A Gift For Your Best Friends

Our best friends can mean as much to us as our intimate partners don't they?  

Wouldn't you want to treat your friends like VIP's for all they have done for you?

If you were going on the trip of a lifetime, who would you want along for the ride, to experience what you experience, to see the change you see?

Read on to discover how together, we can send your friends a precious gift, an experience that we expect could change their lives forever.

VIP Coaching

Before you think about all your friends, pause and ask yourself, what is the change you want most in your life and why are you passionate about coaching to achieve your goals. 

If you saw the greatest movie ever made, wouldn't you tell all your friends about it? Wouldn't you want them to go and see for themselves?

Coaching is more intimate, more personal, and because we respect your privacy, we only want to connect with those friends who know you are about to make some outstanding breakthroughs in your life.

Maybe they have already seen a difference in you.

Because we are confident you will gain far more from our Coaching than you first thought, we want to give you an exclusive invitation to join our VIP Coaching Circle.

We are delighted you found this page and we want to reward you for stepping up. You are clearly one of the 7% who step up and take action opposed to the 93% who DONT! 

Massive Discount on Coaching

You are about to make that breakthrough yourself, so why not share the experience with those closest to you, or those who could really use a helping hand. You know who they are. 

Our gift to you will be a massive discount on our personal coaching services for life. We will be proud to serve you in our VIP Coaching circle with our coaching services that you know and trust, and what's more, we will reward you with a massive 20% discount.

Steps to Success

In order to join our VIP Coaching Circle, all you have to do is register now for your own coaching package, and complete your first coaching session, and follow the steps below. 

1) Write a list of everyone you know who is in a relationship, and everyone you know who has recently broken up in a relationship. 

2) Refer at least five of your friends to us by providing their name and email address. Thats it.

We will send an email to your friend to introduce ourselves and offer them a free coaching session. To qualify we only require two of your friends to accept our free session, so tell them to expect the invitation.

If two of your best friends take our free session 20% discount will be applied to your outstanding balance, and any future Coaching Services you choose to take with us. And, that is whether they purchase a coaching package or not. 

Our Gift To Your Best Friends

If your friends are go getters just like you, we will offer them a 10% discount to any coaching service they take, just because you connected us and you truly are a VIP. But of course, they are under no obligation to buy.

Your friends will of course be eligible to become VIP Coaching members by following the same steps you did! It's that simple. 

This gift that you are giving to your best friends takes a minute. Their results could last a lifetime.

Remember, you only need to refer at least five friends to qualify for a massive 20% discount, and every one of your friends who you refer will automatically be offered 10% if they take up our coaching services!  Thats win-win! For more great offers...

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Action Steps...

Next Steps:

Never leave the site of setting a goal without taking some action towards achieving it! Go to our coaching pages and register now to get started. Your best friends are counting on you!

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