Reaping The Benefits of Life Coaching 

Relationship Breakthrough Coach Benefits of Life Coaching

life coaching Transformed My Life. 

All the benefits of life coaching without the luxury price tag!

The personal gains from coaching go way beyond the hour or so you spend in your life coaching session. In fact, the sessions themselves are merely gateways to new possibilities, new opportunities and new ways of thinking. It's available to you too.

Life coaching is about much more than achieving inspiring goals, or overcoming hurdles that have held you back for years. It is about the journey and what you become along the way. 

The benefits will stay with you forever and if you put in the right effort will compound over time. The truth about life coaching is discovered in the moments, or flashes of inspiration that open doors to resources you never you had. 

You may find yourself uncovering a long forgotten, dusty old truth deep in your unconscious mind's library. They are like blocks placed underneath your accelerator. Once you see them for what they are they become gems that you can re-shine and repurpose.

Anyone can reap the benefits of life coaching. What will you become?

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The truth about life coaching

The biggest thing holding you back right now in your relationships isn't how much something costs, it isn't how long it takes to see results, and it isn't even belief in the process. The truth holding you back right now is your commitment to doing the things that need to be done. 

The truth about life coaching is that it is not a panacea for all your problems. It isn't even a magic wand to make everything perfect. 

The truth about the benefits of life coaching is that you will only achieve some of the things you commit to. The things you take action on. The thoughts and idea's you make manifest. 

If you look at your relationship breakdown or break-up and ask yourself who was more committed you or them? What is your ideal outcome you want to commit to now? It might be your commitment or perhaps it is your partners. If one of you is committed to stay and the other committed to go it will be rocky. One of you will have to compromise and one will overcome. Where's the benefit in that?

The truth about life coaching is that there is always a way forward no matter the obstacles. In fact, in life you will always find obstacles whenever you set a goal worth achieving. Some would say, if you don't want obstacles don't set goals.

You learned to walk once didn't you? That was the benefit of life coaching. Your mother or father didn't stand over you each time you fell back down frowning and telling you how weak, or off balance you were.

Your next step will lead to obstacles which ever direction you commit to. You just need to take it.

Is life coaching a scam?

According to the Cambridge online dictionary, SCAM means an illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people 

Does a professional life coach trick people?  - No.

Is life coaching illegal?  - No.

Does a life coach make money?  - Yes of course they do. 

Because that is the their livelihood. 

If you look at pyramid scheme scams they focus on one aspect. Making money from investors money.

In the early 1990s, an Italian criminal Charles Ponzi scammed investors out of about $7 million by passing on new investors’ money to existing investors and presenting it as a sustainable investment. The investor gets nothing in return. That is a scam.

Life coaching is not a scam. But that is not the same as saying there are no unscrupulous individuals who might try to rip you off.

Buyer beware. I give you the benefits of a free life coaching consultation before you make any commitment to work together. No obligations.

Understand what you are investing in. Make sure you pick the right coach, and see if you will be happy working with your coach before you put any money down. And of course don't spend any more than you can afford. 

Who is life coaching for?

Professional life coaching is for anyone who wants to walk a better path of inspiring goals. You are unlikely to move forward if you cannot see the path. Once you have clear vision, the paths open up before you and apparent obstacles dissolve. 

Coaching clients come from diverse backgrounds and careers. My key packages involve life coaching for men or life coaching for couples and generally be relationship based. 

I don't coach younger people and prefer to work with people over the age of 30. There will be many life coaches offering coaching services for the benefits of the younger age group. 

Life coaching is not for people who want the coach to fix their problem, or do the work. Yes problems do get fixed, but it's you who fixes them, the coach is just the guide. You do the work.

Does life coaching really work?

The benefits of life coaching is in the ability overcome obstacles expand possibilities for the client. Obstacles like other peoples beliefs. We all know the naysayers. 

Some of those naysayers say things like life coaching is a scam and that even the testimonials are written by friends and family. I assure you that is not true for the Relationship Breakthrough Coach. 

I have some fantastic five star life coaching reviews from genuine clients who will say that life coaching really works. (No they were not friends and family as some commentators may try have you believe. But please also respect that life coaching is a private matter between you and your coach.)

I am also a client as well as a coach, and the benefits of life coaching have helped me overcome many obstacles through challenging periods of my life. 

Is life coaching worth it? 

Only you can be the judge of that. Life coaching is a value exchange. 

What do you want to achieve? How much are you willing to invest in yourself to achieve it? What would the benefits of life coaching be for you if you did?

You want to spend twenty dollars? great, buy a book that could change your life in 30 days. Put it on a shelf and let it gather dust. What value is that?

I struggled for years wondering how I was supposed to serve my highest purpose in life. I always had the insatiable desire to help others, to be a guide, a voice and a mentor. But I had been looking in all the wrong direction. Until I discovered the benefits of life coaching.

Coaching sessions changed my life. It gave me the space to offload all my own stuff and hangups that held me back and to focus my mind on the one path. 

Once it clicked, it was so obvious and clear to me that I had to become a life coach. The Relationship Breakthrough Coach was born in a life coaching session! The real beauty was that the vision became so clear that it was easy for me to commit to. Did I get value? 

Yeah, I got immense value.

Low cost life coaching? 

Life coaches might charge what they believe they are worth depending on numerous factors. Who are the clients, what is the environment, what are the goals,  to name but a few. 

Think of it like this, an estate agent who charges a percentage could earn more by selling expensive real estate. An estate agent could also earn more money by selling multiple properties. The sale of a million pound property might return 10k or more to the agent, but if the agent wanted to charge you 10K to sell a 100k property you just might look elsewhere. You decide if the cost is good value or not.

If a divorce lawyer handles lots of cases there may be a one price fits all deal.  If the lawyer was handling multi million pound divorce settlements it is likely they will demand a higher fee. read more about the eye watering cost of divorce.

All or nothing, do or die, onward ever, get rich or die trying, are all cliche's that have been used to demonstrate the power of commitment.

I like the phrase "play full out" to demonstrate the mindset for success in life coaching. The key that most clients take home is that until they made an investment in themselves they hadn't recognised that had been playing a mediocre, or half hearted game. 

Particularly in relationships. Can you place a value on your success? Can you see any benefits of life coaching for you?

Benefits of life coaching: conclusions

Relationship Breakthrough Coach Benefits of Life Coaching

I don't know what conclusion you will draw about the life long benefits of life coaching but I will sum it this way:

Life coaching works for many people but not necessarily all. 

Life coaching is not a scam.

Anyone can hire a life coach, but a life coach might not work with everyone.

Life coaching is worth it if you value your relationship goals and are willing to commit.

The "cost" of life coaching is relative to the value of your outcomes. 

The benefits of life coaching for you could be outstanding and you could well be the person writing my next five star review. I would be delighted if that becomes true.

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Embarking upon a life coaching journey with the Relationship Breakthrough Coach is a journey of self discovery.

The power of life coaching is not about power over you but about harnessing the personal power within you to overcome the hurdles that show up while you get to work on your dreams.

Every journey starts with the next step. Register your interest in a free coaching consultation now.

You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.

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