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August 05, 2022

Here Comes The Summer

It's that time of year when love is in the air. Or at least you think it is. Have you noticed that the holidays is when people in relationships struggle? Doesn't matter whether its the summer holidays or Christmas it always seems to be the pivotal moment.

Is it that they dont want to spend another holiday going through the same stressful rigmarole just for those sacred two weeks in the sun?

Here is a gift. Get a ahead in the game of love with these Six Free Life Coaching Tips For Coping With Relationship Break Up. Latest page revamp is ready for you. Here's a glimpse at whats in store:

Tip 1: Deal With Emotions

- Identity shifts - Uncertainty - Empty the bucket Simple life hacks that prevent overflowing

Tip 2: Deal With Anxiety

- Fear of not being enough - Fear of being worthless - Fear of not being loved Cut to the chase and handle these imposters now

Tip 3: Deal With Focus

- Deep Clean - Know Your Outcome - Freedom To Choose Be really clear about what you want.

Tip 4: Deal With Self Confidence

- Begin with alignment - Eliminate Conflicting Values - Beauty of Awareness Put the power of cause and effect to use

Tip 5: Deal With Attraction

- Get Ready For The Love Of Your Life - Become The Lord Of The Manor - Attract Your Ideal Partner It worked for me. It works for clients. It will work for you

Tip 6: Deal With Your Story

- The SWWCGOI Model of Healing - Crush Your Deafening Ego - The Greatest Love Story Ever Told And much much more. I loved creating this content and I hope you are going to love it too.
Remember to share it with your favourite social platform. You never know who needs to get this content.

Check it out now:


Life Coaching Updates

More and more I think blink and you'll miss it! I have never known there to be so many huge news events happening all around the world.

Time is shifting. Time is precious. How are you spending yours?

, have you seen the Relationship Goals section? I think you will love it.

You will find new pages about how to save a relationship and making a relationship work.

New sections ready for you now:




Until Next Time...

I am excited about what's coming up later this year! Drop me a line and let me know what you are planning too.

I am really grateful for your continued support and I wish you well in everything you do.

love, always


Relationship Breakthrough Coach

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