Break Up Advice for Men!

Relationship break up advice for men is all about keeping it together for you even if the relationship cannot be recovered.

Do you stand and fight to win her back? Do you wake up and smell the coffee?

Did your partner really come first?

If you are experiencing the heartbreak of a break up right now, perhaps she didn't come first when it mattered most. In the words of Willie Nelson,

"Little things you used to say and do, I just never took the time, but you were always on my mind"

Sentimental words, a beautiful song lyric, just delivered too late.

Well, lets cut the emotional serenade guys, Man Up, and lets get this thing turned around.

Chinese proverb: "to know, and not to do, is not yet to know."

Men Suffer Break Up Pains too

Its true, Love hurts. And its not just women who suffer. Men feel it too.

TOP break up advice for men: It could happen to you, and likely has happened to you before and probably will again! Anticipate, prepare, take action.

If most people spend their days trying to get into a relationship, how come when we get into one, sometime we want to get out of it? People or always getting into and then getting out of relationships.

We tend to think that all our worries will be dissolved if we could just find that one special person to settle down with. It simply isn't true. Lasting relationships don't endure because the couple don't have challenges. Lasting relationships endure because the couple have learned to deal with each others challenges. Speak to any couple celebrating a golden, or ruby wedding anniversary. 

Men feel the pain of those challenges too. We just express it differently.

So you're on a collision course for relationship break up. What do you do next?

Take a deep breath. Your relationship breakup could cost you everything!

You may find yourself in a no-win situation, finding every little detail that causes doubt and giving each one a meaning way above its weight.

That's the way to kill any relationship in an instant. You quickly become an expert at the blame game. Looking for faults often means you find them. So you argue curse and fight.

The trouble with this approach is it is like swallowing poison, and expecting the other person to keel over. It's never going to work out.

This means you headed for separation, break up, divorce.

If that's what you have absolutely decided, then relationship coaching may not keep you together, but it will help you keep it together.

Ask yourself, what is a break up going to cost you, emotionally, physically, spiritually, or even financially?

Your Health, Wealth and Relationship's!

Break Up Advice For Men is a resource that you can tap into free and help you get things straight, back on track and back with a clear focus on where you are heading.

Life Coaching is the key support tool where you are likely to feel the change most:

  • Your Relationship with your kids
  • Your Relationship with your body
  • Your Relationship with your wallet
  • Your Relationship with colleagues

and of course in

  • New Relationship Advice For Men

It's also about noticing the difference between the ultimate deal breaker, and something else that you can overcome. Here are some more resources for you to look into:

Six warning signs that signal a relationship crisis

Make up or break up? Its up to you.

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