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September 10, 2022
Hey, how you doing?

Fall Into Life Coaching Insights

How is getting back to normal after the holidays working out for you?

Holidays are over.

Kids back to school.

Back to work for you.

If you have young kids, it might be a time of excitement for that first day at school. If your kids are older it's a time of relief. People are craving those adult conversations with colleagues over the water fountain once again.

But it might be also a time of despair, because let's face it, the holidays don't always go to plan do they? Those precious two weeks by the sea or in the country aren't always everything that you wanted them to be.

You are back in the rat race.

The adrenaline wore off.

Whilst some people are dreaming about that next holiday others are thinking to never face that nightmare again.

Back To Reality

Did you know it is common for people to be thinking about breaking up after the holidays? They can really put a strain on a relationship. The stress of the holidays can also have an impact on your health and well being.

The good news is you are not alone and that is why Im excited to share my latest article, essential reading if you are thinking about breaking up:


Go and get that article now. I can't wait to hear what you make of it. Go have a read or bookmark it for later.

Back To School Life Coaching Offer

If you are wondering which way to turn now the holidays are over it could be time to start thinking about investing in yourself for a change. Time to start focusing on your own development.

This could be a great time to start life coaching. Take hold of the reins again, getting more control, and taking your life the way that you want it to go. People have asked if life coaching can save a relationship. Maybe so, but also maybe not. There's no guarantee.

But what I can guarantee is that doing nothing will not save your own sanity so that you can continue to grow and evolve. You choose what you want to achieve what it is most important in life. Ive got an exclusive offer for you to consider.

It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday and I'd love to celebrate with you.

Im giving readers of Life Coaching Insights an exclusive offer.

But it is only valid during September.

Take an extra £50 off any life coaching block booking that is booked and paid for by the end of September.


That is additional to your exclusive 10% discount, just for being a reader of Life Coaching Insights.


I have appointments available for a free coaching consultation but they will disappear. Schedule yours here:


Exclusive Life Coaching Updates

Ive been busy tweaking my articles about the power of life coaching and I have added a couple of easy reads that Im excited for you to check out:




Life Coaching Insights Sep 2022!

Im really looking forward to some major announcements from Chris Howard who I completed NLP training with. Could be some awesome events with UK and Europe compatible times.

Chris has amazing life coaching training opportunities coming up real soon. I will give you more on this next time.

Wherever you are, I wish peace, happiness and good health for you and yours.

love, always


Relationship Breakthrough Coach


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