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Happy New Year?
January 02, 2023

Happy New Year?

It is the new year once again. Time for resolving old habits and behaviours and recalibrating for the next twelve months. Time for polishing up on skills you will need to complete this level and advance to the next. Time to reflect on unachieved goals and also for creating new ones.

Are you ready?

Let the new year begin.

But first, a huge welcome new readers of Life Coaching Insights.

Life Coaching Insights January 2023

There is a lot coming up this year. Some people are going to battling challenges in their health, wealth and relationships whilst others making huge progress in these area's.

Do you ever wonder why people behave in a certain way in one situation and are like the polar opposite in another?

How about yourself.

Why do you do what you do? What really motivates you to take action?

The excitement of the festive season is over, the adrenaline left the building. Now it's just back to the same old routine. Everything goes back in the box.

So why not get off to a great start this year and regain your focus on what really matters? If you focus on three outcomes that are really important to you, what could you achieve?

As things slide back to normality you will likely hear people say they have made new years resolutions. Some even sound like life changing decisions but they don't follow through.

People say they want something but don't make a plan to get it. Then they say they don't want to do something, like smoking, drinking, or overeating but then go right ahead and eat drink and smoke with a vengeance.

You need to have better outcomes. Outcomes that motivate and inspire but most of all outcomes you can absolutely expect to achieve. Which leads me to this months life coaching insight:

"Outcomes are determined by expectation"

When you create an important goal that you want to achieve, visualise it as if you already have it. Experience the achievement of your goal in your mind and get in touch with the very moment it is completed. See it, hear it, feel it. Connect with it. Energise it with colour, sound and emotion. Absorb those sights sounds and feelings into your unconscious mind and believe it.

The achievement of something completely unexpected is fantastic. And so is completing a goal that you intended to achieve. There is nothing quite like a life coaching session where a client reflects upon their journey and are blown away by how far they have come.

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Life Coaching Updates

No major updates to announce just yet but watch this space. More articles to be revealed soon.

Share the Life Coaching Insights newsletter with friends and family and make this a year to remember. You never know who might be in need of a breakthrough right now.

Wherever you are,

love, always

Tony Healer

The Relationship Breakthrough Coach

Relationship Breakthrough Coach

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