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The Relationship Breakthrough Coach welcomes you to discover all your life coaching needs to transform a breakdown or even a relationship break-up into a personal  breakthrough! 

Relationships are more than just intimate encounters with loved ones. Our interpersonal relationships impact upon every aspect of our lives from health, wealth, family and social. They can be the source of great joy, or immense frustration and pain.

People find a life coach for all manner of reasons. Professional Life coaching is a great way to transform challenges and achieve inspiring goals. In fact many of my clients have said that life coaching didn't only transform the relationship, it changed their life!

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Are you ready for a relationship breakthrough?


Im Tony, The Relationship Breakthrough Coach. I am passionate about transformational life coaching that delivers personal breakthroughs for my clients.

Im just curious, has a relationship breakdown or break-up been holding you back? Could I become your next life coach?

Are you trying to get over a relationship?

Are you trying to get out of a relationship?

Are you looking to start a new relationship?

Are you looking just to bring love into your life?

Do you need to overcome hurdles? 

Would you like to maximise your potential?

Would you like to maximise your personal success?

With The Relationship Breakthrough Coach you will find pages packed with information about mindfulness, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, meditation, healing and life coaching.  

Maybe you want to explore the power of one to one, or even couples life coaching through private sessions. Whichever route is right for you I appreciate your visit here today.

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Could Professional life coaching be for you?

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step" ~ Martin Luther King Jnr

What kind of life coach are you looking for?

I am a male life coach from Manchester which is the north west area of the UK.

I am both divorced and married. My children have grown up, far too fast if you ask me. 

Maybe you need a life coach, or maybe you are happier working through life coaching processes by yourself. Either way my wish is that you find everything you need to live the life you choose. I am here only for your success!

Most life coaching can be conducted through the internet which means I host online face to face coaching sessions with clients not only from around the UK, but also from practically anywhere in the world, time zone permitting. Occasionally, people prefer a face to face approach which is possible but adds to the travelling expense. Why pay more than you need to when you have brilliant platforms online?

Professional life Coaching Services 

It doesn't matter if your interest is in romantic relationships or any other interpersonal relationships, a life coach could be a great fit for you.

When you let go of whatever may be holding you back, you can move forward without fear and without limitation. You can rise like a phoenix! The Relationship Breakthrough Coach is here to rise with you. 

Life Coaching for Men, Life Coaching for Women, Life Coaching for Couples, Contact Me For Group Life Coaching 

Do It yourself Life Coaching Courses

The Relationship Breakthrough Coach is a continually evolving life coaching resource for you to enjoy at your leisure. 

Get started right away with free life coaching courses to "do it yourself" such as the "Master Your Emotions" course. It's free, packed with information and practical exercises, and it's available now! 

Other life coaching courses are available for very little investment which means not only great value but low cost too. If you are on a tight budget but you still want to develop and grow these courses could be for you. 

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Life Coaching Mossley, Stalybridge, Dukinfield, Denton, Hyde, Ashton, Tameside, Oldham, Chadderton, Royton, Shaw, Saddleworth, Delph, Diggle, Springhead, Grotton, Huddersfield, Holmfirth,

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the benefits of life coaching with the Relationship Breakthrough Coach 

Relationships are the centre of our universe. It doesn't matter whether you are the CEO of a large organisation, a small business owner or an employee of an organisation in the public or private sector, the benefits of life coaching with the Relationship Breakthrough Coach could be beyond measure.

Maybe you are curious as to how the Relationship Breakthrough Coach can benefit and inspire you to make changes that make the biggest difference. Maybe you are contemplating huge changes in your life! 

Either way, life coaching is all about change. I would be honoured to be by your side. We got this!

Discover the power of Life Coaching

The Power of Life Coaching will lead you to interactive pages where you will get to be your own life coach! Transformative life coaching articles on topics like:

The Power of Gratitude,

The Power of Forgiveness,

The Power of Loving Kindness, and much more.

You will even discover the truth about the law of attraction and the secret behind "The Secret." 

enhance Your relationship goals

Why are relationship goals so important? It doesn't matter what stage of a relationship you find yourself in. If you are not navigating and aligning your compass with your goals you might end up with a love on the rocks. 

Life Coaching is the fastest and most immersive way to transform a breakdown or a break up into a breakthrough! Life coaching for men, women or couples can overcome hurdles to see you celebrating successes beyond your wildest dreams.

Life Coaching For Survivors Of relationship abuse

You will likely have heard about the alarming impact of Relationship Abuse against women, but abuse against men is more common than you think. Just open your eyes. Understand cycles of abusive behaviour.

Understand risk. Recognise the signs of abuse as alarm bells. How do you escape a violent relationship? How have other people survived?

Nobody has to suffer relationship abuse. Become a Survivor Of Abuse Reborn with life coaching for your personal breakthrough!

What Will You Become?

Spend whatever time you need to read more, and let your journey begin.

Even if you only take away one good idea, one positive thought I am delighted that you found the Relationship Breakthrough Coach today. Just one good idea is sometimes all it takes to make a huge difference.

There is much more for you to discover here that could make a difference in your life.

A relationship breakthrough is not only within your capacity but it is within reach. Will you take the steps you need to claim it?

To Your Success!


The Relationship Breakthrough Coach

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Relationship Breakthrough Coach provides life coaching for men, women and couples in Mossley, Tameside, Uppermill, Saddleworth, and all surrounding areas. I also work with english speaking international clients via Skype and Zoom.

Life coaching is a journey of self discovery. Your journey starts with your next step. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the next step. The power of life coaching will unlock your personal power to overcome obstacles that show up while you get to work on your dreams.

Where Will Your Next Steps Take You?

I sincerely hope you found what you were looking for.

I am adding new content all the time but if you have any idea's or topics you would like to see, get in touch and let me know.

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