Your thoughts and your emotions will then lead to the actions or behaviours you create next. 

You're going through a relationship break up. What do you ask yourself?

Why would they do that? (often replaced with "How could they do that?")

Why am always the one who is an emotional wreck?

Why are all women psycho's?

Why are all men bastards?

Freedom to Choose Your Response

Our Breakthrough Process can move you through all that junk into love and compassion. It takes all of your internal resources to take you from a place of chaotic confusion to a state of freedom.

It doesn't necessarily mean we can keep you together, but it does mean we help you keep it together! If you are not fully committed to breaking up maybe you should commit to each other fully.

Wouldn’t it be better to come from a state of freedom? As in, freedom to choose your own emotional response to the break up, rather than the unconscious emotional fear response.

As Stephen Covey put it in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People "Response-Ability" is the ability to increase the gap between stimulus and response. That way you can consciously process the meaning of the stimulus and choose your response in a much more grounded, rational, and effective way.

Freedom simply means moving forward congruently, in harmony with your own highest values, and doing what is right for each other. If you can do this, you will be able to preserve more than just your pride and dignity.

You may even reconsider preserving your relationship. That might sound like a stretch for you right now.

If we can help you shift your perceptions, even slightly, you can make a more conscious decision about the next step to take. It's your relationship and personal growth at stake, so don't make decisions lightly. 

Click on the topic headings below for support through a relationship break up.

Demystify The Cost Of Divorce

Its all about economics. You had a contract and you want out. You had a business partner you no longer want to do business with. Right? So sign a new deal and move on. But it doesn't quite work out that way in divorce does it?

Walk through the stages of divorce

You are ready to file your papers. What next? Let us walk your through the stages of divorce. From applying to the court, to reaching a settlement.

Seek Professional Divorce Advice

If we could give you any divorce advice now it would be to really consider what you are willing to sacrifice now in order to gain later. You gain your sanity, your life back, your focus and your health. Click and discover more about divorce advice.

Divorce Solicitor: Do You Need One?

Karen Weiner is a specialist  divorce and family lawyer with The Law House. With over 20 years experience Karen advises on a wide range of family law issues. In this page Karen gives you a breakdown of why you should consider working with a solicitor through your divorce.

Negotiating A Settlement

There's a court, there's a judge, a lawyer or two, and endless documents. They are there to help you decide who gets what. If you can't decide, the judge does it for you. And that's an order.

How do you negotiate with the lying, scheming, dirty little toe rag you once loved? We'll show you some simple tips to help you negotiate a divorce settlement and keep your head held high and your costs low. Coming Soon!

The Emotional Stages Of Breaking Up

Learn about the emotional impact of a relationship break up upon you and your partner. Based on the renowned work of Dr Kubler Ross, we show you how the five stages of grief can manifest and how relationship breakthrough coaching can pull you forward. 

Getting Over Break Up or Divorce

And you thought the financial cost would break you. What about your kids, your career, your self esteem? Getting divorced is easy. Getting over a divorce takes effort. Discover the reality, the real impact of Divorce. Coming Soon!

Kids After Separation and Divorce

You broke up for a reason. That's between you and your ex-partner. So what do you tell the kids, and how do you support their relationships in future? This can be a minefield, of emotional blackmail, manipulation, and control. But it doesn't have to be. Take a closer look. Coming soon!

Impact of Break Up On Mens Health

Men get heartbroken too. Men feel emotional pain just as women do. But men react differently to emotional stress. And there is a cost. Find out more and take the essential steps to reduce the impact on your health. 

How to Break Up

A lighthearted look at some of the ways people break up with each other. When someone says you'll get over it sooner or later, why not make it sooner? Share your story for others to see how you were dumped or how you did the dumping.

Romance After Separation and Divorce

Coming Soon!

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