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April 27, 2021

I know its only two weeks since the last newsletter but I really wanted to get this out there. Ive got some great new pages to announce and a really great bonus gift you are going to love. I also want to go a little deeper on my own journey. This will clear up where I have been and what I have been up to.

Might not be what you expected...

Expect the unexpected

Back in 2012 I lost a close friend to brain cancer. I was fortunate to have been there with him the day before he passed away, and later at his funeral. I was utterly devastated to lose a friend at such a young age. It really marked a low point for me and became a time for reflection.

That moment triggered a sequence of unexpected events.

The first was contact completely out of the blue from my school days. None other than my high school sweetheart who I had lost contact with many years ago.

Of all the people in the world. She knew my friend and had heard the news so she felt that she needed to reach out to me. I was blown away.

We met again. We fell in love again. To be honest we rekindled a fire that had never gone cold.

We married in 2014! Then in 2015 I left my career of 23 years.

I was on a high, leaving London, travelling north to Manchester to build a new life with a new family.

Little did I know how life changing that would become.

From elation to deflation

The next thing that happened I walked in to nearby Body and Mind therapy centre and found out they were looking for a life coach to join their practice. Hallelujah!

After a solid 18 months I decided to take a short break from life coaching with clients at the end of 2016. I had another career change on the horizon. But it seemed the universe had other plans for me.

I only intended to take temporary breather to focus on our family relationship and get settled in my new career. Then the bombshell landed.

In 2017 my wife was diagnosed with an aggressive, stage two, invasive breast cancer. The last thing either of us expected. Boom! We were devastated and it knocked the wind from our sails.

The truth about healing

Cancer made us make radical changes to how we rolled! It was a fast paced, confusing, and uncertain time. My wife had big decisions to make. We made radical changes to support her healing holistically. No chemo, no radio, and no hormone therapy. And no support from the NHS.

Three and a half years later I am delighted that she is still on her mission! No one, and I mean no-one knows your body more than you do. No one has any authority over you.

The ultimate power of leverage

I wrote about leverage in the breakthrough process, and man oh man did we get the ultimate leverage to change things. This journey isn't about a fad diet or a quick fix. Some of the practices would leave you squeamish. But you do them anyway. Thats the power of leverage.

Now it isn't a pretty story with a happy ending because the fight goes on. Its challenging. That doesn't come without a price on our relationship. We have had our ups and downs. More downs than I would care to recall.

But all that just makes me even more determined to reach out to guys around the world like you.

Future focus

Ive just published a brand new page about stress relief. And there will be more to come. check out the page here stress-relief.html

Ive got some great pages in the blueprint and really looking forward to watching the site grow. How do you like the new look and feel for the site?

Thats where I could use a little help. Every page you visit, every page you "like" and every page you share with your network makes a huge difference. I am grateful in advance.

If nothing else, go to the free life audit wheel and take that on board. Go through the steps and then use the page as a monthly checklist to see your own progress. I have just created a simple reminder for you to go back to the page each month!

Take the free life audit wheel for a spin here: life-audit-wheel.html

Brand new to the website today is The Man Cave! I created the man cave for men who want to go deeper into personal development on a journey to transform relationship breakdown or break up into a breakthrough. man-cave.html

Thats all for April. Hold on to your hats because May is just round the corner. In like lion and out like a lamb.

Wherever you are, I wish peace, happiness and good health for you and yours.

love, always


The relationship breakthrough coach

P.S. To celebrate the end of lockdown use the date 270421 when you make an enquiry about one to one life coaching for a third off the list price! Only available for bookings made up to end of May 21!

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