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Life Coaching Insights Jan 2023
January 18, 2023

What will 2023 be remembered for?

One word. Fun!

By the way if you are new to Life Coaching Insights, welcome. This is a perfect place to start your journey with us and it's going to be a great year!

I absolutely love coaching people to better health wealth and relationships. In some cases people get bogged down trying too hard to succeed. They forget why they're even doing it.

The irony, and the agony. If they just lightened up a bit, got over themselves and had more fun everything else they want would naturally come. Enjoying the game of life isn't about struggle, it is about ease.

I had one client who was absolutely determined to take a new direction in their career. And I mean like a polar opposite direction. Took guts, and faith for sure. They were telling me about stages of a selection process for a role. Everything was "hard" and "stressful" I was like "You don't say?"

Then I asked them "What stops you enjoying the process?"

They got really energised by this, like I had just pointed out a new boil on their nose and started reciting how important this new role was and everything depended on it and how much effort they had put into it and yahdy yahdy yah. So I asked the same question again.

The truth was, they didn't know the answer. In fact they had never even considered that it was OK to enjoy the process. A lightbulb went on. The drama was gone. Replaced with pure entertainment. With a large dose of excitement thrown in for good measure.

Life coaching sessions can often get a bit serious so here are ten light hearted but important fun steps for you.

Life Coaching Insights: Enjoy the process!

1. Celebrate everything

Shout, scream, cheer, go out for a social, or even a date night on Friday because you had a great week. Buy presents for yourself and others to acknowledge wins. Do random acts of kindness, even with strangers...

When you do this, you actually create an anchor and retrain yourself subconsciously to succeed more often! Win-win!

2. Don't judge people:

Always remember you can influence someone if you are judging them. Be open-minded and don't let your judgments cloud your relationships with others. We're often wrong about people anyway. Cut out the noise in your head and be in the moment

If you are dancing, or public speaking are you self consciously thinking: What do others think of my dancing / presentation?

Does your self consciousness affect your dancing or your presentation? I bet it does. Imagine living your whole life being self conscious. Shake that thought. Bin it! Now imagine dancing like no one was watching and not even thinking about what others think of your 'dancing!' Now, imagine dancing through your presentation to a standing ovation!

3. Be in the moment:

Living in the past is living in a sense of regret, living in the future often leaves you unsatisfied and uncertain. Make time to put your phone away, forget the thoughts of the past and future for a few minutes and really appreciate the present moment right now - it's the best place to enjoy and attract true happiness. Allow happiness to ooze through every cell, every fibre and every nerve in your body. See them all smiling back at you.

4. Stop worrying about the consequences:

Make decisions. Informed but fast. Then live with them. Accept them. Stop worrying all the time about their consequences. What's the worst that can happen anyway?

You will either get what you wanted or you will get a lesson that will mean you get it next time.

You get what you think about the most, so imagine all the amazing things that will happen, right now.

5. Dream more, dream big:

Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge -

Go for a walk with your loved one. Talk about how your life will look in five years time. What will your house look like? What kind of activities will you enjoy? What adventures will you have had?

This is a great way to connect with each others dreams and visions. Dont talk about the how, but explore the dreams in full technicolour detail and talk about why they are important, exciting, and inspiring.

6. Don't sweat the small stuff:

It's not important, and you deprive yourself the chance to enjoy the multitude of amazing things in life.

All arguments or disagreements are trivial. Let go of trying to be right. Embrace deeper understanding, connection, and contribution. This enables growth.

7. Try new things:

Fancy a parachute jump? Do it! Take a cold shower, buy a different style of clothes to your normal style. Try new foods, or a new cafe. Buy a musical instrument and take some lessons. Learn a new skill. Have sex somewhere that would make you blush if your folks found out!

Joy and fun are found in trying new things that give life variety and spontaneity. Push the comfort zone boundaries. This also enables growth.

8. Be spontaneous:

Break your routine. Don't say "no" all the time. Take a risk. Go wild. Be random. Break your own patterns. People will might think you're having a mid-life crisis or that you have finally lost the plot. So what, who cares, let your hair down and expand your sense of fun!

9. Increase your energy:

Live life to the full. Put 100% into everything. Be bold and larger than life. You put energy in, you get energy back. And it's addictive! It's also incredibly attractive.

Get to the gym. Eat power foods. Take regular short breaks. Early to bed, early to rise.

10. Smile & laugh more:

Louder. Wider. Enjoy life, and have more fun. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Let laughter screw your belly up! Let the tears of laughter flow down your cheeks. What was the funniest thing that ever happened to you in your life? Remember it now. Laugh out loud!

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Life Coaching Updates

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Even more I hope you are inspired to take some action towards attracting fun back into your life, your relationship, your career. Drop me a line and tell me how this has helped, or inspired you.

No major updates to announce just yet but watch this space. More articles to be revealed soon.

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Wherever you are,

love, always

Tony Healer

The Relationship Breakthrough Coach
Relationship Breakthrough Coach

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