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Relationship Breakthrough Coach

My story about becoming the Relationship Breakthrough Coach. Before I share this with you I want you to ask yourself

  • Have you ever faced challenges that have held you back in your life? 
  • Have you ever felt so much resistance moving forward you just felt stuck?
  • Have you ever felt like you gave up on your dreams and goals? 
  • Have you ever experienced a relationship break down or even a relationship break up?

Who is The Relationship Breakthrough Coach?

Hi I am Tony Healer, your relationship breakthrough coach. I want to share with you right from the start that I have been in that place of hurting, confusion, anger and frustration. I know sometimes it can be really difficult to talk about your relationship challenges because it feels like you are somehow less of a man, or less of a person because it didn't make it. Especially on those rare and beautiful occasions where something magical came along, but the fairy dust lost its power. Yes I have been wounded, more times than I care to remember. 

About my personal transformation

I made it my path to  learn the most powerful strategies for personal transformation to turn these feelings around and tap into my inner strength, my unique personal power in order to turn these events into breakthroughs.

I literally walked on fire! A truly incredible experience at an event in London. Sometimes the road ahead looked precarious. Sometimes the road ahead looked like it was going to consume me. But it didn't. Stepping out onto the burning hot coals was a magical metaphor for change. Not because it was a miracle, but because it was always possible. It was only my mind telling me I wouldn't make it. 

As your humble coach I encourage to take steps in the directions that may be haunting for you, but I know that if you, like me, are willing to take full responsibility for your current situation in life you will rise!  Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes! 

With proven coaching strategies and methods of personal transformation you can be do or have anything that your heart desires.

What would be one thing you would change about your situation if you could, that would transform your results and propel you on to achieve more, become more, and have more of the first class experiences you desire?

Wildest dreams

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would be sat at my desk writing a website to promote my relationship coaching business. I didn't have the support of my closest loved ones. It was a ridiculous idea.

Who on Earth did I think I was? I had never ran my own business before, or published a website and I had really only coached a handful of people. I didn't have the confidence, the experience or even the means to make it my reality. 

What I found was when I first started to invest in myself doors began to open. I stayed curious for what seemed like an age before I decided that I was worth the time and the money. It was a powerfully liberating moment that changed my life forever.

Before The Relationship Breakthrough Coach

I want to share a little about the journey so far, and what truly inspired me to create The Relationship Breakthrough Coach. 

In the early days I guess it was about having the curiosity sparked to develop myself. I had gone from being a worker to a manager and coming to terms with all the new levels of responsibility that came with it. A handful of books were recommended to me and I eagerly acquired them, looking for clues to help me understand the emotions I was experiencing. Little did I know that the one small step of reading a book would lead me here! 

I spent hours at the library devouring the self help and personal development books. A couple stand out that had an impact for me such as Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits" or Anthony Robbins' "Unlimited Power" amongst many many more. I couldn't help but hunger for more. I got hold of some audio tape's way back when audio tapes were still a thing. I listened. I learned. I immersed myself in positivity. 

Then I found out about coaching

I wasn't really making many changes on the outside. My world still looked pretty much the same. Work, home, crash, repeat. But the changes were taking root on the inside. I was becoming even more frustrated with the reality I was experiencing. Then I found out about coaching. 

It wasn't as though I didn't know about coaching. Of course this concept had been screaming from many of the books and audio programs I had picked up. What I mean is that I discovered that my own organisation, my employers, had a coaching program of their own. Now, I don't know if you realise that the employer I worked for didn't splash cash around for fun. It clicked for me that coaching was something that had real potential. My mind clicked immediately that coaching was indeed as valuable as the books say it is.

About becoming the Relationship Breakthrough Coach

I jumped right in. 

First of all came a call to a coaching training company at the time known as "Results Coaching Systems" (RCS). A deal was done and I signed up in a heartbeat. I hadn't even heard of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) at the time, but I learned that all the trainings I completed with RCS were recognised by the ICF. 

I completed a number of trainings with RCS:

Course Title: Intensive Coach Training

36 hours of coaching specific training

Date completed: May 2008 

Course Title: Intuitive Coaching

12 hours of coaching specific training

Date completed: Apr 2008

Course Title: Coaches Toolkit

12 hours of coaching specific training

Date completed: Mar 2010

Course Title: Build Your Practice

12 hours of coaching specific training

Date completed: May 2011

NLP specific training

Christopher Howard Training

NLP Practitioner

60 hours of NLP coaching specific training

Date completed: Sep 2008

NLP Master Practitioner

60 hours of NLP coaching specific training

Date Completed: May 2009

Beyond The Relationship Breakthrough Coach 

Above and beyond all the training there have been numerous events and seminars, webinars, and meetings that have all contributed to my experience. 

In 2016 I launched my first limited company to complete a life coaching service. I secured clients via a local health and wellbeing business. They provided the clients and I literally just showed up to provide coaching. But I wasn't completely fulfilled. 

There was a philosophy of sales and selling more and more sessions. There was a pressure to keep the clients coming back over and over again. 

Whilst I support the idea of creating loyal customers, life coaching will expand possibilities and create greater freedoms so you will never be tied to long term commitments. The whole point of a relationship breakthrough is to coach the client to discover their own tools and and own potential but not to exploit it. 

What that means for you is that when you work with me, we isolate the problem and we deal with it. Then we move on. 

About dreaming big

Now it has come to the time where I need to step out of working for someone else and being bound by the terms and conditions of their business. I am relaunching the Relationship Breakthrough Coach in 2021. 

Thank you so much for reading my mini bio. I am thrilled that you came this far. 

I am genuinely excited to welcome you aboard and hope to meet with you soon, even it is via the internet. 

To your success!


Where Will Your Next Steps Take You?

Next step with the Relationship Breakthrough Coach

Hope you found your visit to the Relationship Breakthrough Coach of value today. Did you find what you are looking for?

I am adding new content all the time but if you have any idea's or topics you would really love to see here, get in touch and let me know.

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