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Relationship Breakthrough Coach, April 21
April 11, 2021

It's been a while. How are you? Ive missed you!

I had to take time out and I will share more about this in an upcoming newsletter.

I want to send this note to say I have finally refurbished and relaunched the website! It's great to be back in business again!

It feels incredible to be able to share this with you and my prayers are with all the people like you and I just desperate to get their wheels in motion again.

People around the world are literally aching to claim back their lives.

All about change

It's been an unprecedented period of massive transformation in more ways than one. I have had mine and I'm sure you had yours too.

Did you ever think that cash would be declined in a shop or cafe?

Did you ever think the entire world would be closed for business?

Did you ever think that walking into a bank with a mask covering your face would be considered normal behaviour?

Above all else did you ever believe that your freedoms to see your loved ones, to hold them, or hug them, or even comfort them would be stripped from you?

Let us all share a moment of reflection for what we have come through and let us pray that we don't go through that again.

Back in business

Crazy times ladies and gentlemen. And that is why the time is just right for the Relationship Breakthrough Coach to emerge from the ashes. Im back in business!

The website has been given a brand new look, a brand new image and a brand new direction. I hope you love it as much as I do.

It might be just a lick of paint for now but this transformation is going much deeper. Im transforming the website even as I write this quick note!

Life coaching for men and couples

Life coaching hasn't gone away and Im still making change in the most profound ways. Now more than ever it is absolutely clear that my mission is to coach men like me who have been through hell in relationships.

I am absolutely thrilled to back in the chair to help men and couples learn to love again, and learn to live again. I've turned my breakdowns and break ups into breakthroughs and I totally believe you can too.

It is my absolute pleasure to offer life coaching for men, and couples at this challenging and uncertain time. Lets face it there have been some emotions showing up. I sense the changing atmosphere everywhere. I will be working on changing the website too! It is long overdue.

Future focus

I have already revamped a good handful of the old pages on the site and given them a fresh start.

check out the Free Life Audit Wheel for starters: life-audit-wheel.html

There is still work to be done to give the site the right structure and foundation but it is making progress.

There will be some really great new sections and pages coming soon.

Im absolutely delighted to be back. I have made some additional breakthroughs of my own. Im here for yours and ready when you are.

Until we meet again,

love, always


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